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Timothy Mann. This report explains the concepts behind Vesta's replication capabilities, which are central to distributed development using Vesta.

How to change VestaCP Port - Vesta Control panel Port

A technical paper on fine-grained dependency analysis and caching. These techniques are the basis for Vesta's incremental build support. Reference documentation Tutorials User's Tutorial This document walks you through an example use of Vesta.

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The tutorial covers the main commands you'll need to know as a Vesta user. This set of slides is designed as a short class 2 hours to introduce new users to the Vesta System Description Language. See also the language reference below. This set of slides is designed as a short class 2 hours to introduce people to integrating new tools and tool flows into Vesta builds.

This assumes some initial knowledge about SDL, so going through the previous set of slides first may help.

Vesta Configuration Management System REVIEW

This document summarizes the most common Vesta commands. It still needs some work in a few places. There is also the more precise technical specification of the SDL , but it's not terribly useful until you have a basic grasp of the language. Also appears as Appendix A of the book-length research report.

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Note: this is not a guide for new users. For that, see the language reference. Usage notes: short documents on tips, tricks, and advanced usage. API documentation.

Software Configuration Management Using Vesta

If you're interested in modifying or extending Vesta, you might want to start here. CM for information assurance, sometimes referred to as Secure Configuration Management, relies upon performance, functional, and physical attributes of IT platforms and products and their environments to determine the appropriate security features and assurances that are used to measure a system configuration state.

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For example, configuration requirements may be different for a network firewall that functions as part of an organization's Internet boundary versus one that functions as an internal local network firewall. In this paper we studies and discuss about the basic needs of Software Configuration management, the role of preventive Maintenance and predictive maintenance.

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Abstract Configuration management CM is a field of management that focuses on establishing and maintaining consistency of a system or product's performance and its functional and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.

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