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I remember going there last year to try their brioche, which was incredible, but I didnt get around to trying the bread. I noticed, however, that there were no baking facilities at many of them. They seemed to be storefronts only.

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Are many of the bakeries franchises — such as Dunkin Donuts —that are supplied by a central bakery? Whatever I ate was superb. Last trip, we bought our bread at a corner bakery we suspected was storefront only. As we were waiting for Paris Shuttle to take us to the airport for our trip home, we noticed flour being delivered there.

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Perhaps Parisians need very little space to make good bread? Since storefront space is tight in Paris as Mimi pointed out , often the baking is done downstairs or out of sight.

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But yes, there are franchises as well. Some use pre-mixed sacks of flour, yeast, and salt. I too am salivating. I am completely hooked on the baguette monge and the tourte from Kayser, but those crunchy seeds sound great. Along with lovely photos.

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He always takes home a baguette with him — but has learned NOT to put it in a plastic bag. He now wraps it up in paper towels and finds that that way he has a real Parisian treat on his first morning back in Oklahoma. I have been contemplating a quick sojourn in Paris i need to pick a spot to go on vacation by myself, this bakery looks like a great place to make a stop! That was an amazing piece. As a person who drools more over the artisan breads than pastries, I wish I could sample some of those incredible breads.

I believe it was the advent of industrialization as well as the merging of local bakeries into gargantuan conglomerates e. This post makes me want to cry. The smell conjures up memories of walking by the cafes, hearing the grinders and the steaming of milk. Here at home, I have to get in my car and drive miles, yes miles! And then miles in another direction, to find a decent coffee :. I found this site a long while back and enjoy visiting daily to watch this guy bake the breads! One day I hope to visit this bakery.

Thought maybe others might like a peek at this. My nine year old daughter and I check out the Eiffel each day too. I plan to take her for 8th grade graduation gift if she does well in school! She is highly motivated to go to Paris! I am with you on the bread front.

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Ok, now I am cracking up! I must be the most clueless person on the planet because I have never noticed the google ads before…. The closest bakery fix I can get is in my own home, which is great since I love to bake my own stuff, but sometimes a girl just wants a baguette and cheese on the run! Bread is wonderful. And the best kind are the multigrains from an artisan baker, fresh from the oven.

Give me a glass of wine. This too shall pass.


You are so lucky to have all those wonderful bakeries so close. The variety of breads and pastries is astounding. I wish we had more here. The SF Bayarea has some really good unique breads partially because of where we are and the bakers do wonderful things, but we lack the variety pastries available in bakeries there. Every time I go there I try something new, and I have yet to find anything sub-par. Re: where is the bread baked? I remembered reading an article several years ago on the Poilane bakeries. Lionel Poilane and his wife designed a central manufacturing bakery facility in Bievre, complete with wood-fired ovens to be able to produce enough bread to supply his bakery stores.

I so miss ready access to good crusty bread. Some of which is quite good. But in summer, here in Virginia, who wants to heat up the kitchen? But those heavy silky loaves are getting harder and harder to find.

It really is heartbreaking to see this post. Me and the girlfriend just were just in Paris for a month and really got used to the bread. Before that I was in Chile where bread is just as important. Chewy and dense these loaves had nothing on the great crusty and airy bread we had in paris.

The closest serious baguette is 45 minutes away. And who wants to heat up the house for that? Tell me about it. A good bakery is almost impossible to find in southern California. Just on occasion. Hence the lack of bakeries on every corner. Some people liked the No-Knead bread recipe that was going around, although in my opinion, 5 minutes of kneading yields a much better-tasting bread. It was neither encouraged nor discouraged, just there in its fluffy white glory. Good call! I love that beautiful place. The one problem vendors face with airport concessions, though, is making sure the stock is rotated and fresh.

The bread in your photos looks like something I saw one time…in a dream!

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I fully agree with you—I would suffice to exist without bread. Luckily, I live in San Francisco—a land of bakeries! In my neighborhood alone, we have a cooperative bakery, several Asian bakeries, a pie shop and a dessert bakery. Thanks for dishing some love to a food group that gets a lot of hate. She has spent more than 13 years managing negotiations with independent record companies in Canada, the United States and Europe. Her professional background also includes ten years in documentary production, contract negotiations and conflict resolution.

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Nathalie has an incredible passion for creative arts. A deeply ingrained part of her character is her innate commitment to grassroots and community projects. In a very short time, Nathalie has established a vast network of contacts with the private, governmental and public sectors and has created an interesting network for the development of intercultural exchanges here and abroad. These personal cornerstones also mean that she has an unending curiosity about other cultures and the human condition — and she has travelled far and wide to further the depth of her knowledge.