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They took a look at bizarre proposed black holes that researchers had dreamed up about 15 years ago.

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In the past, researchers had proposed a mathematical description of these black rings. However, no one had been able to simulate how they would behave under general relativity. It turned out that, in five dimensions, "naked singularities" would be sitting outside black holes, the team reported in a study published Feb.

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That, in turn, would imply that Einstein's theory of relativity would completely break down throughout the universe, not just in black holes. That doesn't mean Einstein's theory is wrong. Relativity has passed every single test it's faced.

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It has predicted a lot of new things," Kunesch told Live Science. Physicists recently discovered one of the last remaining predictions of relativity when they detected gravitational waves formed from the smashup of two black holes 1. For one, it's extremely unlikely that these relativity-breaking black holes exist. For that to be true, there would have to be extra dimensions. While some theories, such as string theory , do predict the existence of 11 or even 27 extra dimensions, these higher dimensions would be teensy, rolled-up specks — far different from the vanilla, ordinary-size dimensions that we live in, and that black rings were conceived in, Sperhake said.

The findings add to the notion that the universe occupies a sweet spot in terms of its physical properties, Sperhake said.

Black Holes Explained – From Birth to Death

If the gravity had been stronger, our universe would have collapsed soon after the Big Bang. If the gravity had been weaker, no stars could have formed.

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The topic of the workshop will cover astrophysical black holes from supermassive to stellar , primordial and miniblack holes, both experimentally, phenomenologically and theoretically. Black holes are of utmost interest because they are likely to represent nowadays the most important clue to quantum gravity. Particular emphasis will be given to quantum aspects of black holes both from string theory and general relativity approach. The workshop programme will also contain a few introductory lectures on the most important topics concerning black holes.

Gava What is the information paradox?

The Strangeness of Black Holes

Mastromatteo, P. Draggiotis and M. Cvitan and I. Visser, C. Barcelo, S.

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    Rebelo, M. Galtsov and N. Tafel Quantum black holes. Black hole temperature without a black hole?