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Ana I. Cerezo PhD Spain. She holds other positions within the field of her expertise, such as: Prof. Her areas of research and specialisation span the subjects of victimology, prisons, domestic violence, cybercrime, corruption and money-laundering and seizure. She has authored and co-authored six books and published well over seventeen papers in journals and conference proceedings. She is also a member of the Department of Sociology of the same University. She has 15 years of professional experience in the field of criminological research. In this time span, she took part as project manager in a variety of cross-border research and spoke at several international conferences.

Her main research interests are organised and economic crime and the evaluation of related contrast policies, in particular, anti-money laundering regulation and confiscation legislation and, more recently, legislation on the disposal of confiscated assets and on criminal liability of legal entities.

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Bernard H. Levin, Ed. He has led a broad range of organizations, both private and public, in social service, civil liberties, corrections, and law enforcement domains. Bernard Jouga, France. Bernard Jouga got an Engineer Degree from Supelec in He is a Professor at Supelec, and has been teaching Computer Science and Computer Networks for more than 20 years, in Supelec and in french universities. Catherine D. She received her Ph.

Her current research interests are cyber crime offending and victimization, sexual victimization, and correctional issues. Chris Magee, UK. Chris has been working within the electronics and IT field for over 25 years, and during that time he has worked with a variety of processors and operating systems. His work has involved the design and development of both hardware and software for systems using processor families from Intel, Motorola, AMD and others.

For the last 8 years Chris has specialised in the forensic handling of computer devices and data, carried out computer forensic investigations and analysis and provided technical support in advanced forensic techniques. He has been responsible for training police officers and civilians from more than 12 countries in the techniques of forensic computing and analysis, whilst with Computer Forensics Ltd and since. Chris has assisted in the foundation of computer forensic laboratories in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Turkey and The Cayman Islands, and has spoken on the subject of Forensic Computing at international conferences.

He has worked on numerous cases both prosecution and defence, including work on Operation Ore, and has appeared as an expert witness in court when required.

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This has developed into one of the highest recruiting programmes in the department. Dr Webber has also been central to building the links between Criminology and Web Science, an exciting development that spans the whole University to develop research and teaching at the interface of web technology and social issues.

This involves working across disciplines and building research teams that can combine often diverse approaches and techniques.

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His research interests range from Criminological Theory, especially the history of its development; Youth and Crime, utilising ethnographic and qualitative methods; Psychology and Crime, especially in the application of Social Identity and Self-Categorisation theories to crime; Web Science, working at a transdisciplinary level to combine different approaches to understand the nature of the social and technological interactions as they pertain to deviancy and crime on the web.

David G. David Post is currently the I. He then attended Georgetown Law Center, from which he graduated summa cum laude in During he conducted, along with two colleagues Professors Larry Lessig and Eugene Volokh the first Internet-wide online course on ACyberspace Law for Non-Lawyers which attracted over 20, subscribers. David S. Wall PhD UK. Wall is Professor of Criminology at the University of Leeds, where he also conducted research and teaches in the fields of criminal justice and information technology, policing and cyberlaw.

The books include Cybercrimes Polity Press, Cyberspace Crime ed. Akdeniz and C. He has recently concluded research into the regulation of deviant behaviour on the internet for the AHRC. David has also published a range of books and articles within the broader field of criminal justice, including Policy Networks in Criminal Justice ed. Ryan and S. Bottomley, C. Coleman, D. Dixon and M. Gill, Hull University, She received a B. Her current research interests include development and evaluation of multimedia applications, ethical and social implications of computers, and internet policy issues related to content regulation, standards, e-commerce, and e-government.

She is a Fellow of the ACM. Dorothy E. Her current research and teaching encompasses the areas of conflict and cyberspace, trust and influence, terrorism and crime, and information operations and warfare. She is author of Information Warfare and Security and has testified before the U. Congress on encryption policy and cyberterrorism.

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She received the B. Fawn T. Ngo received her B. George E. He received his Ph.

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  6. His research interests are testing criminological theories, advanced quantitative methods, Internet behaviors, and criminal justice organizations. Georgios A. Antonopoulos PhD UK. Gillian Dempsey, PhD Australia. Gillian Dempsey is an Australian Barrister-at-Law.

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    She holds a PhD from the Australian National University in the area of the economics of regulation of intellectual property in information technology artefacts. Dr Dempsey is the author of many papers on the regulation of information technology and its use, including publications in Managerial and Decision Economics and Law and Society.

    Modules include Introduction to Cyberpsychology and Introduction to Forensic Psychology at undergrad level and Psychology of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence and Computer Mediated Communication at postgrad level , along with research project supervision for undergraduate, masters and doctoral level students.

    Gregor Urbas PhD Australia. Bert-Jaap Koops and Susan W. Brenner , Information and Technology Law Series no. Henry N. Pontell is Professor of criminology, law and society and of sociology at the University of California, Irvine. He has written on numerous topics in criminology, criminal justice, and law and society, including white-collar and corporate crime, medical fraud, financial crime, punishment and corrections, deviance and social control, crime seriousness, and more recently, identity fraud, cyber crime, and major financial debacles.

    He has served as vice president of the American Society of Criminology, and the president and vice-president of the Western Society of Criminology. In he received the Albert J. Reiss, Jr. Cressey Award for lifetime contributions to the study, detection, and prevention of white-collar crime from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

    The group, which includes student researchers, found liabilities in popular apps, including WhatsApp and Viber, that affected more than 1. Baggili works regularly with law enforcement on digital forensics to help solve crimes, and he created the Artifact Genome Project, a digital information resource for law enforcement. Jayne A.

    Hitchcock USA. Hitchcock is an author and internationally recognized cyber crime expert who volunteers on cases to police departments internationally, the U. He has written on a variety of cyber and high-tech crime related topics, ranging from online piracy to legal issues associated with cyberspace. His main area of research interest focuses on structural and cultural issues in policing the Internet by private industry, law enforcement, and the general public.

    Previously he worked as a substitute Magistrate in the Audiencia Provincial of Barcelona He is the Author of more than 30 articles in indexed journals of recognized prestige and three monographs. He currently directs the Criminological and Criminal News Collection His teaching experience, presentations and lectures cover a range of varied fields and topics, such as Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Cybercrime, Cybervictimization and Environmental Criminology.

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    Joseph Migga Kizza received his B. Kizza has been with the department of Computer Science at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga , Tennessee from were he is doing teaching and research in Social computing, Operating Systems, Computer Network Security, and Computer Forensics. Kizza has organized a number of workshops and conferences on Computer Ethics, producing proceedings and has published several books on computer ethics and network security and cyberethics.

    Now, he is a professor in the same department. He teaches communications courses and his research interests include QoS, network performance and traffic management. He is currently involved in funded research projects dealing with network security testbed, common criteria, intrusion prevention system, performance in router active queue management, and IP QoS architectures. He is the director of information and communication security research and development center, NCKU. He has authored or co-authored over 40 papers in technical journals and conference proceedings.

    He is a member of IEEE and an associate editor of international journal of communication systems, Wiley. Justin W. Patchin, Ph. He has presented on various topics relating to juvenile justice, school violence, policy and program evaluation, and online victimization at academic conferences and training seminars across the United States.

    His recent book, The Family Context of Childhood Delinquency , LFB Scholarly Publishing , explores the role of parenting in the prevention and intervention of serious delinquent behaviors of children. Founded in , she serves as the executive director of the Center for Online Addiction and travels nationally conducting workshops and seminars on the impact of online relationships on individuals, couples, and families.

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    She is the author of Caught in the Net, the first book to address Internet addiction, translated in six languages, and Tangled in the Web, the first book to address online sex addiction and infidelity. She is a professor at St. Bonaventure University, has published over 25 articles on the impact of online abuse, and served as an expert witness regarding her pioneer research including testimony for the Child Online Protection Act Congressional Committee.

    His research interests include cyber and information security and digital forensics. He teaches cybercrime, white-collar crime, criminal justice research methods, and statistics courses. He earned his B. S in criminal justice from the college of criminal justice at Northeastern University and M. His recently published book , is titled Risk Factors in Computer Crime. Choi is currently writing a comprehensive textbook on cybercrimes and conducting related research for that project. Liz Butterfield, New Zealand. In , she was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the community, especially in the field of Internet safety.

    Starting his career as a lecturer in criminology in , he has authored many books, articles and monographs. In his long career in criminology, he has picked up a few honours and awards, like ISC-Prof. Yar is an independent Scholar: researcher, writer, editor and consultant.

    He was formerly a Professor of Sociology at University of Hull. He went on to complete a PhD at Lancaster University, in the area of critical social theory. His research interests and activities span disciplines, with published work in the areas of social and political theory, continental philosophy, cultural analysis, and philosophy of social science, in addition to his criminological work.

    His current research focuses on the following areas: 1. Crime and the Internet; 2. Intellectual property crimes and the criminalisation of cultural flows, especially in the context of the 'information society'; 3. Shu-Ching Chen and R. Deya M. Banisakher, Maria E. Presa Reyes, Joshua D.

    Eisenberg, Joshua Allen, Mark A. Maria E. Rubin, and William K. Rubin, William K. Steven Luis, Fausto C. Rubin, Gordon Lee, C. Khalid Saleem, S. Rubin, James B. Peter A. I, pp. III, pp. Naphtali Rishe, Rukshan I. China, September , September 29 - October 2, Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Brief Biography. Call for Papers. Research Areas. Research Grants. Awards, Honors, and Citations. AAAS Fellow ACM Senior Member, International Who's Who of Information Technology, Marquis Who's Who in America, Current Ph.