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According to Mukherjee, there is a folk belief among Hindus that the navel is indestructible.

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What is so unnerving here is the pull between grief and its opposites: disgust, comedy. When he was young, she used to beat him savagely. First she would whip him with a belt.

The neighbors opened their shutters to listen in. As she went at it, his mother entered into a kind of ecstasy. He loves her madly. He recalls a day—he was four—when he and his mother got into a hand-pulled rickshaw downtown.

As the driver lifted the poles in front, the boy felt the world tilt:. Suddenly in front of them, in the middle air, there is a whole colony of blue and water-green dragonflies, circling and hovering in their staccato way, sometimes still in the air with just a vibration of wings, a static thrumming, and then off again with a jerky move.

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Ma, Ma, look, look dragonflies! What a lot of them! What are they doing there? That suspension of a large swarm a cause of wonder and his mother with an explanation for a small child: They have just been born, up in the heavens, and have been sent down to earth right now , as if heaven were up above behind the canopy of the blue sky, the dragonflies shimmering their papery net-wings, a dazzling whirr in the clear light, having just pierced the blue screen above in their birth and descent.

The little boy is delighted at the miracle.

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This memory is recorded early in the novel. Mukherjee is forty-five. He was born in Calcutta, to lower-middle-class parents, who spent what they could on his education. He went to Catholic schools and then to Jadavpur University, in Calcutta, where he studied English literature. By the time he graduated, both his parents were dead, and he left for England, with a Rhodes Scholarship. He got a second B. Following the path of his creator, Ritwik goes to Oxford, on a scholarship, but he soon finds himself less engrossed in his studies than in his nightly visits to the St.

Giles public toilets. Ritwik reads us the graffiti and tells us how to distinguish between the men who have come just to relieve themselves and those who are looking for more. There is a signal involving the electric hand-dryers. Another, clearer sign is if the man enters the cubicle next to yours and starts moving a foot, inch by inch, into your space.

A Life Apart: Hasidism in America

Then, each time you hear someone coming down the stairs, you can press your eye to the slit between the door and the cubicle wall and get a view of the goods. As for heretical — no. It was a joke, he says — but he is a committed Anglican. I struggle all the time to think, is this believable? Many profiles have said that Field lives like a monk.

Actually he does rather, but he insists he is not an ascetic. He will spend Christmas alone, as he does most years. Why not? But I did most things alone from those very earliest days. I could have had friends but, looking back, I can see I did most things by myself. And it makes one conscious that you have to pick up experience in different ways. What would he like it to say on his gravestone? Do you want time to think about it? Being MP for Birkenhead has been a huge part of my life — 40 years coming up and I hope a lot more years. What makes people want to become MPs?

A Life Apart

Most of the people here had pushy mums. She died in , aged She was one of these great givers of life, thinking that the glass was half-full instead of half-empty. For the last five years of her life she was looked after in Vauxhall by the Little Sisters of the Poor and it was a stunningly good home, one of the best places to go if you have to be looked after. She had the time of her life really, towards the end. He is also chairing a review of modern slavery law. My father had a factory job and hated every day. I get up and love every day. And that is such a privilege, compared to people who work in a job they loathe.

Ross Clark. Douglas Murray. Bruce Anderson. Mary Killen. James Kirkup.

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Subjects Anthropology. Published 31 August ISBN Weight g.

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Size mm x mm. A collaborative autobiography and an oral narrative as well as a history of Aborigial reserves. Bain Attwood Bain Attwood is a leading scholar in the field of cross-cultural history. Winifred Burrage. Alan Burrage.