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Her concrete proposals draw on the best empirical information available to prevent crime and improve the reentry of former prisoners into society. Prisoners of Politics aims to free criminal justice policy from the political arena, where it has repeatedly fallen prey to irrational fears and personal interest, and demonstrates that a few simple changes could make us all safer. In The Number of the Heavens , Tom Siegfried, the award-winning former editor of Science News , shows that one of the most fascinating and controversial ideas in contemporary cosmology—the existence of multiple parallel universes—has a long and divisive history that continues to this day.

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Her experiences in prison are the basis for her book, Upper Bunkies Unite , published last year. James detailed the alarming increase in the prison population in recent years, especially among women and minorities, and cited some of the ill effects.

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She said poverty and the war on drugs were responsible for much of the increase. James is the Executive Director of Families for Justice as Healing, an advocacy group formed by formerly incarcerated women to advocate for reform of the criminal justice system.

Breaking the Cycle of Mass Incarceration

We need to think of ways to help with that. And for many of them, leaving prison means entering homelessness. Once they are released, On The Rise helps them access the services they need and form connections in the community, she said. They are offered basic services -- a meal, a warm coat if it's needed, use of a shower, phone or computer, and other comforts of home. Later, when they are ready, they can go on with the help of professional staff to tackle challenges like homelessness, addiction, medical and legal issues, abuse, and unemployment.

In it a group of prisoners at the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women share their experiences during an eight-week Feminism class taught by students from nearby Grinnell College. A suspense-filled sequence focuses on one of the class members as she seeks to get her sentence commuted. Representatives of local groups offered a wide array of information and opportunities to participate in the effort.

More information about these can be found on this site in an article by Anna J. Her article includes links to many of the organizations that were represented at the event and that are working to reform and improve the correctional system. Stephen Kaiser. An interesting coincidence. The May 25 Sunday Globe had a long article about leading conservative personalities who have come out against capital punishment, and many are also speaking out against the very high incarceration rates in this country. Much of the concern comes from Libertarians who distrust government. They have disrespect for the justice system, as with taxation and government generally.

True Libertarians used to be against wars and some still are. A new right-wing concern for civil liberties is also being created. The trend in prisons since the s has been a spirit of lock-em-up-and-throw-away-the-keys. The result has been an increase in executions and in prison populations. But a new trend is out there away from bungled executions, people in jail for marijuana offenses, stop-and-frisk, and threats to civil liberties.

NSA spying has created another division among conservatives. The list of key conservatives activists opposed to capital punishment is growing : year-old guru of specialized political mailing lists, Richard Viguerie Ron Paul Jeb Bush Texas Governor Rick Perry Newt Gingrich Some like Robertson have come out against Marijuana laws.

Theories of Criminal Law (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

It used to be that only liberals were in favor of prison reform, starting out with Quakers over years ago. Alexis de Tocqueville came over from France to compile his famous notes for Democracy in America, but his official goal was to study new innovations in prison reform, triggered by Quaker activists in Philadelphia.

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Many 19th century radicals got into trouble with the police and ended up sympathetic with prisoners. Their activism carried over into prison reforms in America during the s and s. The collapse of liberal political strategizing and organizing since has meant little in the way of prison reform over the past 35 years.

Criminal Law and Criminal Justice

Many of today's prominent advocates of stopping capital punishment have been a mix of Catholics, and conservative politicians who went to jail for their sins. There was a former Governor of Illinois who stopped executions, before he went to prison for corruption Many of the conservative opponents of capital punishment are Catholics who have heeded the words of Popes in recent decades in favor of life and against executions.

One rare left-to-right crossover came in the case of the Unibomber -- a bright student at Harvard who became a recluse in a dismal hut in Montana, mailing out bombs to people he thought to be Establishment stooges. His brother David turned him into the FBI, but also fought against the death penalty. David reached out to Viguerie, who had written a book expressing his new views in A group of liberals and conservatives got together to discuss joint action against the death penalty about a decade ago, but not much happened.

Fear: Crime and Punishment [2011] UNSWLRS 10 (15 January 2011)

Suddenly the issue has broken out in public discussion, and a much wider base of support seems to have blossomed. The effort could grow in favor of a quite different approach to crime, law enforcement, and who knows — a public justice equivalent of Alcoholics Anonymous. An anti-crime AA would have citizens working with active or former prisoners to get them back on their feet and stay out of the trap of crime, prison and criminal rap sheet.

The next question is : who is going to oppose these efforts?