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Losing Ground

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Gallery Corporate Changers. Protect our environment Promote equality and social justice Create meaning and happiness in your life.

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Join us in bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet. Learn more Our programs.

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Your actions to preserve the environment and cultivate social well-being at a local level contribute to the evolution of a life affirming culture. We should all live in a way that is as caring as possible. Her boys explained that working with charities would be a lot easier if money was available.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Since November 11th, , Wahl has dropped over butterflies worldwide. She begins by leaving an art piece of a butterfly in a specific location and then posts clues as to where it is on social media sites.

Whoever discovers the butterfly follows the directions on the back, instructing them to contact her and choose a charity that they would like her to donate money to. While being a teenager in high school, trying to balance academics as well as making money is often difficult and many students simply cannot afford to donate to charities. People within the Serra community as well as others around the world have come across these butterflies and have continually impacted numerous worthy causes.

For clues and more information on getting involved, Wahl created a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to spread the word.

Get insights delivered straight to your inbox on how to be the change you want to see Over Social Butterflies in 28 cities worldwide. Tasha Wahl Sizzle Reel. What is Butterfly Effect?