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Edited by Susan Ingram. Edited by Marcelline Block. Edited by Santiago Oyarzabal and Michael Pigott. Edited by Scott Jordan Harris. Edited by Alberto Zambenedetti. Edited by Jez Conolly and Caroline Whelan. Edited by Nicola Balkind. Edited by Ann Marie Stock. Edited by Ozlem Koksal. Edited by Neil Mitchell. Edited by Gabriel Solomons. For one scene a shuttlepod set dressing was brought into the Western Town. After these scenes the team went to the Lacy Street Production Center near Dodger Stadium , a studio northwest of downtown.

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It included all the exterior scenes in the Carpenter Street and the nearby rooftops and dark alleys. For the final days, Paramount's New York Street backlot was used for filming at the same location where Marlon Brando 's character was shot in the movie The Godfather.

5 Iconic Film Locations to See in Las Vegas: Movie Buffs Guide

It was a short day, only 6. The location used is owned by the mining company P. Gillibrand and was later enhanced in post production. For the episode " Affliction " the story was placed on Earth in San Francisco, near Madame Chang's Mandarin Cafe , which was actually filmed on the Paramount lot between the studio's Administration building and another building which was also used as the high school in Happy Days.

This time it portrayed the Assembly Hall of Starfleet Command during the interstellar conference. The Paramount Theater was also the place where the first screenings for several Trek series were held, including the Enterprise episodes " Broken Bow " and " Storm Front ". On day of shooting for the episode " Home " was done on location.

World Film Locations: Las Vegas

In the pilot episode , " The Vulcan Hello ", a desert location in Jordan was used to portray the early scene on the surface of the Crepusculan homeworld including lead actress Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh. After Trek : " Episode 10 ". For example, the scene where Kirk just about gets hit by a car was filmed at the corner of Kearney, Pacific Avenue, and Columbus in downtown San Francisco [75].

Underwater photography including the miniature whale models was filmed in a swimming pool at College of Marin in Indian Valley, Novato, Marin County. The final scenes with the Bird-of-Prey in the water and the main cast jumping into the water was filmed at Paramount 's B Tank , a floodable parking lot of Paramount Pictures.

The Undiscovered Country had a few notable filming locations. Some of the Rura Penthe sequences were filmed in northern Alaska, which marked the first time Star Trek had been filmed outside of the state of California. Bob Crockett and his company Alaska Locations, Inc. The interior shots of Rura Penthe were filmed on Paramount Stage David G.

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The scenes were filmed on Wednesday the 5 June and Thursday the 6 June The place where Captain Kirk and Captain Picard first met was filmed at the Hart Flat Road in Keene, Kern County, central California and the owner received a new kitchen and staircase built for the movie, while the wide shot horse riding scenes with Kirk and Picard were filmed at William Shatner 's own farm in the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, Inyo County, including his own horses.

These scenes were filmed in five days and the anchors were dropped before sunup. The museum includes some memorabilia from the movie. The second location shoot was in the Angeles National Forest in Los Angeles County, including its Charlton Flats, in the San Gabriel Mountains which stood in for the village scenes, consisting of fourteen huts, placed in Bozeman , Montana. The crew shot these scenes in two weeks of nighttime including the first contact sequence filled with dozens of extras. The third and last location used of this film was an art deco restaurant in L.

It was filled with ten musicians, fifteen stunt performers, and background performers. The wood and field scenes were filmed on the Ventura Farms and near Thousand Oaks. Star Trek: Insurrection Special Edition. Star Trek: Insurrection Special Edition []. Additional scenes were shot in Bishop , Inyo County. Information from Larry Nemecek. Scenes at the bar were filmed in an American Legion bar in Hollywood.

Star Trek Three disc Blu-ray special "Starships". The aerial shots of Delta Vega were filmed at Alaska. The shots were provided by the company SouthCoastHelicopters. As of 16 November , J. Abrams scouted a location on Hawaii as a possible jungle planet. Also, a museum in Los Angeles will stand-in as a "famous Star Trek location". The opening scene on the surface of Nibiru was originally the set which should be filmed on location on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. VFX should later change digitally all green plants and trees into red. But the digital change, plus filming and transportation became too expensive and the art directors were asked to find a possible location in Los Angeles.

Finding a suitable jungle location failed and the set was completely built on the parking lot of Raleigh Studios in Playa Vista. Filming is taking place around the Kacodemon Boulder and Cave Boulder for the first three shooting days. On the fourth day filming takes place south of the Black Dyke Boulder.

On 26 June , David Ellison revealed Dubai as a filming location. In addition, an enormous wooden construction was also spotted. On 20 August , ScreenRush. In October filming started in Dubai. Principle filming wrapped in Dubai on Thursday 15 October Sign In Don't have an account?

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