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The Caribbean economies suffered greatly from colonial administrations; the approaches to economics in these societies vary greatly, from Keynesian to Marxist, focusing primarily on issues of development and administration. Economic thought in Spanish-speaking South America developed in a highly-politicized atmosphere, with the influence of the Catholic Church assuming a prominent role. Finally, Brazilian economics tends to pragmatism, with approaches tuned to the needs of the times.

The chapter of Turkish economics is more an excursion into economic history than the history of economic thought, as much of Turkish economics was absorbed from outside. African economics in general is a development of and reaction to colonialism and dependence on western European ideals. In West Africa, competition developed between those who advocated the assimilation of Western economic ideas and those who advocated an indigenous West African model, and, following independence from colonial rule, there emerged a sort of pan-African model, incorporating elements of Leninist socialism pp.

Again it is curious that no chapter appears on the development of Japanese economic thought. With respect to China, it is culture and religion more than anything else that influenced the development of economic thought, with Confucianism and Taoism, legalism and Maoism, at various times competing for dominance p. The Asian Tigers — Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan — to varying degrees relied on state-directed development, with the government working in concert with the private sector to achieve high levels of industrial growth.

The Routledge Handbook of Modern Turkey

Chandrasekaran argues that any commitment to a unique, indigenous economics was abandoned after independence, with academic economics focusing on Marxism and neoclassicism p. This is indeed an interesting project, one that by its nature requires a great degree of selection as to the material to be included. One may point to flaws in the coverage — obvious choices excluded, unusual ones given treatment; the choice is quite idiosyncratic.

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Yet in many of the offerings there is much to find that should provoke more extensive study. Charles R. Eds The Routledge Handbook of Modern Turkey.

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London and New York: Routledge. Following a growing interest in Turkey as a result of its development as a regional and global power, this book discusses the politics, economic strength, and identity of Turkey as a predominantly Muslim country with a combination of historically secular and religious political institutions, along with the country's democratic processes.

The handbook responds to recent developments and debates in order to foster an awareness that would be both beneficial and illuminating and offers a definitive resource with regard to information that could be used as both primary and secondary literature for case studies. The handbook provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of modern Turkey.

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