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At press time, Swift has Their style is part of what captivates fans. C O M 99 If you were anywhere on the Internet in February , you saw The Dress phe- nomenon, a viral photo of a dress that half of the population saw as white and gold, while the other half saw it as blue and black. Some commenters even backed up their vote by opening the image in Photoshop and comparing the numeric color values of each bottle with that of the shoe.

Well, which of the two colors did she end up wearing that night? The trend: Tips heaped with extra product to give nails a globular, rounded shape. Then, carefully inject a small amount of water or baby oil into the tip. The color? What do you think of the color?

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The story sparked a much-needed conversation about the importance of regulation in the nail industry and, within a week of publication, prompted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to create an emergency task force to conduct salon-by-salon investigations as well as a six-language education campaign to inform techs of their rights. A momentous win for nail profes- sionals everywhere!

This angers me to no end.

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Contact The Makeup Show, W. Contact Cosmetologists Chicago, N. Wabash Ave. Suite , Chicago, IL ; News for Happenings should include all pertinent information, including a telephone number. Materials cannot be returned. Submit your nail art photos in our user galleries. True B. False 2Which of the following is not a symptom of perimenopause?

Insomnia C. More energy D. False 4Which of the following can help ease the symptoms of menopause? Exercise B. Detoxing C. More rest D. Testosterone B. Estrogen C. Progesterone D. Both A and B 6All women will experience one or more uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Dry B. Oily C. Flakey D. Get more introspective B. Increase your exercise C. Take more frequent breaks at work D. You can also take the test online at our website, nailpro. Submissions must be postmarked or received online by December 31, Answers will appear in the February issue.

Answers to October Test 1. Simply circle the correct answers and mail the page to the address below. You can also access the article and submit the test via our website at nailpro. A perfect score earns a Certificate of Achievement With Honors. The publishers do not warrant, either expressly or by implication, the factual accuracy of the articles herein, nor do they so warrant any views or opinions offered by the authors of said articles.

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Education Classes help techs learn about new products and techniques—increasing their earning potential. Retailing The key to successful sales? Staff training and persuasive promotions. Nail Enthusiasts From salon brands to indie polishes, these DIY digit devotees aka your clients crave all things nails. Subscriptions: U. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: P. Results achieved in one application. Stephanie Yaggy Lavery Executive Editor slavery creativeage. And why not? With an industry that generates roughly 8.

From my perspective, talking to nail technicians, salon owners, manufacturers and even being a consumer myself, I have a pretty good view of this amazing industry—and what I see is a business that is thriving. New products are being developed faster than you can say LED light, encouraging more people— men and women alike—to seek out nail salons for services and visit more often.

And services that were considered outdated ahem, acrylics are making a comeback in fabulously cool and modern ways. We must set the tone and encourage the masses to continue their education, maintain the utmost standards of sanitation and be on the cutting edge of business, products and techniques. So when other media outlets, bloggers and consumers talk about the nail industry, they can say what we do: Nails are an amazing place to be! In this special issue, I present you with the latest industry report. I think it paints a pretty inspiring picture. All in all, this is a great issue to keep around for the year to come!

A series of 10 surveys were fielded to generate feedback on a wide variety of topics relevant to nail professionals. The surveys were designed to distinguish between responses applying to individual nail technicians and those that applied specifically to the salon. Consistent demographic profile questions used for each survey filtered out inappropriate responses e.

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A majority of techs get a request for nail art twice a week and some are doing nail art 80 or more times each month. How much do you spend on nail art supplies in an average month? How long have you owned your salon? I had managed a salon, but I wanted to invest in my future. I wanted to give others the opportunity to work in a fun place that focuses on expanding and perfecting our creative talents. Tsk tsk—basins and all removable parts must be cleaned between every service! Techs report that continuing education classes expose them to new products, better techniques and the best ways to boost their bottom line!

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I stay current on social media, such as Instagram, blogs and YouTube. Plus, I can pause the screen to give myself more time, or even save it in my favorites to refer to again. Over the past year, the most popular class topics were brand-specific product education, sanitation and disinfecting, gel application and removal, and nail art workshops. The most unpopular? Managing your finances. What types of products do you retail? Then, give a discount on the item when a service is purchased. Where do you display retail items? We can recommend nail-related items only so often before sounding repetitive.

Once you have a client, how do you keep her coming back for more? C O M 61 While Facebook remains the most used social media site, Instagram continues to grow in popularity. The Hellenes and those who became Jews developed a strong relationship and did trade and commercial business together. The two cultures basically became merged[8], which gives us a clue as to the racial identity of those Joshuaites whom we call Jews today and the ethnicity of the Hellenes is obvious.

Christianity today is a remixed, monotheistic version of Hellenism and these two systems are still connected till this day. From the descendants of Joshua so-called Jews today came the racists provisions of the Torah with the Canaanites who were in fact the peoples that became the Africans and it is from Yahwists called Jews today this author strongly feels that the Hellenes adopted how the people who composed the Torah saw the Moor black and evil and became the driving force behind racist Christianity and its wars with the Moabites or the Moors of North Africa and subsequently Mohammedanism Islam in general.

Proof is truth. Black is a noun, not an adjective. We were all taught in public school the eight parts of speech. Most of us forget these aspects of language when we reach adulthood This author had to actually look them up and so we sort of forget their functions in our daily discourse. The three parts of speech that most people do remember however are nouns, verbs, and adjectives. How can this be? European psychology, that's how. Also, if you noticed for the noun aspect of the definition black, "they" put " Often Offensive.

African American " in the same exact meaning.

Against Me!

They did not even try to separate the two. If this is so, then we cannot be mad at those of our people who worship an image of a European Jesus for the same hand wields both, the "black" identity and the Euro Jesus. Now look at the grayscale image above and then go back and look at the image of the light skinned entertainers again. Where would they fit in on this scale? This grayscale is a natural image of white either darkening or black either fading in the same spectrum of which these two extremes exist.

The grayscale image above proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Understand the simple psychological process that we have been fooled by. No one is black so adjectively, you cannot describe them as such and being that no one is black, we cannot say that black is a noun insofar as persons are concerned. These descriptions that we use for ourselves, and the Europeans, and other nations, come directly from Europeans and I will give the most exemplary of examples that I can give.

Do you not see the trickery that has been played upon you? Most people would have read right past this particular description because the European psychology has worked on them so well, it is so embedded within their psyche, that they have accepted something that is clearly brownish as black. Look at your skin again. If you look below you will see images of antique bronzes and you can google them yourself which will give you all an example of what Denon described as was cited by Pritchard.

Are not the images above closely similar to the skin tone of those whom are called "black" people? How then can one with bronze colored brownish skin be black? Nouns and adjectives are thrown out of the window when it comes to defining and describing you Moors. They have defined your existence. Your leaders and learned men, your men of letters, your activists and scholars, they by proxy of mere belief, keep the grip of European psychology on the minds of the Moors of America.

Windsor , Author House, first published in , pg. Posted by Unknown at PM No comments:. Islam, peace and greetings to you all. In this exposition, this researcher, Sheik Way-El, aka Lord Abba, will attempt to bring some light to a find given by one of the few brothers that I have grown to respect from the Amen Ra Squad, that being, Ishmael Bey. In it, on page we find:. The above citation is critical in so many regards when compared to records in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, where Moors are cited on the legal records which means that there were many of our people who knew that they were Moors as opposed to Negroes and Black people.

This lends support to a theory that this author makes when he posits that there is a thread of traditional knowledge that was passed down from the first people on this earth who are in fact the Moors about their most ancient appellation to each generation or civilization and these are the adept artificers and builders of the ancient world whose model we have used today to build the modern world. According to an online Wollof - English Dictionary, we find for the word Nar:.

Many Mooris in the Gambia came from Mouritania. In the above cited, we see that the very name Naar is said to derive from Arabic descent. It is clear that all of these are cognates and would undoubtedly have sprung from its parent language which is the Moabite language Mudar from whence the Aramaic, the Hebrew, the Syriac, and the Arabic dialects directly derive.

A very curious but logical question has to be asked and that is; how does the Wolof and other tribes of that region come to call these Moors by the appellation Nar which is simply said to be some sort of special firefighting technique, if, these tribes do not speak Arabic? Did these Arabic speaking Moors tell these tribes and nations that this was their name? Can we find any records of these Moors who spoke Arabic referring to themselves as Nar?

Does the word Nar even relate to the word Moor? From this, this researcher will do his best to put the pieces of this puzzle together. The alveolar nasal is a type of consonantal sound used in numerous spoken languages. The vast majority of languages have either an alveolar or dental nasal. There are a few languages that lack either sound but have [m] e.

There are some languages e. In the Hebrew it is Nun N and Mem M and these are interchangeable in many of the Hebrew words and we find this occurrence in our English and many languages around the world. There are many unacknowledged Nun words that gave us English M words, including the elM tree from the ilaN shade tree , or the moron from the NaR youth. Just as Greek moros foolish developed from moro child , a foolish adult in Yiddish is accused of NaR ishkeit. What this researcher believes that we have with owr , or ohr and its several variations, is what is known in spoken language studies as a voiceless alveolar nasal sound where the N and M are silent.

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Theoretically, we can deduce based on what we have above that, Nar can in fact be the same as Moor and is quite possible, that this term in some form derived from a pidgin of transplant and spoken languages in the aforementioned African regions. Can we then, based on the above language breakdown use the Mwr moor instead? I want to stress, this is only theoretical however, we still have not, nor can we reconcile the fact that these Wolof and other Moors speaking their own dialect, called the Arabic speaking Moors by the Arabic name Nar.

What this author also failed to mention also is that the Wolof word for fire is listed as boi , to illuminate is niit and to burn is lakk [7]. But what about the other word for Moor according to the Wolof dictionary which is Amet? The Wolof to English dictionary has this:. Amet n Moor. The Moore is from Muritania. If my research fell short in this regard, I look forward to a fill in the blanks in this respect.

So what happens when we take the position of the voiceless nasal and make silent or even remove the N or the M off of Nar or even Moor? This OOR, that is without the M, would be the exact identical in pronunciation for the Hebrew oor which means luminosity , or light. Just by pronouncing the words Ar and Ur and what is stated in the last paragraphs illuminates itself rather brightly; pun intended. Let us now closely analyze the word Ur , its relationship with Ar , and the various definitions associated with it:. Apparently they were Haldians or Khaldians.

There are so many intriguing aspects noted in the above. Glyph of Amen-Ra showing sun disc. Various sources conclude that the eye of Ra comes to earth as a vengeful deity in the form of Sehkmet, as Ra was too old and weak too take vengeance upon those who mocked him. In brief, this account is interesting because Sehkmet comes in the form of a lion.

This connection is absolutely hard to ignore or dismiss. According to James P. Among early scholars, the three oldest peoples in the world were the Ethiopians, the Egyptians, and the Arii. It says:. All of the above points deserve much more inquiry than this paper allows however, this researcher thought it best to point these out to accentuate the very purpose of this discourse as this researcher believes that Ar, Ur, Nar, and Moor are all interrelated words that developed from the earliest times across many languages remaining linguistically similar through various language pidgins.

These meanings, black and sunburnt, are what are known as false cognates given our people. Those with Eyes Wide Open are here to set things back in the proper order.

Vanished From Dust by Shea Norwood

It becomes clear via the biblical narrative that the placing of the Moabites in the city of Ar albeit the bible's historical events are largely actual accounts greatly distorted and which are told eponymously and as etiological myths, is merely connecting the Moabites to the most ancient branch of mankind in a way that the biblical codex writers were adept at doing.

We Moorish American Moslems of the M. Let us now look at some of the other breakdowns of the word OWR as the Hebrew word for light and other meanings:. Hab only use;. The phonetic similarity of the root of these words is remarkable. It is however, hard for this researcher who is not versed in the Hebrew language to fully give a breakdown in this regard, nevertheless, we must highlight these instances and use our common sense and stand to be corrected if we err.

So we see above in the first listed from the Concordance that the Hebrew oor alludes to an eye, or the opening of the eyes or to awaken. This can be directly related to the morning hours when the sun and its penetrating light or luminosity first appears to light the portion of the world that it shines on.

Remember that this researcher said earlier that this is enjoyable, putting this type of research together because it opens up so many thoughts, ideas, other avenues to research, and in some cases, concrete facts that cannot be disputed. From this, I want to bring you to the sons of Judah according to the Biblical narrative. Judah had 5 sons, 3 by a Canaanite woman Genesis who is simply called Beth-Shua.

We will stick with the three sons of the Canaanite woman for this exposition. These sons are:. The breakdowns to these names are so intriguing, coupled with the fact that Judah, an Israelite tribe but listed eponymously as an actual human male, married and had sons by a Canaanite which is forbidden according to the Biblical narrative Genesis —35; ; Ezra 9—10 to name a few , however, we will leave these alone in this note but rest assured, in future works we will highlight these things in depth and prove how the Biblical narrative was written to shift around the connection between Moab and Israel and script them as sworn enemies to each other.

This author feels this is blatantly false in will show and prove in future works. Let us get back to the sons of Judah, in particular, the son named Er. Notice that the name Er means watchful. Can this hide referring to skin be a play on the Adam and Eve story when it said that they hid themselves from the Lord Genesis and the God of the Bible asked them why did they cover themselves, cover their nakedness Gen.

Was this subtle racism to show the skin as a badge of shame? Remember, there are two different Adams in the Bible, one is created on the sixth day Gen. What about the word for lamb in the New Testament Greek which is amnos [15] but there are several instances, where this word is listed as arnion [16] from the Greek arni for lamb.

This researcher feels strongly that these are clues hidden right in our very faces. There is no coincidence that our brother Ishmael Bey found this word Nar for it lead to this exposition and a connection of the dots that the rulers and the rich, the concealers of our history would not have ever thought we would connect.

What about the city cited in the Bible called Aroer which was taken from Sihon, the king of the Amorites Joshua situated 35 miles north of the river Arnon? Here we connect the Amorites with a city apparently named in based on some derivation of Ar. This is how you pull the cover off of the secrets. What about this other interesting notion that, like shown by Massey above, where the R and the L are interchangeable and so, it can conceivably be insinuated that Er is another way of saying El. Is this an impossibility? This author would love a written critique in the form of rebuttal of these points made if any could be put together in this regard.

To not belabor this point, we bring you to another of the sons of Judah not by the Canaanite woman called Zarah. Zarah is the self-same as Zerah and Zara who is listed as a Cushite or an Ethiopian. What is interesting to note is that, this is the name of a Cushite king said to have invaded Judah. Common sense tells us that these Cushites were more than likely not trying to invade Judah, but take it back since 2 nd Chronicles is written well after the book of Joshua in the biblical chronology.

I now turn your attention the fact that the Prophet Noble Drew Ali said that the Moors were driven out of their homeland by Joshua, the robber son of Nun. Rudolph Windsor, drawing from the Babylonian Talmud compiled over the period of Late Antiquity 3rd to 5th centuries , correctly posits that the Africans were in fact descended from ancient Canaan which is not only the region called Palestine today, but this author asserts based on hours of research, also includes all of Arabia and parts of present day Iraq.

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The Babylonian Talmud relays the account like this:. We also find Christian sources dating back to — A. In the case of Shishak, the king of Egypt, an actual historical figure existing outside of the Biblical narrative some erroneously believe that all characters in the Bible are made up fictions for instance, in 2Chronicles , is said to have gathered the Libyans, Sukkites or Sukkiim, and Cushites together for war to take the city of Judah. The biblical verse reads:. It is no doubt the race of the Libyans are Moors. Sister Dana Marniche gave the clearest of proofs while Wayne B. Chandler appeared to rely more on what was attributed to the Libyans by other writers as opposed to actually taking into account the in-depth sources that the sister Dana Marniche gave to solidify her argument and thus win that battle in this authors eyes.

Be that as it may, we know without doubt who the Cushites are but this group, the Sukkites or the Sukkim, what about them? The actual meaning of the word booths as is used in this regard, according to the same dictionary reads:. Now, this bold assertion based on the contextual definition given above, is, that these represent your African tribes who are more or less your hunter gathering tribes whose civilization is based on a primitive sedentary non-nomadic lifestyle.

This author will also boldly assert that, these people collectively are the Moors Nar, Ari , the Moabites, children moro of the father ab , God, whom we today call Allah. And this is why this author believes that Prophet Mohammed was sent, to finish the task of the breaking of the iron hand oppression of the pale skin nations of Europe who governed large portions of the Mideast and had made alliances with certain tribes in Arabia which formed the foundation of the Coptic church that had control of the southern portions of Arabia like Yemen during the 3rd century A.

And what of the name Arabia? Can it be that Ar-abia is in some way connected to the Moabite city Ar of the biblical narrative? Is it that the whole of Arabia represents the whole of the dominion of Moab? If the Ar-ab hypothesis is just conflation by the author, why is there no settled etymology for word Arab or Arabia? Let me stress, this is this authors hypothesis. Now we bring you to the Bible dictionary's definition of Ar:.

Notice the second name listed Ara. It means lion. You will note also that Judah is in fact called Ari , another name for lion. The definition says that the city is lost. You have a city in Arabia that is said to be lost, meaning cannot be located by modern means and, you have the word Arabia with no connectable linguistic etymology and so the codex writers give it the name east country.

This researcher, based on what he has uncovered thus far in researching biblical names and places, feels that these were very shrewd cover ups to hide the race of the true Arabians, the people Ar, the people Nar, the people Moor. Look below at the scanned image of the definition of an Arabian. It says that a part of these nomads were the sons of Keturah, the 3 rd , barely mentioned wife of Abraham. How is that there are no etymological breakdowns absolutely conclusive for this word Ar especially when it connects to other words as we have shown with Aroer above?

Is this the true root of the word Arab?