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Learning to cope with manageable threats is critical for the development of resilience. Not all stress is harmful.

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The capabilities that underlie resilience can be strengthened at any age. The brain and other biological systems are most adaptable early in life.

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Yet while their development lays the foundation for a wide range of resilient behaviors, it is never too late to build resilience. Age-appropriate, health-promoting activities can significantly improve the odds that an individual will recover from stress-inducing experiences. For example, regular physical exercise, stress-reduction practices, and programs that actively build executive function and self-regulation skills can improve the abilities of children and adults to cope with, adapt to, and even prevent adversity in their lives.

Adults who strengthen these skills in themselves can better model healthy behaviors for their children, thereby improving the resilience of the next generation.

What Does Resilience Mean to You?

These counterbalancing factors include facilitating supportive adult-child relationships; building a sense of self-efficacy and perceived control; providing opportunities to strengthen adaptive skills and self-regulatory capacities; and mobilizing sources of faith, hope, and cultural traditions. My word lists.

Overcoming and Growing From Setbacks

Tell us about this example sentence:. This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. C2 the ability to be happy , successful , etc. Trauma researchers emphasize the resilience of the human psyche. The plant fibre has incredible strength and resilience. See resilient.

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Having a place that's theirs alone and that doesn't necessarily involve their mom or dad helps kids build resilience and problem-solving skills. Resilience is likely to be tested during the coming weeks and months in the millions of people who witnessed the terror of last week. What we are starting to see is the resilience of the U.

The lads have shown great resilience considering the problems we've had.

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Bone mineral density is the measure physicians use to determine bone strength and resilience. Power and intensity. The resilience of the economy has come as a surprise to some. Examples of resilience. As with resilience , coping capacity, and personality in general, maladaptation and, ultimately, disorder may also be presumed to develop.

The Power of Resilience

From Cambridge English Corpus. This same strategy of exclusion turned into a useful politics of resilience against fundamental changes of the larger ideological context. Michael Ungar, the Resilience Research Centre collaborates with various local, national and international institutions to carry out innovative research that explores pathways to resilience across cultures with a focus on children and youth while providing resilience measurement tools and training in the form of workshops and conferences.

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Through its partnerships with researchers, policymakers and clinicians around the globe, the Centre has built a world-renowned resource hub of resilience expertise and tools to support young people, families and communities on their path to psychological, social, cultural and physical well-being. Recent Updates. On September 16 , September 16, On September 09 , September 9,