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At the end of his life, Bob confessed to a colleague, he said, "You know, in all the time I knew Bing and his I think also Bob envied Bing in the early years, particularly. Bing was more successful and Bing was a smart businessman. Bob learned a lot from him. I think that there was a little bit of a rivalry. One day somebody suggested that he go down to March Field [now March Air Reserve Base] and entertain the troops there who were bored. We were not in the war yet, and Bob went there and got an amazing reaction.

They just loved him.

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He could really connect with the troops. And when the war started, Hollywood banded together and everybody felt they had to cooperate in the war effort. Some stars, as we know, enlisted and the ones who didn't enlist volunteered to entertain at bases around the country. Finally, when the war started to turn in the Allies' favor in , the USO was able to start sending entertainment troops overseas. Bob was doing his radio show. He wasn't one of the very first, but in the summer of , he made his first trip over to Europe, Britain and the European theater in North Africa.

And that trip was so amazing and he took risks. There were still bombing raids going on.

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They survived bombing raids and the reaction of the troops — I mean, imagine you're a solider fighting for democracy overseas at a time when the country felt its existence threatened, and to see a big Hollywood star show up days after you've been in battle. That was an amazingly powerful experience for the men. Bob Hope was the establishment.

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Bob Hope was friends with Nixon. Bob Hope was speaking in favor of the [Vietnam] War. Bob Hope was expressing that kind of backward, suburban, WASP view of minorities, homosexuals, the women's movement. Even his comments on the women's movement were very condescending. And [in his act] the woman who had some big political office was dusting the chairs in between her meetings. He got mail The movies were a combination of adventure, comedy, romance, and music.

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The minimal plot often took a back seat to gags, many of them reportedly ad-libbed by Crosby and Hope during filming. Each film is not simply a comedy, but a satire of some of the popular film genres of the day, including jungle, Arabian nights, Alaskan adventure, and high seas.

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In , an eighth Road to In , Astor Pictures released a compilation film of several of Crosby's Educational Pictures short subjects called The Road to Hollywood to evoke the series. In the s, Eric Idle wanted to make a "Road Beginning with Road to Singapore the films also included in-joke references to other Hollywood actors and jabs at Paramount Pictures , the studio that released all the films except for The Road to Hong Kong.

Thanks for the Memory - 2/2 (1938 comedy film) - Bob Hope Shirley Ross

There are also frequent instances in which Bob Hope breaks the fourth wall to address the audience directly, such as in Road to Bali , in which he says, "[Crosby]'s gonna sing, folks. Now's the time to go out and get the popcorn. Hope and Crosby would usually play some form of confidence men trying to make a lot of money, with Bing coming up with the ideas and Bob usually doing most of the dirty work.

When confronted by the villain, Hope and Crosby would use a "patty cake" routine before throwing punches, though this would sometimes not work, as in Road to Morocco : "That gag sure gets around, huh?

Every Bob Hope and Bing Crosby road to movie

Both characters would usually promise to not allow women to interfere with their plans, and both would immediately see a woman and forget that promise. Crosby would almost always get the girl, with the exceptions being in Road to Utopia and Road to Rio although hypnosis was involved in the latter case.

The latter two were already film stars, and they opened doors for Bob Hope in Hollywood.

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Long after he left Broadway for movies, radio, and TV, Hope returned to the stage for a production of Roberta staged in St. Louis, Missouri. Fields, Martha Raye , and Dorothy Lamour received top billing. It became his signature song. He co-starred with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour. Paramount threatened to stop the series in , and they received 75, letters of protest from fans. Ultimately, seven movies were created in the series concluding with The Road to Hong Kong in From through , Hope ranked as one of the top ten wealthiest box office stars.

After the s, Bob Hope failed to maintain his popularity as a leading man in movies. Many of his efforts were panned by critics and his movies suffered from weak ticket sales. After the film bombed, Bob Hope stated that he was too old to play a leading man. Although he was never nominated for an Academy Award as an actor, Hope hosted the ceremonies 19 times. Bob Hope began performing on radio in It soon became the most popular show on the radio.

He worked on radio into the s until TV became a more popular medium. Bob Hope is remembered fondly as a host of a wide range of TV specials. He resolutely refused to develop a regular weekly series, but Hope's Christmas specials became legendary. Among the most successful were his and Christmas specials filmed live in front of military audiences in Vietnam at the height of the war.