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Female first ministers in Canada tend to last about half as long as men. They reach the top only to fall back down, often because they enter into their roles when chances of failure are highest. In this episode, we explore what happened when things took a turn for the worse.

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What has post-politics life looked like for these women? What did they learn during their time in office that paved the way for what came next? Most importantly, what do they want to see for the future of women in Canadian politics? Two of these stories are not like the others.

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Eva Aariak and Nellie Cournoyea are both Indigenous women, leading within consensus-style governments. The panelists spoke about what led them to run for political office, the roadblocks that prevent women from running — including the vitriol on social media targeted specifically at women — and the need for greater diversity in legislatures across Canada. The second panel of the day was moderated by filmmaker and President of Komal Minhas Inc. I Catherine Callbeck. The Podcast.

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Subscribe now. Episode 2 Raising Leaders We start where all good stories do: the beginning. Learn More Here.

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