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A Really Big Bust.

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Love Thy Neighbor. Big Mac Attackers. Theres One Born Every Minute. Another Run of Bad Luck Brown.

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A Dam Dumb Idea. Daniel R. Never Mind. TwoBit Thief.

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  8. Its the. Bare Truth. In the Mood. A good time as any to recall that the possession and consumption of narcotic and psychotropic drugs are illegal in India. The self-assured Moosad had also helpfully provided his contact details on his page.

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    He had been obviously smoking some good stuff himself! Overcome either by a sudden bout of cuteness from Maya, the four-month-old pup, or imagining themselves to be shrewd criminals who could make a neat profit from her, they decided to grab the crate and take off. Maya is normally indoors, but that day she was put out. The closed-circuit TV footage revealed the culprits, upon which the family filed a police complaint. Imagine their shock when they found Maya in not one but two ads on OLX. When the family turned up to claim Maya, they found the culprits were too lazy or broke to even change her collar!

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