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Pragmática Sociocultural / Sociocultural Pragmatics

Enter your Postcode or Suburb to view availability and delivery times. See Terms for more information. Key features: An overview of new trends in Spanish pragmatics research and the growing need for instruction in intercultural communication; Insights derived from important theoretical and empirical works that may contribute to integrate pragmatics in the teaching of the language; Explanations with great clarity, plenty of examples and references, as well as connections to language teaching and learning; Tasks and activities that can help teachers move from a traditional curricular approach to a more innovative and engaging one; Descriptions of numerous activities or guidelines for the classroom, supplemented with additional materials; A bilingual glossary of terms in pragmatics that will help teachers in their implementation of activities to teach L2 Spanish pragmatics.

L2 Spanish Pragmatics constitutes a reference book on current research on learning and teaching Spanish pragmatics.

Teaching L2 Spanish Sociopragmatics Through Concepts: A Classroom‐Based Study

It will be of interest to university lecturers, researchers, and graduate students. It will also be an excellent resource for language educators and K teachers willing to expand their knowledge and apply the teaching of pragmatics as an integral component in the teaching of the Spanish language. Contact 07 online qbd.

Firstly, the current framework is considered as a general approach to Spanish pragmatics. Secondly, the distinction between explicit and implicit meaning is applied to a range of constructions in Spanish. Thirdly, there is a discussion on the role of pragmatics in disambiguation processes in Spanish.

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Finally, the new approach is applied to irony and metaphor in Spanish, including a discussion on the new research area of lexical pragmatics. ISBN Mein Konto.

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