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This is the criminality penetrating Taiwan's distant-water fishing fleet. Dolphins harpooned and used as bait.

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Decimating ocean health. Will you act against slaughter at sea?

Sea of Slaughter

Yes, I'll donate. As an investigative filmmaker for EJF, I've travelled across the world documenting environmental injustice. The devastating practices I uncovered aboard Taiwanese longliners are not only stomach-churning, but are having a devastating impact of the health of our oceans.

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The impact of your donation. Tesco, Sainsburys and Co-op have already signed our transparency charter.

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Our investigations continue to inform the EU and we will be issuing a set of vessel alerts in May. Taiwan have already been issued with a yellow card, meaning they are under strong pressure to improve. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. By clicking on "Submit" you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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Faroe Islanders’ ritual slaughter of pilot whales turns sea blood red | The Independent

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Currently, many creatures and warriors in the Sea Domain of Nihility are exploring the Sea of Annihilation. Sometimes, they find broken divine weapons or marvelous treasures, or even the Seal of Power Upanishads. They are all powerful and magical, which can help the experts reach the Territory Ancestor Realm.

Many races live on the islands in the Sea of Annihilation. They have considered the Sea of Annihilation as their homeland.