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The Emma books are an excursion into the wacky on the part of Ms. Grimes , whose wry sense of humor has been on regular view in her classic mysteries about Inspector Jury, into which she recently introduced a cynical dog called Mungo. Yet oddly enough, the problem with the book is Emma. This time around, her endless speculation and self-absorption tend to make her a little tiresome.

Hotel Paradise

Twelve is not an easy age, and Emma makes it sound even more difficult. The reliance placed by other characters, including the police, on her detective work seems more forced than funny.

And what she will be like when she hits her teens you might shudder to think. After solving the mystery to her own satisfaction, if not necessarily to that of those around her, Emma seems disconsolate as she writes her story and sees her journalistic revelations snatched away by bigger newspapers. There is a hint that Emma has not gone away.

Fadeaway Girl: A Novel (Emma Graham Series #4) (Paperback)

Or was all of this just my riotous imagination. And perhaps she may fade away. Click here for reprint permission. Click to Read More and View Comments.

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Donald Trump. As the amateur sleuth follows frustrating clues, she encounters a cast of eccentric characters from her hometown of LaPorte and the Hotel Paradise, where her family lives and works.

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Who can forget the drunken great-Aunt Aurora Paradise, who lives on the top floor of the hotel and reminisces about the mysteries of her past, or Mr. Root, who forces his vocally challenged sons Ulub and Ubub to recite the poetry of Robert Frost? This novel featured Richard Jury solving compelling mysteries in the sleepy English countryside with his eccentric entourage of pub friends. Although these novels named after local English pubs are not action-packed, they explore interesting mysteries while focusing in the rich interior lives of the loveable cast of characters.

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Since then, Grimes has published at least one novel sometimes two a year. These novels are semi-autobiographical.

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