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It is written as a textbook for undergraduate students and can also be a reference book for postgraduate students.

It is assumed that the students have already done courses on metallurgical thermodynamics and phase diagrams. However introductory chapters on diffusion in materials and interfaces in materials are included in the book. This book can be used as a textbook for an undergraduate course on Phase Transformations in Materials. Topics like diffusion in materials and solidification of materials can be left out if they are dealt with elsewhere in curriculum.

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Phase Transformations of Materials

Shape Memory 3. Phase Diagram for Water 4 3 Phases 1. Solid 2.

Liquid 3. Vapor 5.


Metals exist in more than one crystalline form Change of these forms is called Allotropic Transformation 9. This volume expansion results in the disintegration of the white tin metal into a coarse powder of the grey allotrope How transform? Phases of Iron-Carbon Alloys 15 Steel is stronger than pure iron because of the carbon atoms in the void space of unit cell.

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Eutectoid Alloys 0. Isothermal transformation diagram TTT Diagram 29 Bainite 32 The microstructure of bainite consists of ferrite and cementite phases, and thus diffusional processes are involved in its formation Spheroidite microstructure 34 Martensite 38 The needleshape grains are the Martensite phase, and the white regions are austenite that failed to transform during the rapid quench Cooling Rate 39 Continuous-cooling transformation diagram for a eutectoid iron—carbon alloy and superimposed cooling curves, demonstrating the dependence of the final microstructure on the transformations that occur during cooling Isothermal transformation diagram for an alloy steel type 41 Mechanical Properties of Different Microstructures 45 Applications of Shape Memory Alloys 57 Temperature Dependency of Linear Expansion Coefficient 63Substances that expand at the same rate in every direction are called isotropic Expansion Joints 64 If the body is constrained so that it cannot expand, then internal stress will be caused or changed by a change in temperature.