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When you're shopping for processed food products, make sure to read labels carefully to check for not-so-obvious gluten and animal ingredients. This is especially important if you react badly to gluten: Even if a label says "gluten free" a food may have some trace amounts of gluten. Yes, eliminating gluten and animal protein and dairy, if you're going that far , is likely to make it tough to navigate a restaurant menu or potluck dinner party. It's tough, but not impossible. Here are some tips for eating out when you're avoiding gluten and animal products that will allow you to follow your diet without missing out on delicious food or time with friends.

Following the gluten-free diet can be challenging, and when you add a strict vegetarian or vegan diet to your need to be gluten-free, you may find that you're restricting many foods. And it goes without saying that before you make any major changes to your diet, check with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you to do so.

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As for supplements, it's always better to get as many nutrients from food as possible, so ask your doctor or nutritionist before you stock up on vitamin pills or other non-food nutritional supplements. Following a gluten-free diet can be challenging. We're here to help. Sign up and receive our free recipe guide for delicious gluten-free meals! More in Special Diets.

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Here are some easy ways to get started on going gluten-free and vegetarian. When you're vegetarian, you need to avoid ingredients such as:. These all are derived from animals. Remove all baking supplies, including all opened ingredients such as sugar and baking powder they likely have been cross-contaminated. Buy a new toaster. Buy new gluten-free ketchup , mustard , mayonnaise , salsa , and any other condiments you use frequently. Squeeze bottles are best if you still have gluten-eaters in the house.

Replace all potentially contaminated kitchen utensils , such as plastic spatulas and non-stick pans. Clean your oven thoroughly. To prepare for the vegetarian or vegan part of your diet, follow these steps:.

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Double-check your staples for animal-based ingredients, and replace where necessary. Identify your favorite gluten-free grains and stock your kitchen with those. If you're going vegan or dairy-free, try several different types of gluten-free nut milk and gluten-free soy milk to find your favorite. Learn ways gluten can sneak into a dish.

For example, in some restaurant kitchens the same water used to boil pasta may be reused to steam veggies. Don't hesitate to ask your server about such potential sources of gluten in foods. He'll be happy to check with the chef. Do your homework. Before you visit a restaurant, call ahead to find out which menu items will be in sync with your diet.


That way you won't need to feel self-conscious about taking longer to order because you're trying to suss out the selections. You also won't have to feel self-conscious about quizzing the server. I f you'll be dining at a friends' home, ask what you can contribute to the menu. This will be trickier if your host is serving a sit-down dinner rather than having a potluck or barbecue. In any case, don't expect your friend to cook something special for you. Instead, bring your own food—and be sure to prep enough to share.

Was this page helpful? Thanks for your feedback! Sign Up. What are your concerns? Article Sources. Celiac Disease Foundation. What Should I Eat? Fact Sheet. Department of Agriculture. Choose My Plate: Tips for Vegetarians fact sheet. Continue Reading. Gluten-Free and Vegetarian or Vegan? Pasteurized, processed dairy, in my opinion, is a toxic "food group". It doesn't help that it's basically all saturated fat and cholesterol.

Dairy also contains antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, steroids, chemicals, and even perchlorate that is the scientific word for rocket fuel! Dioxin, too, one of the most toxic substances in the world, is often found in dairy products. And how about the blood cells and pus that come in it, too, from the far overgrown mutated udders that are hooked up to painful metal machines all day to keep up with demand so that they blister and bleed?

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Not so appetizing. On the other hand, a reliable source of minerals manganese, chromium, selenium and magnesium can be found in fruits and vegetables and in higher quantity and better quality. Fresh fruits and veggies are also high in boron, which helps lessen the loss of calcium through urine - while animal protein increases the loss of calcium through urine. Plant-based foods are abundant in first hand calcium that is more easily absorbed by the body.

This includes, but is not limited to, quinoa, molasses, green leafy vegetables such as kale, collards any kind of greens, really , broccoli, soy products, grapefruits, chickpeas, fortified grains and cereals, red beans, seeds, raw nuts, etc Read more on: vegetarian nutrition. It is as simple as cutting out the dairy and animal by-products. Check online or in books to see what animal by-products are. See HappyCow's list of animal ingredients. Examples of animal by-products are gelatin, glycerin unless specified that it's from plant sources , cochineal, casein, whey, etc. Don't let your jaw drop just yet, though - it's far easier than it seems; I promise.

The healthiest vegan stays almost exclusively in the fresh produce section and the bulk staples section, where one can stock up on things such as fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, oats, rice, beans, flour, seeds, various grains, etc. There's no worry there - everything is mostly likely vegan.

Make your meals at home. You can make cooking fun by inviting some friends over and doing it together. It can lead to a lot of laughter and interesting conversations.

How to Eat Gluten-Free and Vegetarian

HappyCow and websites like Vegweb offer hundreds of vegetarian recipes to help you make yummy homemade meals. Book stores carry vegan cookbooks. And it's often easy to "veganize" your favorite recipe with substitutes. For instance, if a baked goods recipe calls for an egg, you can use half a mashed banana, a bit of applesauce, tofu, Ener-G brand egg replacement, or blend some flax seeds with a bit of water in a blender until they are the consistency of raw egg.

For milk, you can use soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, or hemp milk. Soy milk tends to be the most commonly used replacement, and if you don't mind a little fat, Very Vanilla Silk Soymilk brand "for kids" who says adults can't enjoy it, too? Non-fat soymilk, such as West Soy brand non-fat, comes in vanilla or plain.

You will be able to find different flavors of soymilk such as chocolate, chai, and coffee, at most major health food stores. Around the holidays, Silk brand offers a soy nog that tastes very much like eggnog. For butter, you can use vegetable margarine or oils; I find that dishes taste the same without that added butter fat. Cheese cake? No problem. Toffutti brand makes a vegan-style cream "cheese" that produces cheesecakes that taste just like the dairy version.

There's always the option of beans and lentils, but if you want that meaty flavor and texture, TVP textures vegetable protein is the way to go. TVP has a meaty texture. Add some sauce, and it is a surefire way to make your meat-eating friends believe they are eating beef in their tacos! If friends know you as a strict vegan, you could really have some fun with this.

You will be able to find substitutes for any kind of meat to make the dish that you want to make. There are substitutes for burger patties, ground beef, chicken nuggets, slices, patties, strips, etc , turkey, deli slices, hot dogs, fish, shrimp, etc Yes, vegans have it all. By reading the ingredient labels carefully, you will be able to determine which meat substitutes are vegetarian, and which are vegan.

The non-vegan ones might contain egg and some kind of dairy as in casein and whey. And then there is tofu, the ultimate vege "meat". Tofu soaks up the flavors in a dish, and is highly versatile; you can even make delicious pudding with it. And, yes, there are also vegan versions of cheese, whipped cream, frosting, gravy.

Try chocolate without the milk added in chocolate bars, baking chocolate chips, and hot cocoa. Even vegan ice cream comes in several brands and an assortment of flavors. Try the Toffutti Cutie brand of ice cream sandwich! Well, you certainly don't have to give up that habit. You really don't have to "give up" anything when you become a vegetarian or vegan.

Vegetarian 101

There are vegan versions of almost everything available. Most potato chips and tortilla chips, unless made with some kind of cheese or dairy derivative, tend to be vegan. Check the labels. Most health food stores and markets sell everything I've mentioned and then some. Natural foods markets are a blessing for vegetarian and vegans. You will see aisles upon aisles, shelves upon shelves, of veggie friendly products.

If you want to know what is vegan in the conventional grocery stores, log onto: www. The site page supplies an extensive list of what is vegan. Vegetables are the most nutrient-dense foods. They are essential in any healthy diet. It's usually in the spicing - it's hard to believe anyone could take a taste of Indian vegetable dishes or Middle Easter vegetable dishes and hate the taste.

Their cuisine is among the most delicious in the world. But, if that doesn't work, an awesome method to get some vegetables into your body is making yourself a green smoothie. What you do is you mix vegetables in a blender with fruit, and the taste of fruit overrides the taste of the vegetables and it no longer tastes so "vegetabley.

Pineapple is especially useful because of the strong fruity taste, but any fruit really works. Just make sure you still put a good amount of green vegetables in there and you got a tasty glass of immeasurable nutrition. If your family is adventurous, you could suggest going to a vegetarian restaurant once in a while or going to a vegetarian-friendly place. Often times, meat eaters are surprised by the veggie dishes served at vegetarian restaurants. The experience might open them up to the wide variety of plant foods that are available. If your family is not open to trying pure vegetarian restaurants, then you could suggest going to a vegetarian-friendly place.

Often times, you will find vegetarian dishes on the menu. You could always ask for substitutes "no oyster sauce", etc. Many customer friendly restaurants are willing to make substitutions whenever possible. Don't be afraid to ask. Occasionally, restaurants will make "impromptu" meals to suit your needs when requested.

You could call ahead to check. When you become a vegetarian or vegan, you are bound to hear negative comments made about the diet, maybe from family members or peers. The people who make comments against a vegetarian diet are almost always people who lack true knowledge about vegetarianism and health. When a person makes a baseless, negative comment in any other area of life, what do I tend to do? Reacting with anger only adds fuel to fire. Being pushy, preachy, or condescending in return? Two wrongs don't make a right; it only makes the ignorant less open to learning about where one stands.

It's said that the best "revenge" is to succeed. When you eat a balanced vegetarian diet, you will be healthy. Be happy and healthy. Get lots of books on vegetarianism and become extensively informed on the subject. And when someone asks you about your new diet, share with them what you know.