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I have never read this author but find the books interesting. My question is what inspired you to write? It definitely helps not to be distracted by things. Look forward to reading Darkness Descending. Beautiful cover!! The covers of those books are amazing! Thanks for interesting blog, more need to read books! I would love to read this series. It sounds really good. Please enter me in contest. I am a follower and email subscriber. Tore aol. Oh my gosh! And I envy you being able to live without a TV set — my kids would kill me if I tried that!! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

Brand new Urban Fantasy? Who boy am I in. Thank you for sharing today and for the wonderful giveaway opportunity. I look forward to reading Darkness Descending. When I first starting reading the post I was trying to think up a question to ask Ms. Quinn and decided to ask her what kind of veterinarian she was LOL after I went back over the post I realized it said veteran not veterinarian and just had to share my chuckles.

I will be looking up your wonderful novels and look forward to reading more about them. So then, if you were a veterinarian, what would you specialty be? Great giveaway for a great genre! I wish my family would throw our TV out sometimes. Nothing beats a good book. Thanks for all the info! I really enjoyed reading your interview, Devyn. Hi Devyn, I enjoyed the interview and the chance to learn more about your books.

This book has caught my attention!!! Luv me some vamps!!! Enjoyed the interview!!! I like both authors who have influenced you. I am curious, what is your reason for not owning a television or any other furniture? I will be adding your books to my tbr list. Thanks for the interview and giveaway. I grabbed a copy of Darkness Descending at the Borders sale the last time I went. Thanks for the giveaway! Thanks for the post on Devyn and the giveaway.

Thanks for all your comments folks. I had a bankruptcy to go with my divorce several years ago and so I let everything go. When I say that, I mean it. I learned to live without a lot of material possessions. Good for you to stick with your dream and now you have 15 books under your belt!

Even if it means sacrificing creature comforts in the between time. Great cover art on all your books really If I am lucky enough to win the gift card I will definately be buying one of your books! Thanks for the chance to win, I hope your book does very well for you. This was a great post apocalyptic type story — and the grittiness was awesome lol. Very interesting interview!

The covers look amazing too! I just wanted to say Devyn Quinn books are awesome. I love to read her books. I have gone back and reread a bunch of them. I tell everyone about them. Love the trailer - great choice of pictures! Definitely makes me want to read the book!

The trailer was just so apocalyptic, and it definitely grabs you and makes you want to beg, steal, or borrow the book so you can read it. NoraAdrienne at gmail dot com. Beginning was a bit shaky, but after that it was great. In my book nothing ca go wrong with Vampire Armaggedon! The trailer makes me want to read it even more. To be honest, I'm not a fan of book trailers Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Shared on my blog. I think it's great. I maybe would have used a different font it was hard to read at times but it was awesome.

That Maddox - I hope he's described like one of the two pictures shown of him, what a hottie! Cool trailer, this is a new series for me. Thanks for the giveaway! I really don't care much for trailers. Sorry but it wouldn't influence my purchases. I like the sound of the book and definitely like the pics of, ahem, the assassin. Awesome trailer! Shows that this is the type of book I'd enjoy. I really like the musicality in the trailer, it was on pace and even speeded up to bring about the intensity.

Good pictures too. Cambonified at yahoo dot com. The book sounds super interesting and I loved the book trailer! Thank you for the chance to win! Tweeted too! The trailer is really good - the combination of pictures and music is kind of frightening and after a few seconds I already had goosebumps.

Trailer and cover are great! I love the sound of this series! The trailer is awesome, it definitely seals it for me, I haven't read any of Devyn's books but after seeing this book around and the trailer I want read this. I love the idea of vampires being fallen angels - the images in the trailer are so inspiring! Looking forward to this book now! I have it on my WANT list! I did tweet the giveaway. The trailer did what it was meant to, it grabbed my interest! I read the description and I have already added to my TBR list. Your trailer was interesting bt what I really liked was the look of Evil, he grabbed me.

The story plot is certainly the kind of book I enjoy reading. Great music for the pics! Can't top the battle of Good vs Evil. Looks like a good series. I liked the trailer, it was suitably spooky and the music fit the mood very well. It definitely got me interested in reading Darkness Descending. Barbed at aol dot com. I liked it I think the concept is a nice twist on the normal mythologies. I look forward to the book. I've heard so much about Devin's work and can't wait to read this one! The trailer was way too cool!!

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I loved all of the angel photo's!! Theresa rtnorman2 gmail. Tweeted about the giveaway! Littopandaxpress at yahoo dot com. The angel artwork was awesome, loved the wings. The book sounds interesting. Thanks for the giveaway :- glittergirl54[at]ymail[dot]com. Very exciting. I'm had this on my wishlist for a while and the trailer just made me more eager to read it.

Love the artwork used. I have mixed feelings about trailers in general. But I actually didn't like this one. Jen admin. I really enjoyed the trailer. I thought it described the book really well. Can't wait to read this. I never really liked trailers but it looks pretty cool. I loved the angels in it.

I enjoyed the trailer. It gave me a tantalizing glimpse into what I can expect to read. The pictures are great. Pretty good trailer. Definitely made me more interested in the book. It's the first time a hear about this book Great trailer. Loved the artwork in it. I think after watching it people defenetly will want to read the book. I am not a big fan of trailers but this is one of the better one. I think it was good. The battle between good and evil is always interesting. However, there was a picture of a actor from a movie in it, isn't that a copyright issue? The trailer was awesome.

It just makes you want to read the book even more and Maddox is HOT! This sound really good. And I like that it's a first in a new series so I'm not automatically behind. Haven't heard about this book before. The description and trailer really made me want to try it! They've actually done the trailer, really, really good. It makes the book more appealing! Count me in--this looks like a great start to a new series. I've been waiting for this book it seems like forever! Can't wait :. Although because of the Doctor Who episode "Blink" stone angels give me the serious heebie jeebies.

And I'm with the other person who said it's nice to have a first book in a series because then you don't feel like you have to catch up. The pictures in it were perfect! I love the trailer. I can't wait to read the book. Please enter me in contest. Tore aol. I loved the trailer!

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The pictures fit perfectly and were very eye-catching and the music was very dramatic! Very cool : jwitt33 at live dot com. Whoa, those zombie things have officially freaked me out. Personally I did not like the trailer. I didn't feel the art flowed together well enough.

It would have been more effective to use art or photography by the same person. Love it its intense, and the book cover is stunning. I'd love to win a copy of this book, the trailer was very good.

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Just my style of book : eckstein99 comcast. Thanks for your comments, folks. The trailer was donated by a friend of mine, which I did appreciate since I have no talent to do one myself, LOL. Im not a big book trailer person but it was nice. Chllybrd at gmail. Great trailer, makes me want to read the book, love the pic of Maddox Thanks for the contest! I love book trailers. They are like mini movies. This one makes me want to read the book. I have recently started reading books featuring angels. I hope I win. The trailer is well put together and did it's job to grab my attention and make me want to read the book!

Poisnivyred AT gmail. I gotta admit I generally avoid book trailers like the plague. I'd rather read a well written blurb any day. The trailer was kinda creepy! I'd love to read the book though. I Tweeted. I loved that I could still view the trailer and read the story, since I have no speakers on my work pc. I love a trailer when it has motion pictures in it, like a real mini movie about the book.

But i enjoyed this one, though. You should have use an other font, sometimes it was a little bit hard to read it. The music was perfect. And Maddox is HOT! I liked the trailer. It grabbed my attention and it makes really want to read the book. Thanks for the chance to win it.

Loved the trailer. Thanks for the giveaway. Some of the slides were hard to read because of the dark text on a dark background, but it definitely peeked my interest in the book. The artwork in this trailer was gorgeous. Definitely got me excited for the book! Thank you for the giveaway.

Honestly, I am just not a fan of book trailers. Don't know why, but they just do nothing for me. The synopsis makes the story sound quite exciting. The trailer was really good and enjoyed it even though I usually dont watch them. I am more the reading type then the watching type when it comes to books and promos. Devyn sounds like a cooler version of my name -Devon, I'm jealous!

Jealousy aside though, this looks like it would be a good read, I really like the concept. Plus you can't get much better than a hot assassin! Typically I am not a huge fan of trailers New series, Armageddon I'm in! Thanks for the international chance! Watched the trailer for the Deadly Destinations giveaway. It's a bit I love the unique use of angel mythology.

I liked it : I really like how trailers give a good feel of the book. Excited for this release! That trailer was very beautiful and creepy lol , can't wait to read sounds and looked amazing!

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I think the trailer is very effective in conveying the mood with all the images and music. I'm not really a liker of book trailers. They always seem a little corny to me. I did like Maddox though Thanks for the chance to win. Tanyaw at yahoo dot com. I enjoyed the trailer and loved the depictions of angels.

The trailer is amazing, maybe it is the best book trailer I have ever see so far. The trailer was quite awesome :! I'm hooked! Love how books get their own trailers now! That trailer caught my attention. I would read it! I liked the boko trailer, although I have to admit I almost never watch them. Our apologies. Of the few who survive the infection, one stands alone above all others… For one year, Jesse Burke has been suppressing the beast within, driven by vengeance to destroy the vampiric fallen angels terrorizing New Orleans.

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