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I hope that this information would clarify any doubts that people may have in their minds. One thing I can tell you for sure is that if a person is honest to the evidence, such person will accept it; but, if they are not, then, they will refuse to reason correctly about the evidence under consideration. It is my prayer that all of those who will read this information will accept it with an open heart. I trust that you will have an honest attitude concerning the evidence that is about to be presented.

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I ask that you please consider this information with an open Bible. This word denotes one who follows Christ, not Alexander or Thomas Campbell. Just because Alexander or Thomas Campbell taught some things that we believe are right does not mean that we are their disciples. Everything we believe and teach, we do, not because Alexander Campbell taught it, but because God said it in His Word. Everything that Alexander Campbell taught from the Bible was there even before he was born.

Every faithful Christian will follow the doctrine of Christ and the apostles, and not the doctrines of men, which are condemned in the Scriptures Matthew ; 2 John Every faithful member of the body of Christ will follow His teaching and not the human creeds which abound in our days. The apostle Peter made it very clear that we are to follow Christ because He is the only one that can save us. Neither Alexander Campbell nor other man can give us the salvation that we need. Notice the following passages of Scripture:. So it was that for a whole year they assembled with the church and taught a great many people.

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Notice the second passage that tells us how the followers of Christ were called,. The third passage to be considered was written by the apostle Peter and shows how the followers of Christ are described:. As we can see, the Bible uses the name Christian to describe the followers of Christ. The Bible nowhere uses the names Baptist, Campbellites, Luterans or any other man-made names that we hear today. We are called Christians because this is what God says in His Word. It is our desire indeed to always follow what the Bible teaches, and not what men, in their false doctrines, teach.

We are members of the church of Christ, that is, the body of Christ because Jesus Christ established the one true church about 2, years ago Matthew This divine institution was not established by Alexander or Thomas Campbell but Christ.

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Just because someone says that Alexander Campbell established the church of Christ does not make it right. These men were not in existence when the one true church was established on Pentecost day Acts 2. But, since this is not the case, then we are forced to come to the conclusion that we are Christians, followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. In the first chapter of first Corinthians we read about the division that was prevailing in the church of Corinth.

These Christians were saying that they were followers of Cephas, Paul, and Apollos. The apostle Paul clarifies to them the following points: 1. Christ was not divided, 2. Paul was not crucified for them, 3. Notice the last point.

Why I Am Not a Campbellite

These Christians were not baptized into the name of Paul, but of Christ. The Bible teaches that when you obey the gospel, you are added or baptized into the body of Christ Acts ; Galatians ; I Corinthians Notice that Paul, Cephas, and Apollos were in existence when Paul wrote first Corinthians; however, the apostle Paul nowhere teaches that we are authorized to argue that we are added to their bodies, but the body of Christ. Sadly to say, many religious people of our day have not understood what Paul taught in first Corinthians chapter one. These titles are not authorized in the pages of the New Testament, our pattern to follow.

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As members of the body of Christ, we must reject any man-made doctrines and titles that go contrary to what the Bible teaches. As I close this lesson, it is my prayer that you will consider this information with an honest heart. May we accept what the Bible teaches in all respects and not what man says. The Bible is clear about who we are. We are Christians only, members of the one true church we read about in the pages of the New Testament.

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May we never forget this great truth! King James Bible believer M. Campbellite "Church of Christ" heresy. The falsely so called "Church of Christ" is a cult denomination started by Thomas Campbell in the early s and further popularized by his son, Alexander Campbell. They also had the help of Barton Stone and Walter Scott. This cult is very popular in the southern United States, but not anywhere else. They are known as "the Catholic Church of the South" because they believe that you must confess to one of their preachers and have one of them baptize you in order for you to be initially saved.

After you go through this initiation process of confessing before a man, having him baptize you, and make a commitment to turn from all your sins, they believe that you MUST go to one of their churches and take the Lord's supper every week in order to stay saved. That is complete Roman Catholicism. They are also A-Millennialists, they do not believe that Christ will literally return to Earth and reign in Jerusalem 1, years. They believe that the Kingdom of Heaven is on Earth right now and that Satan is chained right now. They think Revelation is a description of the present.

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The best books written against Campbellism are the works of Bob L. Peter S. Here are the posts I have made that are relevant to the Campbellite heresy. Proving eternal security of the believer. Death is sure, judgment is sure Heb. If along the way you experience the New Birth John , you get a new start; subsequently, you wind up in a different place Rom.

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When you discover that a man's entire religious structure is built on Acts or Ephesians or Matthew or Matthew or James or the Sermon on the Mount or 1 John or 1 John , you know he is going to wind up with a spiritual disaster. He is off to a "false start. It is like building a church building on a foundation of asbestos or acoustical blocks, with a plate glass under girding. He would be a lousy carpenter see 1 Cor.

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Jackleg carpenters like that all think because the building is one structure 2 Tim. I believe every word of Scripture found in the Holy Bible. The Scriptures I listed above Eph. I also believe that in our church building the "dry wall," faucets, drains, light sockets, kick boards, trim, doors, hinges, rafters, beams, joists, and linoleum tile are all part of ONE building and essential to it Luke But I am not as big a fool as a Campbellite or Charismatic or a Calvinist or Catholic to think that you can lay down sheet rock for a foundation, make doors out of cut glass, use copper tubing for studs and beams, and substitute acoustical tile for rugs.