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It includes a text editor that lets you enter and edit code. It provides an easy way for you to run your applications. And it provides special tools that help you debug your applications.

Murach's PHP and MySQL Murach Training & Reference

To test any web application, you need multiple web browsers. To start, you can use the browser that comes with your computer: Internet Explorer for Windows systems and Safari for Macs. But we also recommend that you test your applications using Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and both are available for free. It goes into more depth on subjects like querying, with more options and more examples. It goes into more breadth by covering new subjects, like how to use stored programs and do database administration tasks.

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It teaches you how to write client-side code for your web pages to enhance the user experience. And it is another great on-the-job reference. This book does exactly that. I frequently scan the sample page first and only read the explanation page when I need further clarification. However, the explanation page is always there if you need it. The result is a very fast read.

ISBN 13: 9781890774561

Also, the editing is superb. Excellent book. I am thrilled with this book…. It is an excellent learning book, as it walks through all features, but it also is an excellent reference book for advanced programmers. It effectively compresses the key amounts of information required to understand PHP programming and competently execute a solid PHP application from scratch. This chapter gives you the background that will get you off to a fast start with PHP. It explains how web programming with PHP works. Chapter 1 PDF 1.

The appendixes in the book show how to install and use these files on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems. Exe file for Windows Zip file for any system As a result, the code presented on these pages no longer works correctly. Unfortunately, this requires the app to be registered with YouTube, which requires additional configuration and setup. Thank you! To leave a review, please log in to your account. Log In Here. You must be satisfied. Try our print books for 30 days or our eBooks for 14 days. If they aren't the best you've ever used, you can return the books or cancel the eBooks for a prompt refund.

No questions asked! If you're a college instructor who would like to consider a book for a course, please visit our website for instructors to learn how to get a complimentary review copy and the full set of instructional materials. Murach Books. My Cart 0. My Account. Mobile Development Books.

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Visual Basic Programming Books. Mainframe Programming Books. Customer Service Overview. Return Policy for Print Books and eBooks. Our International Distributors. How to Place an International Order. Meet Our Customer Service Staff. Next, it shows how to work with v This is the. As its title implies, it teaches you how to develop Windows business applications from scratch, integrating all of the new features like data sources, generics, code snippets, refactoring, partial and static classes, and anonymous methods.

But most C books cover the same thi To start, it presents the SQL statements that you need to retrieve and update the data in a database. These are the SQL statements that you will use every day. Then, it shows you how to design a database, how to implement that design, and how to work with database features like views, scripts, stored That's what this book delivers if you're a C developer who wants to upgrade from ASP.

NET 1. In contrast to other books that present the what's new but ignore the how to, this book uses complete business applications to show you exactly how to take advantage of all the new, work-saving 2.

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That means you'll get hands-on training in using: the new code-behind model that untan They also say it's the book they turn to when they're getting ready to learn Android programming. Here are a few of the reasons why I believe this book will work equally well for you: This book teaches the core Java skills that you need to work with objects, graphical user interfaces GUIs , And when you're done learning from this book, it becomes the best reference you'll ever find for use on the job.

From the first page, our unique self-paced approach will help you build competence and confidence in your programming skills. And Python is the best language ever for learning how to program because of its simplicity and breadth two features that are hard to find in a single language. But this is not just a book for By the time you have finished the first four chapters, you will know how to develop, test and debug applications with multiple document interfaces.

In section two you will learn how to develop database applications the way the best professionals do.

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At the same time you will learn how to use the best new features of Visual Basic 6 for devel That's because it required programmers to master low-level techniques to work with memory. Now, Murach's top authors have tackled the subject, rethinking the whole approach. So this book take It starts by showing how to code, test, and debug everyday business applications that won't crash.

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  • It presents object-oriented features like classes, inheritance, interfaces, and polymorphism in a way that's both understandable and useful in the real world It presents essential Java skills such as working w If you want to be a professional Java developer, this book is designed for you. It moves at a quick professional pace, yet doesn't leave you wondering what in the world it's talking about.

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    As one programmer said in an email to us: "It cuts right to the essential information, providing the perfect balance between too many details and too much info