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Lally is seven years old and love horseback riding. Lolly is eleven years and want to go traveling. She is a TV reporter and travels around the world to save environment. She has a crush on Geronimo. He is a TV producer and like his sister travels around the world to save environment. She is Bugsy and Slugsy's mother. Bugsy Wugsy: Daughter of John and Furry. She wants to save the environment like her aunt Petunia. She is Benjamin Stilton's best friend. Creepella Von Cacklefur: she's an enchanting and mysterious mouse.

She is a special effects designer for scary films and haunted houses.

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Creepella has pet bat named Bitewing. She even has a crush on Geronimo Stilton. Boris Von Cacklefur: Creepella's father. He runs the Fabumouse Fumerals, a funeral home. His hobbies are writing romantic poetry and painting graveyard scenes. Boris is in love with Tina Spicytail, Geronimo's grandfather's cook.

Chef Stewrat: The Cackelfur family cook.

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Loves opera and dreams of selling his stew around the world. Stewrat is in love with Madame Latomb. Madame Latomb: The housekeeper for the Cacklefur family. She plays the violin and collects dolls. Her hairstyle hides her ferocious were-canary It's like a werewolf, but it's a canary Latomb is in love with Professor Frankenstein. Shivereen: She is Creepella's niece. She copies Creepella in every way just like Benjamin coping Geronimo. Shivereen has a pet chameleon named Moldy. She dreams of working in the world of fashion.

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Snip and Snap: Twins brothers that are very smart and very good with computers. They are perfectly mean and truly annoying plus they are exactly alike. They own a collection of tricks to scare guests staying at Cacklefur Castle. Her nicknamed is Chompers. Booey the poltergeist: The ghost of Cacklefur Castle. Poltergeist means he likes to play tricks on everyone. Professor Frankenstein: A scientist who studies ancient Egypt expert on mummies and tombs.

He's a little clumsy and had many accidents in the lab. The characters of Geronimo Stilton also used their other names from the second to the sixth novel. There are three stories in the first three collections 1—3, 4—6, 7—9 , book 10 is sold by itself, and the remaining books are sold in pairs 11—12, 13—14, 15—16, 17—18, 20—21, 22 and 24, 25— Bodyguard Tanner Keane will protect her from her ex, but who will save them from their wildest fantasies? When Plan A - being a stay-at-home mom and wife - comes crashing down, she needs to come up with Plan B for a happy life.

At 14, Gracie's love for Riley became a town legend. Now the bad boy is back to stir up gossip again. A gorgeous, take-no-prisoners flight instructor who was more than a match for this ultramasculine male.

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When the king demands that Prince Reyhan marry, there's just one problem - he already has a wife! When Hannah returned home pregnant and alone, she didn't count on the attention of her very grown-up crush. When a friendly date gets a little too friendly, things get a little bit steamy…and Nicki gets just a little bit…pregnant.

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To have a chance to run the Marcelli winery, Brenna will need help from her family's very sexy nemesis. A risky experiment leads psychology student Francesca Marcelli straight into the arms of a playboy CEO. In the Marcelli household, fine wine and good food are as celebrated as true love His dangerous career had taught him not to let anyone get too close, but she made him want to risk it all Preacher's daughter Haley Foster is determined to be "bad," but Marshal Kevin Harmon is just as determined to protect her from herself With years of heartbreak between them, can Kari find the courage to stand by the lawman she's always loved?

Streetwise Cleo never imagined she'd do something as dumb as fall in love with a prince! What will an American tourist do when she discovers her suitor is the crown prince? After years in New York, detective Mark Kincaid came to Whitehorn for peace and quiet, not romance, but his sugar and spice next door neighbor is impossible to resist. All the lonely princess had ever wanted was someone to love…but falling for the sexy sheik who'd kidnapped her was out of the question! Lucas stands to inherit a ranch, but to claim his inheritance, he must get married.

Ashley is determined to make her own happiness without a man, no matter how tempting that man may be When Katie returns to the ranch next door, emotions tear through Jack like a Texas twister. His temporary nanny proves to be a serious challenge to millionaire Jonathan Steele's bachelorhood. Can a caring American mother and child finally move this proud, imperious monarch?

Shy American Heidi McKinley would do anything for her surrogate grandfather, the king—even marry the man's sinfully sexy and wildly intimidating son. Their fairy-tale marriage may be a sham, but this is one princess who won't bend to anyone's will—as her "husband" will soon learn! Can a brooding rancher and a beautiful princess mesh their mismatched worlds into one? At almost 40, suburban single mom Beth thought her fairy tale days were over When Cal Langtry discovers he's a dad, he turns to the one person who makes everything right in his world—his assistant.

According to family legend, Chloe and Cassie would dream of their future grooms on their 25th birthday Will their dreams come true? A twist of fate brings an answering service operator face-to-face with her fantasy man. Nurse Dana Rowan is determined not to fall for the new heartthrob surgeon, but fate is conspiring against her. Lady wrangler Sierra Conroy gave up on love the day Dylan broke her heart. Now he's determined to win her back. Brady has taken in enough misfits on his ranch to know trouble when he sees it, but he can't resist helping a beautiful bride on the run.

Could the mysterious beauty really have amnesia, as she claims, or is she another gold-digger trying to get at Jarrett's millions? Loving Elissa had been heaven. Losing her had been hell. Could Cole survive a second chance at happiness? Does Kayla dare take her twin sister's place on a date with her conservative boss? Hannah Pace needs a pretend husband—fast! But why would a hometown bad boy take the job? A secret agent must accept the biggest secret of all—that she's in love with the man who trained her. Firefighter Jordan Haynes is willing to play the needy patient if it means keeping Holly safe in his home for the holidays.

Nanny Jill Bradford is two parts sweetness, one part sin, and entirely irresistible to single dad Craig Haynes. After taking a bullet in the line of duty, Mike accepts his most difficult assignment yet: a peaceful recovery in the suburbs. For the first time, a woman is making Jeff care about something more than vengeance. Rancher Jake Masters is stunned by his attraction to his adopted daughter's birth mom. Faith's hands could calm the fiercest animal, but would her touch be able to soothe Cort's soul? Can union leader's daughter and the big boss's son find the forgiveness they need to build a future together?

Nurse Melissa VanFleet doesn't fit in Logan's exclusive world. When the bandages come off his eyes, he'll see that, too. Show more Show less Show All. Want bonus content and book updates?

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Read More October Loved how the characters met and how the story ended and of course all the hot sex in between. Dec 07, Tanaka K rated it it was amazing. Nick a detective who used to be a Holly North is a shy accountant who, for reasons I'll never fully understand, agrees to don a dominatrix costume and fill in as Mistress Christmas at Sugar Plums, a "gentleman's" club - aka a high-class strip joint. Nick West one of the McKay's cousins has left Wyoming and is living in Denver working as a detective. Not your average everyday christmas miracle but one to remember none-the-less. Hot hot hot hotel room scenes.

I really enjoyed this peek at one of the West boys life outside of McKay country. Yummy and steamy erotic fun! This was a winner for me and I will definitely be reading more. James always comes up with interesting characters in different settings.

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Well done. Great short to satisfy my Lorelei James obsession! Very fun, sexy holiday romance! Sometimes what you see isn't what you expect, it's more. This was a more tame one from Lorelei James but, as always, she does not disappoint. Short, sweet, steamy read with one of the West boys and a HEA. Lorelei James never fails to write a book that keeps me interested while writing love scenes that are nothing short of steamy.

Geronimo Stilton

A short read with some insta-love, this Christmas novella is a great example of why James is so good May 14, MaggieReadsRom rated it liked it Shelves: e-books , contemporary , erotic-romance. His friend was drugged and robbed by the stripper during after a lap dance and Nick wants to catch her in the act.

Instead he catches Holly who makes him a tempting offer: to indulge themselves in one night of unadulterated plea 3. Instead he catches Holly who makes him a tempting offer: to indulge themselves in one night of unadulterated pleasure. What starts as a one-night stand between strangers ends in a love for life between two soul mates. Even though it was rather short pages I enjoyed the story.

It was a nice mix of erotica, romance and a tiny plot. Main thing was the one night stand between Holly and Nick and the development of their feelings during that night. It was light and breezy and too short for depth or real character development but Ms, James does know how to write erotic scenes that ignite the pages and make you tingly all over.

She alternates light, witty banter and sexy innuendo with intensity and genuine feelings. While hero and heroine explore each other, the reader gets to know them a bit better. There are very few secondary characters and they weren't necessary for the story since it mainly concentrated on Holly and Nick. I really liked this first taste of Lorelei James' writing. She writes tasteful but steaming hot erotica and I can't wait to read her longer stories on the sexy McKay cowboys I've been collecting for a while now.

Aug 04, Sandra rated it it was ok Shelves: novella , erotic-romance , bookie-nookies-erotic-lending-group , sexy-cops. I liked the general premise of this and thought it would be fun, sexy, and different. Their initial encounter is fraught with bad innuendos and cheesy come-ons, but I liked the whole idea of a misunderstanding because it leaves you anticipating the fall out. So I stuck with it. Despite this being an erotic romance and the initial sex being hot, it actually got to be kind of boring because it 2.

Despite this being an erotic romance and the initial sex being hot, it actually got to be kind of boring because it just went on so long and became not only unrealistic but eye-rolling. Enter bad pillow talk, a "yeah, right" lack of experience view spoiler [no way in hell can a sexually active 28 year old woman never have been on top during sex! I cringed in embarrassment a few time. I ended up just wanting to skip the sex and find out what happens with the characters. But then we finally have our climax and it was okaaaay, but a wee-bit anti-climactic.

We all knew they really liked each other but Nick's big talk at the end was a little too much for me. Mar 07, Heather rated it really liked it Shelves: kinky-light , erotica , favorites , contempary-romance. Nick and Holly meet in a gentleman's club which is actually a Christmas themed strip club. Holly has a normal boring job as an accountant but her best friend convinces her to fill in as Mistress Christmas.

So this shy sexy account slowly burst out of her shell with a couple courage shots and embraces a wild side. Detective Nick West is at Not your average everyday christmas miracle but one to remember none-the-less. Detective Nick West is at the club hoping to catch Mistress Christmas in the act One look at Holly aka Mirtress Christmas and he is hooked. He soon gets a lap dance he won't soon forget and just knows that he is far from done with Holly.

Personally I prefer the authors other series spotlighting on the McKays but this was a great break from them and it was nice to read about a West boy. The Wests boys are cousins to the wild McKay bunch. It even made reference back to a couple of the McKay boys so if you've read the Rough Rider Series you'll enjoy that. This was actually an ebook from my local library that I got from an Amazon loan.. Was a quick, hot read that I did enjoy. I don't know if I connected with the characters like in the RR but overall still good. Jun 28, Charlene rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , romance-erotic , romance-western , erotica , holiday-reads.

When he goes to a strip club to privately investigate a robbery, he meets Holly, a normally mild mannered accountant who is filling in for Mistress Christmas, a stripper at the club. I think if I hadn't read RR though, I might have been disappointed with the character development - best to read this alongside RR in my opinion, anyway. With the background of the McKay men, it was easy to see how Nick would fit right in I loved Holly as well There's nothing better than seeing a woman take control of her sexuality.

The steamy scenes were very hot - this is LJ, after all, we would expect no less. All in all, I thought this was a great read - 4 stars. Jun 28, Kimberly Walter rated it it was amazing. Holly North is helping out her friend at her stip club by being Mistress Christmas. Nick West is a detective and he is the stip club to catch a thief red handed. But what he gets is a whole lot hotter. They get together and have a whole night of hot passionate sex. A hot and passionate read from beginning to end.

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  4. Loved it. Can't wait to read more from the West side of the family. Hot, sexy rom com This short novella is like the perfect bite--a just right combination of hot, sexy and sweet, with a dash of funny thrown in. Lots of hot, smoking sex, and soul deep insta-love, wrapped up in a likeable hero and heroine. A quick read that left me smiling. Short but not sweet It was freaking HOT!!! I love this author and her writing style. She was born to write about sexy, alpha cowboys. I read all I can from this author and even a short book like this is worth every penny.

    Hawt Well dang. This was full of het sexual tension and sexual release. Lorelei know how to write a sexy as hell cowboy and even hotter sex scenes. This will keep you very warm on those cold winter night. Very cute story!