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What I believe God the Father is doing with this extreme movie is bringing the full details of exactly what His Son went through during this entire horrific ordeal. I believe that once you see exactly what Jesus went through, the mental images will be forever etched into your memory banks, and you will never, ever forget the price that God and Jesus paid to save our souls from eternal damnation. As horrible and brutal as this movie is going to be, I feel it is something that every Christian needs to see.

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That God the Father would be willing to allow His one and only begotten Son to come down upon this earth in the flesh to go through such a bloody, horrible, and barbaric death in order to get all of us saved is really beyond anything that any human words can ever attempt to try and describe. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think this movie will bring that saying to full light. This movie will bring us images that we could never receive from just reading about this ordeal from the Bible.

This will literally be truth in your face. It may cause many of them to get back into their Bibles to get the rest of the story as to what God has done in the past. As such, God the Father has now arranged for all of His children to visually see, with as much realism as we can possibly bear, the full story as to what really happened that day to His Son. For the first time ever, we will visually see how much God really does love all of us when we see, in very graphic detail, the horrible agony and brutality that His Son went through in order to bring us back to Himself.

For those of you who want real truth, this movie is going to bring it to you! I have heard this before from some of them, but they are really starting to come out in droves, and you will probably see a lot more of this coming out after this movie has been released. Many of them are saying that this was simply the way Jesus ended His life here on earth — that He got caught up in the politics of that time and that He ended up being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

They say if there were any redemptive acts done by Jesus while He was living down here on this earth, that it was done through His teachings and the way He lived His life. But none of His teachings would have saved any of us by themselves. The Bible clearly tells us that no man can enter into heaven by any good works that he may try and do, no matter how good and holy those works may be. If good works could get us into heaven, then the liberals would be right. But God the Father specifically tells us that this is not the case.

The following 4 verses clearly spell all of this out for us:. Put all 4 of those verses together and the message comes through loud and clear. We are not saved by any works that we could possibly do — but only through the physical blood that Jesus shed that day on the cross. There is no other way into the Kingdom of God. The big argument that liberals are using to try and downplay the importance of the crucifixion is that they simply cannot believe that God the Father could possibly send down His one and only begotten Son to die in such a horrible and brutal fashion.

They cannot believe that if God is all-loving and all-merciful, that there is any way that He could have allowed this to happen, especially to His one and only Son. At first glance, this does appear to be a very logical argument. However, what they are missing is the deeper truth as to why all of this had to happen as it did.

When I first made real contact with the Holy Spirit and found out that God can really communicate with you and impart knowledge and revelation — one of the first things I did was ask Him why Jesus had to specifically die by being crucified with nails. There was a second way that some criminals were crucified back in those days, and that was being crucified by having ropes tied around their arms. Nails were not used. And if His physical death was what was going to bring us eternal salvation — why Jesus could not have died by some other less painful way such as a heart attack, a stroke, old age, or if it had to be violent in some way, a lance from a Roman soldier.

Why did it have to be by the worse form of physical death that the Romans were using back at that time to kill criminals — crucifixion by using nails? Most Christians know that the physical death of Jesus on the cross is what gives us eternal salvation, but many Christians do not know exactly why it had to be a crucifixion by using nails.

Here is what I feel God has conveyed to me. When Adam and Eve first sinned in the Garden of Eden, they were immediately cast out and the earth then became cursed as a result of their disobedience. As part of that curse, God tells them that they and everyone who would be born after them would have to work and sweat in order to make a living. There are now certain physical and spiritual laws that are now in operation on our earth.

In order to get something, we have to buy it. In order to be able to buy that something, we have to have the money to buy it. In order to get the money to buy that something, we have to work for that money. And the bigger and better the thing that we are wanting to buy, the more money it will take to buy that thing, and the longer and harder we will have to work to earn that money to be able to buy that more expensive thing. So when all of humanity became lost as a result of what Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden, God had to do something in order to try and get us back to Himself.

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When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, what did they really lose? Maximum life! They lost their physical and spiritual connection to God the Father, and they lost their perfect paradise by being cast out of the Garden of Eden. They literally lost everything as a result of their one disobedient act! So here was the 50 million dollar question. If maximum life is what we lost — then the price tag has to be some kind of maximum death!

History, forms, and biblical timeline of Jesus' crucifixion

Maximum death for maximum life! That is why Jesus had to specifically die by being crucified with nails. Back at the time that He came to our earth, being crucified by nails was the worst form of physical death that the Roman government could impose on any criminal.

That is why Jesus could not die in any other fashion. It had to be by the worst form of physical death that was being used back in those days — and being crucified by nails was the worst form of capital punishment that anyone could undergo. That was the price tag that God the Father had to pay to get us back to Himself. There was no other kind of price tag that God could have used to save us.

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Why did One of Them have to undergo this sacrifice? After all, Jesus was born into our earth and incarnated into a human flesh body just like what we have while we live down here on this earth. The Bible gives us the answer. This sacrifice had to be by someone who was completely perfect and spotless.

Since the Bible tells us that every single one us has sinned and falls way short of the glory of our God — that meant there was no sinful human being that could have ever been called to take this sacrifice upon himself, since we have all been born into this world with an inherent sin nature.

This now meant only one thing. One of the Persons in the Godhead had to come down and take this sacrifice upon Himself. Only God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are perfect and sin-free in Their actual natures and personalities. The Bible tells us that there is no darkness in God. So One of Them had to come down, and Jesus was the One to take up the call.

That is why Jesus had to first pass the test in the wilderness with the devil tempting Him trying to get Him to sin. The Bible specifically tells us that Jesus did not sin one time during the entire time He was down here. If He would have sinned even one time, God would have had to call off the whole thing and Jesus could not have gone to the cross to save us. Part of the price tag of the maximum death was that whoever was called upon to pay it had to be perfect and spotless within His very nature and personality.

Obviously only God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit could qualify on that part of the price tag. This is true love beyond anything we can ever imagine. When you see the intensity of the suffering that Jesus had to undergo for all of us, you will really appreciate the sacrifice He made for all of us and you will be forever eternally in His debt. The liberals are obviously not seeing this deeper truth and that is why they cannot understand how God the Father could have allowed something like this to happen to His Son. I felt like the Holy Spirit conveyed to me that both He and God the Father almost died that day with Him while watching Him slowly die on that cross.

What He meant by that was not that They literally were going to die, but that the pain They were both going through was so severe while watching Jesus slowly die over a 9 hour period — that they felt like they were dying right along with Him. Just think of the pain and agony the Father and the Holy Spirit were going through as they were watching all of this unfold with their Jesus!

I will never forget a word one of my friends had received as she was watching one of the earlier crucifixion movies on TV. When she got to the part when Jesus was being nailed to the cross, she said she felt and heard these words come up right out of her belly. She said she knew these were not her words, but were words coming directly from the Holy Spirit. She said the pain and sadness she felt coming in from God and the Holy Spirit as He was transmitting those words to her was so extreme, that she broke down bawling as hard as she could for about 10 minutes.

Crucifixion most likely began with the Assyrians and Babylonians , and it was also practiced systematically by the by the Persians in the sixth century B. At this time, the victims were usually tied, feet dangling, to a tree or post; crosses weren't used until Roman times, according to the report.

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From there, Alexander the Great , who invaded Persia as he built his empire, brought the practice to eastern Mediterranean countries in the fourth century B. But Roman officials weren't aware of the practice until they encountered it while fighting Carthage during the Punic Wars in the third century B. For the next years, the Romans " perfected crucifixion " until Constantine I abolished it in the fourth century A.

However, given that crucifixion was seen as an extremely shameful way to die, Rome tended not to crucify its own citizens. Instead, slaves, disgraced soldiers, Christians, foreigners, and — in particular — political activists often lost their lives in this way, Retief and Cilliers reported.

The practice became especially popular in the Roman-occupied Holy Land. When Rome's legions crucified its enemies, however, local tribes wasted no time in retaliating.

Crucifixion and the Real Cause of Jesus’ Death

For instance, in 9 A. In Rome, people condemned to crucifixion were scourged beforehand , with the exception of women, Roman senators and soldiers unless they had deserted , Retief and Cilliers wrote. During scourging, a person was stripped naked, tied to a post, and then flogged across the back, buttocks and legs by Roman soldiers.

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This excessive whipping would weaken the victim, causing deep wounding, severe pain and bleeding. The cruelty didn't stop there. Sometimes, the Roman soldiers would hurt the victim further, cutting off a body part, such as the tongue, or blinding him. In another heinous turn, Josephus reported how soldiers under Antiochus IV, the Hellenistic Greek king of the Seleucid Empire, would have the victim's strangled child hung around his neck. The next step varied with location. In Jerusalem, women would offer the condemned a pain-relieving drink, usually of wine and myrrh or incense.

Then, the victim would be tied or nailed to the patibulum.