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Once you are completely relaxed, find the place in your body that is experiencing the most relief from being in this position.

Black "Sweet Breath of Your Rapture"

Savor the relief as a meditation. Focus so completely on the sensation of relief so that your whole body gets fed from the experience. Relief is the segue to pleasure. Stay in the relief until it becomes pleasure. And, when you feel either one, stop time, stop moving and just breathe.

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Your experience of it will expand. And when it feels right, imagine that the water surrounding you is pulling out from your body and creating a suction effect that stimulates your inhalations. He leans into you, full weight pressing your rib cages together making your heart race like a samba.

BLACK — Sweet Breath Of Your Rapture

He wants you to hold him and prove you want him as much as he wants you, do you think you can manage that? The Ironbull - He kisses you like he owns you, because he does. You are his toy to do with as he pleases. In public they are a tease, a nip here and chin pinch there. In private it is picking you up, wrapping your legs around him.

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His teeth on you neck, your nails in his back. Eyes shut tight you just enjoy the surrender… every …time. Sera - Kissing Sera is always a game. You have to chase her down as she seems and whines. You are her favorite and she will never tire of taking your full attention. Cullen- His kisses are prayers. For safe return, a goodnight of sweet sleep, of hope that this all will never end.

Breath of Rapture

Soft roaming hands on your back, he holds you tightly and securely as he makes your knees weak. Teeth dragging across lower lips and soft curses whispers against your swollen mouth. His eyes always remain closed even as he pulls away to wrap you righting in his arms.

Josephine- Her kisses are like birds wings, soft and fluttering. You will receive a million littered across your lips and face. Even if it is only one syllable at a time. Sweet soft and innocent. Oh, love is shaped like cities burning, Sifting through the ashes after. We will find your life in laughter, Oh, the black and breathing rapture.

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Arcadia is the living, breathing heart of Rapture. Its lush forests and abundant plant life served to generate life-sustaining oxygen the city needs. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up.

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