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Brand awareness has a neutral effect on consumers. People who view advertisements find out about your products similarly to how they find out about current events in the news.

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At this stage, consumers go from not knowing that your business exists to gaining awareness of your brand in the case of a future purchase. In order for an advertisement to be effective, it must show enough to raise curiosity. A simple phone number will give them a means of contact in case they have further questions or want more detailed product information, but an advertisement should at least give consumers a pretty good idea of what your product, service, or company is all about. The features of your product are analyzed rationally by consumers. A logical listing of features gives consumers an idea of functionality and works on an intellectual level with the ad viewer.

Consumer Behavior and Advertising Management

For a consumer whose vacuum just broke, this analysis of features might lead them to a store to compare vacuum cleaners. Having an ad showcasing your product will make your brand seem that much more memorable in the eyes of a consumer.


Most industries are rife with competition. Benefit evaluation is an emotional response. Consumers will watch your ad and identify how your product can make them happier or improve their life. This is an irrational consumer response and is the part of an advertisement that can lead consumers to make impulse buys. Memory is not perfect.

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If you make an advertisement and only show it once to an audience, the impulse buyers might make a hasty decision, but most will not. In most cases, it takes a few times before an ad really sinks in.

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Thanks to technological innovation, tracking allows online advertisers to reach the right audience. Eventually, when the time comes, an ad that has been repeated enough will pop in your head when you need something the ad offers. Personality and self concept: — It is the sum total of our mental, physical and moral qualities and characteristics that are present in us and that make us what we are.

Father retains information regarding his interest in cars, motor cycles and other objects. Information processing: Same information can be evaluated in a different manner by different individuals. Sub cultural influences: — within a culture, there are many groups or segments of people with distinct customs, traditions and behaviour. Example: their choice of residence, type of holiday, entertainment, leisure all seem to be a like.

Social group influences: — These could be polictical groups, work group and study groups, service organizations like the Lions, Rotary etc.

Consumer Behaviour and Advertising Management

The behaviour of a group is influenced by other member of the group. Example: mother and lady child. Personal influences: — His own personality ultimately influences his decision. He can have his personal reasons for likes, dislikes, price, convenience or status.

How Marketers Manipulate Us: Psychological Manipulation in Advertising

Price reduction, free gifts etc. Definition Consumer buyer behavior refers to the buying behavior of final consumers- individuals and households that buy. All rights reserved 1 1. Explain why marketing managers should understand consumer. Determinants or factors of buying behavior Cultural Factors 1 culture 2 Subculture 3 Social class Psycholo gical factors 1 Motivation 2 Perception 3 Learning.

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Learning Goals Learn the consumer market and construct model of consumer buyer behavior Know the four factors that influence buyer behavior Understand. Definitions Consumer buyer behavior refers to the buying behavior of final consumers — individuals and households who buy goods and services for personal. Chapter 2 Consumer decision-making. Learning objectives 1Explain why marketing managers should understand consumer behaviour 2 Analyse the components.

Learning objectives After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Define consumer buying behaviour. Define the consumer.

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