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Add another pallet propped in a vertical position create the back of your chair. Again, secure it in place with a drill and screws. Homebase sells special pallet furniture cushions that fit perfectly on top of its pallets. Add colour with more scatter cushions, pot plants and paper pom-poms. Bring on the sunshine!

15 Amazing Pallet Garden Furniture Ideas

Home DIY and decorating. Customize the couches to fit your needs. I love this idea! Create an outdoor or indoor wooden pallet swing chair. The process is easily customizable and adding the chains to the chair is a simple, extra step to create something truly unique. Adding an outdoor-safe cushion would really tie the whole furniture set together when pairing with outdoor chairs, couches or coffee tables.

These wooden pallet arm chairs will add some creative flair to any pallet garden furniture set.

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Adding some upholstered cushions should be an easy process and adds an extra bit of swankiness. Adding different colors will make your outdoor area a super fun place for kids to hang out during those long summer days and cooler nights. You can easily make these double-backed chairs since wooden pallets are so easy to work with.

For extra fun, let the kids pick out the paint colors. This three-part bench is painted a bright, solid white and utilizes plants for a creative cushion.

DIY Outdoor Garden Furniture: 3 Steps

This great step-by-step instruction will help you create the perfect pallet garden corner sofa. You can easily cater to a small, family living space or a cool outdoor party hangout. Once you figure out the number of people you want to create a space for, you can use the wood accordingly. Recycling old wooden pallets to make outdoor seats and tables is a great way to save money and help the environment!

how to make an Outdoor Sofa

These simple chair and table sets are totally customizable and would even make the perfect gift for a close relative or friend. The fact that the furniture is homemade is much more special than anything bought from a furniture store. This upcycled wooden pallet chair gives a rustic feel while creating a completely modern furniture space.

Homemade garden furniture from pallets will no doubt become the new trend as more and more people are realizing the possibilities with these materials. The fact that most of the materials to create this style of furniture is either recycled or cheaply purchased is even better. Whether you have a lot of outdoor space to fill or just want to create a fun patio bench, using wooden pallets is ideal. You can create these simple benches from wooden pallets and give them decorative flair by using paint or creating outdoor cushions. Whatever you plan to use them for, guests will be impressed and you can brag about them being homemade.

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This is a fantastic idea for creating a pallet garden furniture bar. What could possibly be more impressive than having your own outdoor wine bar? Having created it yourself, of course! This outdoor wine bar created from recycled wooden pallets would be the perfect addition to a garden party and guests will no doubt be completely impressed! Use a wooden pallet to create an interesting, completely handmade wine rack! This would make a great gift or fun addition to a pallet garden furniture bar. You could even use this indoors for an interesting addition to a kitchen or man cave.

You would just need some paint or stain to complete it. This would be perfect for a patio bar or outdoor kitchen area. Imagine the great parties you could have with the accessibility of your own, custom made outdoor garden bar? Not only would your guests be impressed, but you can use the bar area for many occasions.

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