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A Brief History of Communism and the Tyranny of its Politics - China Uncensored

The state would pass through a phase, often thought of as a socialism, and eventually settle finally on a pure communist society. In a communist society, all private ownership would be abolished, and the means of production would belong to the entire community. In the communist movement, a popular slogan stated that everyone gave according to their abilities and received according to their needs.


Thus, the needs of a society would be put above and beyond the specific needs of an individual. In the late 19th century, communist philosophy began to develop in Russia. In , the Bolsheviks seized power through the October Revolution. The Hungarian reform process: Visions, hopes, and reality.

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Journal of Economic Literature, 24 , — Paxson, M. The cultural dimension: Social organization and the metaphysics of exchange.

Communism: History and Background

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Buy options. The rise of communism in the twentieth century is briefly reviewed, and there is an overview of how the communist economic system worked.

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This did not rely on the market, but instead decisions were taken centrally using commands as to what would be produced and where the products would be made. In practice, there were problems in doing this.

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The history of agriculture in Russia and the Soviet Union is taken as an example, although not a typical one. The circumstances leading up to the end of Soviet and East European communism are reviewed and reasons for the end reviewed. The chapter concludes with a brief history of two current communist survivors—China and Cuba.

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