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Some of its claims in contradiction to Shakespearean authorship are noteworthy, and not even avid Shakespeare fans like myself can remain blind to the potential truths that belie them.

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While this clearly indicates that other parties might have played a role in the creation of the literary masterpieces we have come to accept as the works of Shakespeare, it also proves that Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, would have been responsible for an even lesser quantity of works himself, having died more than a decade before Shakespeare in The Shakespeare authorship question came up in the s in England. Then the Shakespeare Fellowship took the baton from there and decided to be the society upon which theorists in support of the Shakespearean authorship question could rally around and promote their controversial views.

Later on, the organization adopted the Oxfordian theory and changed into the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship to reflect its revised ideological standpoint. This is quite a reach if you ask me.

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William Shakespeare never changed his name throughout his life. Sign in.

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Shakespeare and Performance

Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. The difficulty is that the majority of plays written in the s and s have not survived and are known only from their titles.

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Much of what does survive is anonymous. Decisions have been swayed by a complex jigsaw of different kinds of evidence.

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  • Anybody could use any of these words. So, this is a statistical argument … not simply statistics about individual words, but combinations of individual words. His plays were wildly popular for the brief period that he was on the Elizabethan literary scene. Dido, Queen of Carthage is thought to have been his first. Tamburlaine the Great, among the first English plays in blank verse, was written around ; the Jew of Malta, is thought to have been written around , and Doctor Faustus was first performed between and His death in Deptford in May , aged 29, has provoked years of speculation, from the Queen ordering his assassination because of his atheism, to his being killed by a love rival.

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    Witnesses testified that he was stabbed in the eye during a fight over payment of a bill and died instantly. The document did not end speculation, with some supporting the theory that Marlowe faked his death and continued to write as Shakespeare.

    An earlier edition referred to it as the New Oxford Shakespeare.