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Summing Up: Highly recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above. I praised the primacy of physical principles over formal aspects.

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The same spirit prevails in the present volume Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, which belongs to the same series. Every concept is introduced as a result of simple physical arguments. By following this book, students will understand the basis of relativistic invariance, that of the relativistic wave equations and the systematics of perturbation theory. They will get everything needed for the study of the gauge theories of particle physics and they will realize that this road points unmistakably to a fully relativistic quantum field theory.

I understand that its formal development will be the subject of the third volume in the series.

I have fully enjoyed reading the first two books and I am looking forward to the pleasure of reading the third one. The material is presented with exceptional clarity and attention to subtleties of the subject. The book can provide a solid theoretical foundation for students aspiring to become experts in the field of elementary particle physics and can serve as a reference for students and researchers in other sub-fields of physics. He is the author or coauthor of more than scientific publications on the theory of elementary particles. In , S. Glashow, J. Iliopoulos, and Dr.

Maiani has also won numerous honors, including the Dirac Medal. Benhar has published more than papers in the areas of astroparticle physics and particle phenomenology. Du kanske gillar. Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Skickas inom vardagar specialorder. Zhang, X. U 2 I h 7 -C 80 : crystallographic characterization of a long-sought dimetallic actinide endohedral fullerene. Scheibe, B.

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Handbook of Relativistic Quantum Chemistry

Bursten, B. Pepper, M. Ab initio studies of the electronic structure of the diuranium molecule. Gagliardi, L. Quantum chemical calculations show that the uranium molecule U 2 has a quintuple bond. Roos, B. Exploring the actinide—actinide bond: theoretical studies of the chemical bond in Ac 2 , Th 2 , Pa 2 , and U 2. Gorokhov, L. Mass-spectroscopic investigation of stability of gaseous U 2 O 2 and U 2.

High Temp. Relativity and the periodic system of elements. Reiher, M. Dyall, K. Press, Oxford, Saue, T.

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Relativistic Hamiltonians for chemistry: a primer. Chem Phys Chem 12 , — Christiansen, P. Relativistic effects on the bonding of heavy and superheavy hydrogen halides. Blaise, J.

Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (HEP-RQM) 1 of 15

Herzberg, G. Reaching the maximum multiplicity of the covalent chemical bond. Shaik, S. Quadruple bonding in C 2 and analogous eight-valence electron species.

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One molecule, two atoms, three views, four bonds? Schwerdtfeger, P. Demissie, T. Mercury methylation by cobalt corrinoids: relativistic effects dictate the reaction mechanism. Gaggioli, C. Dioxygen insertion into the gold i —hydride bond: spin orbit coupling effects in the spotlight for oxidative addition.

Reiher, Markus

Visscher, L. Balasubramanian, K. Relativity and chemical bonding. Maurice, R. Jong, W. On the bonding and the electric field gradient of the uranyl ion. Relativistic double-zeta, triple-zeta, and quadruple-zeta basis sets for the actinides Ac—Lr. Download references. We thank the Danish Center for Scientific Computing for ample computational resources. We thank T. Helgaker and E. Uggerud University of Oslo for help with Gorokhov et al. We thank C. Elmar for preparing the graphical abstract. We dedicate this paper to the memory of B.

Roos, an outstanding quantum chemist. The generalized EBO equation 2 was developed by S.