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The Witchcraft Sourcebook

The Prosecutions at Trier. The Prosecutions in Scotland. Nicholas Remy Demonolatry. From the Summa contra gentiles.

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From the Summa theologiae. From Quodlibet XI. From the Commentary on the Four Books of Sentences. The Mirror of True Penitence. Sorcery and the Inquisitors. The Directorium inquisitorum. Two Letters on the Pressing Danger. The Formicarius.

The Errores Gazariorum. Ut magomm et maleficiorum errores. The Defender of Ladies. A Scourge for Heretical Witches. Summis desiderantes affectibus. The Malleus Maleficarum. The Pursuit of Witches in Lombardy.

The Witchcraft Sourcebook: Second Edition, 2nd Edition (Paperback) - Routledge

A Terrible Case of Sorcery in Orleans. On Diabolical Witchcraft.

Starting Out. Simple Tips for Witchcraft Beginners - Where do I start?

The Two Kinds of Sorcery and the Reformation. Witchcraft and the Reformation. Disquisitiones magicamm. The Masque of Queens. The Trial of Marie Cornu. The Prosecutions at Bamberg. The Prosecutions at Wurzburg. The Prosecutions at Bonn. The Devils of Loudun. The Trial of Suzanne Gaudry. A Discourse on Witches. Sadducismus Triumphatus. Martin Del Rio title page.


Adrian Hubcrti preparation for the sabbat. Frans Francken the Younger Sabbat de sorcieres. SaintAubert La Premiere fois. David Teniers the Younger Le Depart pour le sabbat. Karr, Bay Area Reporter. This was the first book to be published on popular American witchcraft. Jack Fritscher sifts through legends of sorcery and the twisted history of witchcraft, including the casting of spells, with a focus on the growing role of witchcraft in popular culture and its mainstream commercialization.

As seriously historical as it is fun to read, there is no other book like it. Jack Fritscher is the author of fifteen books and many articles on American popular culture. He was ordained an exorcist in by the Catholic Church, which later excommunicated him after he published his memoir-novel, What They Did to the Kid: Confessions of an Altar Boy. If you want to examine a book for possible course use, please see our Course Books page.