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Pre-requisite: to have completed an Introduction to Shamanism course or introduction to shamanism and homeopathy if that was your route to this path or have a clear connection with your lower world and upper world spirit helpers. If you have worked with someone other than me you are very welcome to join but please chat with me before booking so we can make sure this course is the right level for you.

There may be some assistance with fees for genuine need if discussed on a personal basis. It is non residential, but there is plenty of local accommodation if you should need it in Swindon. Register Now. About Event This weekend workshop will continue to show you ways to connect to your Power Animals and Spirit Helpers, as well as introduce you to working with your Power Place in a deeper way, using familiar lower and upper world journeys, the Middle World journey and Medicine Walk to connect with the spirit of the land.

Shamanism is a worldview that explains the universe, nature and life, but it lacks the dogmatic teachings of religions. A basic idea of Shamaism is that everything is life. And life does not excist without spirit.

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Life is eternal, and what is eternal does not have a beginning nor an end. Every human, every animal, every plant, water and mineral is a conscious living being with a spirit. The earth, stars, the moon alike.

An Introduction to Shamanism by Thomas A. DuBois

This is what separetes shamanism from for example Christianity. The Christian idea is that only humans have souls and therefore are superior to other lifeforms. The old scientific idea is that rocks are a dead matter and that humans are more intelligent then plants. When you consider that everything is a living spirit, your position in the world as a human being will be equal to all that exists. In religion there is a story and a ruling God telling you what to do and not to do. In shamanism there isnt.

Italian Shamanism: an introduction

Shamanism doesnt give you any rules to live by. Nothing dictating you how to live. Its up to you as an individual to take responsability of your own choices in life. What shamanism does is explain how the world works.

Introducing "An Introduction to Shamanism"

And when you have that knowledge the question is; in what direction do you want to move as a human. Shamanism is a worldview, understanding of the universe, the nature and life, and it provides different techniques to enter different levels of consciousness to help you live in harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Shamanism can also be described as evolution. Its all about evolving. When you purify yourself, and find harmony within yourself and your surroundings you will ascend spiritually.

Its more about what you see when you look at for example a mountain.

Italian Shamanism: an introduction

Do you se a formation of dead matter or a concious living being with more wisdom then yourself? Some people we meet are very interested in hearing that we used to belive there was a wind-God named so- and- so, and a Hunting-God and so on. This information lacks context unless you have a basic knowledge of shamanism and can easily become unrealistic superficial tales. These kind of fragments are easy to relate to because the information doesnt interfere with their own worldview.

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Their perspective of the reality can start to change and they realize it is not actually just a curious mythology. Read what happened to Jungle on a train ride when he had a conversation about shamanism with a stranger. Life excsist on many different levels of vibration.

The trance-state can be used to alter your vibration to enter the spirit world.