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Aikido Technique Books: Technical manuals to use as reference for your Aikido

Please provide a valid price range. Item location see all Item location. Ireland Only. European Union. Show only see all Show only. Trainees are advised to concentrate their practice on one particular exercise. If a trainee ,successfully undergoes a sufficient amount of training of this kind, he should be able to perform variations, for instance, of Katate-d ori techniques without losing balance. If the beginner, who is not familiar with basic techniques, ventures into varied techniques without preconditioning himself, he will only be exposing his weaknesses to his partner.

Takernusu martial techniques, which are created one after another infinitely, form a sphere when they are compounded. This sphere is supposed to symbolize a mind of harmony. If you bear this in mind in your practice of AIKIDO, you will be able to carry out your varied techniques more smoothly. You will also find new and unexpected techniques welling up from sources beyond human perception.

That pleasure r wish to share with all of you. Q Qo Basic exercise:' Katate-dori Dai-Ikkyo Dmote-waza: When your wrist is held, be sure to fully splay ,'our fingertips and charge them with your inner centralized energy.

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It is wrong to draw your foot a step backward in front of your partner. H'o 1 1nc. When throwing your partner, deliver Atemi to his face with your knee. Note the opponent's arm is counteracted in the upper position. Ji:, b 0 Varied exercise: Variation I4:ft- S. Deliver a blow to his face and unbalance him using his elbow from above. Don't forget about Atemi because if you do, you will be exposing the soft spot of your left side to your partner. This particular training method is combative in nature and you should know what it looks like, Because of the great dangers involved, its execution must be tempered with a great deal of caution.

It is a dangerous technique which can cause a broken hand or a sprain to the foot. Information on Atemi Jittt. It is suggested th at readers refer to the foregoing pages in practicing techniques ranging from Dai-Ikkyo to Dai-Yonkyo, Information on Atemi Varied exercise: Variation Jr, "L' L. This is an advanced technique b ut also con stitut es the basic form of Kata-dcri.

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As you turn his ann, don't let your foot step out too quickly. Turn your hips completely, advance obliquely in the manner of thrusting him away and pin him down. The key to this exercise is to wrest your partner's hold off your body. Bad example - If you tu rn rearwa rd wi thou t disengaging your partner's hold, your elbow will go up and you will find it impossible to pin him down circularly.

Turn your hips and bring your partner to his knees. Use a combination of the foregoing methods. Q: f l". Stretch the fingers of your hand out straight so as not to blind his eyes. G 0 When your partner attempts to seize you by the shoulders, unbaJance him sideways while delivering an Atemi to his face , slip your head out between his hands and turn YOUT body obliquely and do Atemi to the instep of his foot. Since Omote-waza is the most difficult technique to perform, it is therefore recommended that you concentrate on the following exercise.

Bad example - If you try to get hold of your partner's thrusting hand within his own sphere, he will thrust your side with his unengaged hand. If you plant yourself inside the central line and then move out of it, that sequence can no longer be called Ura-waza. Ura-waza is a basic form of aligning your toes a reverse oblique stance and turning your body obliquely with lightning speed to cope with attacks. Divert his thrust by pushing his elbow upward with your left hand and subdue him with Dai-Sankyo.

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You can "finish off" this technique in two ways. The beginner had better begin with the exercise of deflecting Muna-dor i before taking up the Tsuki cxercise. Once you are used to the Muna-dori technique.

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Be sure to start the holding process after knocking down your partner's thIUS!. J, fll1. Varied exercise: Variation Since his hand is held in a reverse position, he is held captive. Read Free For 30 Days. Saito - Traditional Aikido Vol. Flag for inappropriate content. For Later. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next.

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