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See retailer for details. Written by: Beth Hoffman. Read by: Jenna Lamia. Synopsis Praise. Read Beth Hoffman's blogs and other content on the Penguin Community. Steel Magnolias meets The Help in this Southern debut novel sparkling with humor, heart, and feminine wisdom Twelve-year-old CeeCee Honeycutt is in trouble.

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Watch a Video Read More. At age 12, CeeCee realizes her mother, flouncing around Willoughby, OH, in prom dresses and matching shoes, is crazy and the town's laughingstock. Her father is never home, and nothing is going to change so CeeCee buries herself in books as an escape. But her true liberation comes after her mother's tragic death when great-aunt Tootie sweeps CeeCee off to Savannah.

There, a group of powerful, independent women offer the young girl love, laughter and a new chance at life.

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Readers who enjoy strong female characters will appreciate CeeCee, a survivor despite her heartbreaking childhood, and Aunt Tootie and her friends, all of them steel magnolias. Interestingly enough, both novels share the same editor. Twelve-year-old CeeCee is a survivor. Alone too much, and with too much responsibility because of her psychotic mother, CeeCee is old beyond her years. When her mother dies, her mostly absent father sends her south from Ohio to Savannah under the care of her never-before-seen Great Aunt Tootie.

Camille gets worse, and Cecelia never knows what she might come home to.

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One day, walking home from school, a group of boys tease her about the fruitcake in her front yard. Cecelia is horrified when she discovers her mother in the front yard, her dark hair bleached white and dressed in an old yellow prom dress complete with sash and tiara. She is soliciting votes for the great state of Georgia, she tells everyone who passes, blowing kisses to them all.

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Cecelia begins to spend more time in the library, hiding from the issues at home. On the rare occasions that her father is home, they argue non-stop and his time at home becomes more and more infrequent.

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When a woman begins calling their house for him and won't leave her name, Cecelia knows he is cheating on her mother. The next time he comes home, she begs him to put her mother in a home, but he insists the cost is prohibitive and since she isn't hitting Cecelia, Cecelia should just try to keep her inside.

A part of Cecelia begins to hate her father that day. Cecelia's only respite occurs on Sundays when she spends them with their elderly neighbor, Mrs.

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Gertrude Odell. Odell provides the only normalcy Cecelia's life knows and Cecelia relies on her more than once when her mother is psychotic. In that moment, Cecelia wishes her dead, or at the very least, wishes she'd just keep walking and not come back.


Cecelia gets her wish, when her mother steps in front of an ice cream truck and is hit and killed. Carl is at a loss as to how to proceed when Cecelia's great aunt Tallulah Caldwell arrives. She makes it clear that Cecelia needs a stable home, and suggests that she take her back to Georgia with her. The next morning, Carl goes to the hardware store just before Tallulah arrives. She introduces herself, and helps Cecelia load her two boxes of possessions. Her father leaves only a note wishing her well as a goodbye after assuring her that one day she'll thank him for this.

Though the transition is difficult, and Cecelia struggles with her mother's death, life for Cecelia improves exponentially. She is surprised over the course of the summer with Tallulah to learn that both her mother and her father were right. Her mother had always insisted that in Georgia, people knew how to treat each other and how to live. Cecelia discovers this is true. Her father told her that one day she'd thank him for sending her there, and this also turns out to be true. By the time the summer is over, Cecelia is enrolled in Rosewood School for Girls; has a new friend named Dixie Lee to go to school with; she loves her Aunt Tootie and Oletta who runs the household; and has made numerous friends including their neighbor Thelma Rae Goodpepper.

The crowning touch occurs when circumstances conspire to have Mrs. Odell living with her in Aunt Tallulah's house as well. Read more from the Study Guide. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. All rights reserved. Toggle navigation. Sign Up.