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Science, art, literature, philosophy, religion, architecture, and politics have seen heavy influences by this movement. The term Renaissance literally. A time in history when life was hard and people were very poor. According to the article written in The middle ages western reserve public media, the middle ages were from A. D to A.

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The article stated that the middle ages were called the dark ages because, the great civilization of Rome and Greece had been conquered. Renaissance: a word familiar to many and typically associated with the flourishing renewal of ancient Greek and Roman ideas in sixteenth century European culture. The question is, could that be the only renaissance? Many changes also occurred in twelfth century European intellectual and cultural life that could signify a renaissance.

Portions of secular and religious life changed to some extent and often these changes sprouted from ancient traditions.

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However, to determine the existence of a renaissance. It was an era of rebirth as well as an age of discovery and creation.

During this time of rebirth, many fields of work were being reintroduced. Most historians refer to this era as. Outbreaks of this epidemic traveled across the continent and spared no one; neither young nor old were immune to its deadly powers. Its rapid spread decimated nearly half of the European population during a short period. The Renaissance was a rebirth of the ideas of ancient Greece and Rome that began in the City States of Italy during the 14th century. The cultural resurgence began a new style of living in Europe after the horrors of the black death, and is seen as the beginning of the culture of the modern world.

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Ferguson put in his book The Renaissance, the Italian artists grew tired of the darkness of Medieval Times and began to turn to the brighter times found in the classical ages Doc 7. The most important turning point was the renaissance. The Renaissance has assisted the world of art in breaking away from a classic structure and shaping it to what it is day. Prior to this cultural rebirth, artworks were mostly not made to scale. Paintings were unrealistic and disproportionate.

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Religious figures seemed to be the focus of many works. The Renaissance changed the old social context of art by introducing humanism. The Renaissance and Baroque periods in European history played an important role in the development of humanities in their respectable age. During these periods it established a time of rebirth in humanisms and improvement of cultural accomplishments. The Renaissance period provided artistic freedom and individualism. These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. They alert us when OverDrive services are not working as expected.

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