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By connecting older adults to one another through theater, this Florida program joins a wave of innovative arts-based interventions. The creative arts have an almost unparalleled ability to engage us, activate us and ultimately, connect us. The arts give us permission to pause and reflect and take a step back from our hectic and distracted lives.

Lonely no more: remembering text messaging in mHealth conversations.

For all these reasons, organizations that work with older adults increasingly focus on creative expression to address the public health threat to older adults of loneliness and social isolation. Such programs are essential tools for tackling loneliness, a known social determinant of health for older adults. Maintaining social connections can provide a level of protection against the cognitive decline that is commonly associated with aging.

Research has documented that loneliness is a reality for many older adults.

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But as a society, we have not prioritized solutions to reduce loneliness. There are many examples.

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Programs that offer painting or coloring are low-tech, low-cost solutions that help seniors maintain cognitive capabilities and connect to one another. Such initiatives can be offered in accessible and non-traditional settings, such as libraries or places of worship. They can be community-based or offered in senior-oriented housing settings.

These flexible solutions are a critical response to loneliness. In July, the initiative announced a round of grants for arts education nonprofits to provide creative arts programming for an aging population. Creative expression is a useful medium to process thoughts and feelings about the aging process. For older adults, living alone can be isolating.

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DOROT runs a variety of onsite intergenerational arts programs for seniors and youth, including theater and painting and storytelling classes, and brings arts and culture to older adults in their homes through oral history projects, teleconference classes, and friendly visiting. Such intergenerational programs also address loneliness in young adults, including one of the fastest-growing demographics of caregivers: millennials.

Now he is a powerful flagship for conservation in Bolivia.

Romeo has also now taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on dating, love and romance. Biologists collected Romeo 10 years ago knowing that the Sehuencas water frog, like other amphibians in Bolivia, was in trouble.

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The Sehuencas water frog is a fully aquatic frog that was once abundant on the bottom of small streams or rivers, and in ponds in montane could forest of Bolivia. A combination of climate change, habitat destruction, pollution, the deadly chytrid amphibian pathogen, and the introduction of invasive trout has resulted in precipitous declines of water frog species in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.

Previous Next. These are the first Sehuencas water frogs that biologists have seen in the wild in a decade, though over the years including in scientists had searched this area for the species with no success.

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They will also be treated for the deadly infectious disease, chytridiomycosis, which is partly responsible for the steep decline of this species and other amphibians in streams where they were once found. Then Romeo will meet his Juliet. The expedition team plans to continue to look for frogs through March to determine if the species lives in the wild in any other locations and in what numbers, learn more about its habitat preferences and continue testing for the presence of chytridiomycosis and other threats in the area.

The ultimate aim with the conservation breeding program is to breed the animals and return the offspring to their natural habitat when the threats to the species have been mitigated. Read this FAQ for more info.