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We can underwrite short-term policies covering a couple of days, to a policy that can run for up to three years. We also cover private clients that include ultra high net worth to mid net worth individuals, and have options for development agencies, charities, NGOs and similar non-profit organisations.

We constantly seek to offer the broadest coverage available for this specialist insurance area and our cover can be provided for the following incidents:. This cover is enhanced with a full risk management service provided by our specialist crisis consultants.


Kidnap and Ransom. Our clients are drawn from all areas, including: The aviation industry Oil and gas Energy and mining Construction and engineering industries Pharmaceuticals Maritime We can underwrite short-term policies covering a couple of days, to a policy that can run for up to three years.

Cover Highlights: Ransom and extortion payment Loss in-transit payment Business interruption Unlimited response consultant expenses Death or dismemberment benefits arising from a covered incident Additional expenses e. Crisis Solution sales playbook. Islamist militant groups, guerrilla groups, and militias in countries such as Syria, Mali, Libya, Yemen and Colombia are behind most kidnappings, according to Control Risks , a security firm.

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Somali pirates also conduct some kidnappings at sea. One of VisitorsCoverage.

Kidnap, Extortion and Threat Response: Analysis, Planning, Training

It also offers unlimited expenses for a crisis response team certified by the Department of Homeland Security. Is kidnapping insurance worth the expense? If you are injured during a kidnap your plan will cover medical expenses, and if the kidnap results in lost prepaid travel sectors the cancellation and delay cover will apply.

That's one reason why travelers should also ensure that they have a solid medical and trip travel insurance policy to cover emergency medical situations, flight cancellations and other travel mishaps. Those benefits are often available under a "duty of care" insurance policy for employees. The cost of a kidnapping and ransom policy can vary.

Kidnap and ransom

If it's part of your travel insurance policy, you don't have to pay extra for it. For a vast majority of business travelers, that's how the trip ends: safe and incident-free. But if something had happened to Libove, he would have had the help of a professional negotiator, a team of security specialists and the resources to pay a kidnapper, if necessary.

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