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Adventures in Problem Solving ,, ,, Steven G. Krantz Techniques of Problem Solving ,, ,, Venkatachala B. Functional Equations. A problem solving approach Durrell C. Geometry Salkind Beiler A. Recreations in the theory of numbers Dover Andreesan Mathematical Olympiad Challenges R. Gelca Birkhauser Vijayakumar Krishnan Ed. Andreescu Mathematical Olympiad Treasures, Birkhauser Eves H. College Geometry Narosa Williams K. Reiman International Mathematics Olympiad Vol.

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Correspondence Courses. Send Email to Aryan Classes. The following book treats the topics which are covered in the olympiads and also is a rich source of problems; highly recommended. The books listed below form the recommended reading for the various math competitions. Some are elementary, and some are not so elementary. As far as possible there are indicators to the type of the book but, of course, these can only be indicators ANGO - gk olympiad. ANMO- maths olympiad. Venkatachala, and C. Problem Primer for the Olympiad. Pranesachar, B. An Excursion in Mathematics.

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Katre, V. International Mathematical Olympiad, Vol I, Anthem Press Indian Edition available. Mathematical Circles. Fomin, S. Problem-Solving Strategies. A Primer On Number Sequences. University Press. Modern Geometry.

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Durrel M. Geometry Revisited. Coxeter and S. Mathematical Association of America. Plane Trigonometry. An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers.

Wiley Eastern Ltd. New Delhi. Elementary Number Theory. Universal Book Stall, New Delhi. An introduction to the theory of numbers. Oxford University Publishers.

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International Mathematical Olympiad MAA Pubications. USA Mathematical Olympiads Selected problems and Theorems in Elementary Mathematics. Shklyarshky, N. Chensov and I. American Elsevier. Problems in Plane Geometry. MIR Publishers. Higher Algebra.

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The Theory of Equations, Vol. Elementary Number Theory, Second Edition. Universal Book Stall, New Delhi, Introductory Combinatorics. Elsevier, North-Holland, New York, R Knight. Problem Primer for the Olympiad. Polish and Austrian Mathematical Olympiad Problems for the mathematical olympiads. The Math Problems Notebook.

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IMO Compendium Problem From The Books. Hungary-Israel Mathematics Competition. The First Twelve Years. Chinese MO Hungarian Problems Book II Hungarian Problems Book I Mathematical Mininature. An introduction to Diophantine Equations. Complex Numbers from A to Z. Mathematical Olympiad in China Problems and Solutions. Number Theory. Structures, Examples, and Problems.

Olympiad training Material. Functional Equation and How to Solve Them.

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Solved and Unsolved Problems in Number Theory. IMO Shortlist Problems South Africa and the 36th IMO. IMO Mircea Beacheanu. The Putnam Mathematica Competition Junior Balkan Mathematics Olympiad. Algebraic Topology.

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Mathematical Olympiad Treasure. International Mathematical Olympiad Olympiads Problems from around the World The IMO Compendium