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Body Power: Making physical contact with Brimstone causes 1d8 points of damage as his body excretes sulphuric acid. No power requirement. Vulnerability: If Brimstone can be contained within an airtight enclosure, he will burn out all the oxygen. All flames will then be lost. Dousing him with water has the same effect.

Each type of fluid has ten charges per reload.

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Combustible Sap: a liquid that is highly flammable. A charge covers a two inch by two inch area, range is ten inches. Acid mentioned above also will set the stuff off. IP Logged. Re: Flame Powers x 2 Reply 2 - Oct 25 th , at am. Here are two characters who each have Flamer Powers twice, showing different approaches to the enhanced power. With Super Nova , the PR cost went up by 1 point per shot, but doubled his damage. Flame defense while power is on. Strength: 17 Endurance: 8 Agility: Giant ice crystals From the Deeps of Space also do 2d12 damage.

Can switch to 'Plasma' mode, doing 1d20 damage with a chance to instantly vaporize whatever it hits that is equal to the number of points of damage it caused as a percentage chance.

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The energy pack for the weapon has 25 power points. Flame has a PR of 1. Plasma has a PR of 3. As a built-in ability, the villain's armor is completely flame-proof and heat insulated. The faceplate is filtered against sudden brightness. Devil's Domain has Plasma Rivers: The plasma flows at a speed of " per turn, or about 91 mph. Alfred's line about an empty wine cellar is taken directly from the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. Costume designer Michael Wilkinson put Amazonian writing into Wonder Woman's suit design, similar to how Kryptonian writing was put into Superman's suit design.

The metal exosuit is the first Batsuit not featuring a Batsymbol on its chest. According to Tao Okamoto , Jesse Eisenberg changed several of his lines causing some of the actors' reactions to be genuine. This was the eleventh time Batman has been portrayed since Superman, on the other hand, has been portrayed sixteen times since Michael Wilkinson , commenting on the design of the Batman look, said that " Zack Snyder said that the most important thing for our Batman is that he come across as a really hulking big guy who's super pumped up.

He's going to be even bigger than our Superman in silhouette. His strength is not through armor and gadgets, he's basically a tower of muscle. Zack is a huge fan of Frank Miller 's The Dark Knight Returns, and we looked a lot at that silhouette when we were creating our silhouette, the cowl I am super proud of. There's always been this huge thing about can he actually turn his head.

It does allow full range of movement and he can do all his stunts in the cowl. In one scene, Clark says to Perry, "When the Daily Planet was founded, it used to stand for something. All of their previous appearances together were in animated television programs and direct-to-DVD films. When Gal Gadot was asked by a reporter about how she would get Wonder Woman's breasts from the comics, she answered, "Wonder Woman is Amazonian, and historically accurate Amazonian women actually had only one breast. So, if I'd really go 'by the book,' it'd be problematic.

Gadot practiced Kung Fu, kick-boxing, sword fighting, jiu-jitsu, and capoeira as part of her physical preparation for the role. There is no historical record to prove that Amazon women had a breast removed. If that were the case, then statues or carvings would have been found with a missing right breast.

Other translations of Amazon means "large breasted" or "without husband" rather than "without breast". Check the Etymology of the word Amazon for further details. The idea of Amazonian woman severing a breast for the sake of being better with a bow and arrow comes from the historical fiction novel "The Last of the Amazons" by Steven Pressfield. At the beginning of the movie, when young Bruce Wayne runs from his parents' graves, he and the camera pass a tombstone with the name Solomon Grundy, a villain in the comics.

Ben Affleck was originally offered to direct the predecessor, Man of Steel , but turned down the offer, saying he wasn't experienced in visual effects shots, "A lesson I've learned is to not look at movies based on budget, how much they'll spend on effects or where they will shoot. Story is what's important. The producers declared that this is the very first DC Comics film that opens up to a cinematic universe for its heroes, saying, "Batman is being brought into the universe that now this Superman lives in.

Michael Wilkinson described the updated Superman suit in the following manner, "There are some subtle differences in the belt, the buckle and the glyph shield.

Zack Snyder loved the idea that there is some Kryptonian script embedded in the suit at the point where the deltoid meets the bicep. He gave me this fantastic quote that he wanted us to translate into the Kryptonian script and incorporate into the suit. The quote deals with the nature of power and the responsibility that comes with it. At his absolute peak during the process of training for the film and filming it, Henry Cavill reached a size of kilograms pounds. However, he did not remain at that size for the entire duration of the shoot, or the training.

Apparently, Michael Wilkinson found most glasses sat too high on Cavill's face, because he has a high bridge. They sought out Tom Davies, who makes bespoke glasses, to design a one-off pair of spectacles for the job. Jesse Eisenberg would walk to the sets in disguise, so his Lex Luthor look would not leak. Michael Wilkinson deliberately made the Batsuit out of cloth, removing all traces of armor, saying, "Our Batman's power comes from his incredible physical strength and fighting skills.

Ben Affleck 's portrayal of Batman was actually indirectly predicted and foretold two decades ago. In the opening credits of the Kevin Smith film Mallrats , there are parodies of comic book covers featuring the stars of the movie. The one featuring Ben Affleck parodies none other than Batman. He also calls his vehicle that Bat Mobile when talking to his daughter in Jersey Girl. Stephen Amell , who plays Oliver Queen a. Green Arrow in the television series Arrow reportedly wanted to be in this film. Gal Gadot has sixteen lines in the film. She is given one or two more lines in the extended cut.

During the Cyborg clip, Dr. In the cyborg scene, Dr. The Mother Box is a super computer that is used on Apokalips, which is ruled by Darkseid, a major enemy of the Justice League.

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Composer Hans Zimmer said this will be that last superhero movie for which he will compose music. Charles Roven revealed that at the time, there were 1, visual effects shots, relatively little, compared to other visual effects heavy superhero films. During the Batman versus Superman fight, in one of the walls in the foreground you can see spray painted the Latin rhetorical question "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

We got it covered". It is also a major theme and repeated quote - "Who watches the watchmen? According to producer Charles Roven , Ben Affleck was their first choice, and the first person to whom they went, for the role of Bruce Wayne a. Many of the news cuttings on Wallace's wall are events which were featured in the Christopher Reeve Superman films. Timothy Dalton was considered for the role of Alfred J. When Wallace visits the wall etched with the names of the people who died during Superman's battle with Zod, most of the names on the wall are the names of crew members who have worked on Zack Snyder movies.

The film was originally scheduled for release in , but it was moved to to "allow the filmmakers time to realize fully their vision, given the complex visual nature of the story. Doomsday is portrayed by Robin Atkin Downes in motion-capture and voice. This is Downes' third film as a Superman villain. The Elite Ben Affleck stated in an interview that Jesse Eisenberg , who plays Lex Luthor in this film, was the most interesting character. Eisenberg has previously said that Chris Terrio writer has created his character with psychological realism.

During the battle between Batman and Superman, Batman says "I bet your parents taught you that you mean something; that you're here for a reason. Batman is only called "Batman" once out loud in this movie, by Perry White "nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman. Most of the time he is referred to as "the Bat". However, the writing on the Robin suit in the Batcave also calls him Batman. She is also the first actress to perform the role in theatrical films. Before Ben Affleck was cast as Bruce Wayne a. Batman, he was reportedly approached by Warner Brothers to direct a Justice League film adaptation, in which he would have also portrayed Batman.

He was also previously approached to direct Man of Steel This film marks the third time that the role of Batman has been played by an Oscar-winner. This is also the second time an Oscar winner has played Bruce Wayne's butler, Alfred. In response to the negative and mixed reviews, Ben Affleck Batman said "We made this movie for the fans, not the critics. Ben Affleck called the Batsuit his "visual effects pajamas. Ben Affleck is seventeen months older than Christian Bale , marking the first time the actor taking on the role of Bruce Wayne a. Batman is older than the actor who last played the role in a live action movie, since the modern movie sequence started in In all other Batman roles since, the actor succeeding the role has been younger than the actor who previously played the character.

Val Kilmer took the role from Michael Keaton , and he is eight years younger. George Clooney , who is eighteen months younger, took the role from Kilmer. Bale is thirteen years younger than Clooney. The first, and only other, time this happened was in , when Robert Lowery took over the role from Lewis Wilson , who played Batman in Towards the end of the movie, Batman grabs on to a wall in a position resembling the cover of the Book One of The Dark Knight Returns comics.

The Flash in a previous iteration. Ezra Miller was cast. The glass house portrayed as Bruce Wayne's house is almost an exact copy though slightly longer and painted black of Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House in Plano, Illinois. The movie house was built in Orion Township, Michigan, about forty miles north of Detroit.

At one point, it was on Google Maps, where one could take a degree tour of it, as well as the Batcave. The movie house is outfitted with Mid-Century Modern furniture, very similar to what is on display in the Farnsworth House. Diana Prince a. Wonder Woman is never addressed by either name on screen, in either the extended cut or the theatrical release.

She is only referred as Miss Prince by an Air Stewardess. Most characters in her solo theatrical film address her as "Diana". Colonel Darnell in that film addresses her as "Miss Prince". Producer Deborah Snyder was reportedly brought to tears when Gal Gadot first walked out on set in her Wonder Woman costume. Mark Jonathan Davis. In fact, in the instant right before they meet, the lyrics "Night and Day Batman and Superman are often referred to, respectively, as "Night" and "Day," not only in the comics, but in this film by Lex Luthor.

The prison number on Lex Luthors prison jumpers is TK The same as the Stormtrooper who was missing from his post when Luke and Han stole his and his partners uniforms in A New Hope.

How Superhero Movies Became Escapist Fun Again

Joe Manganiello was up for the role of Bruce Wayne a. He will appearing as Deathstroke in The Batman Carla Gugino , Patrick Wilson , and Jeffrey Dean Morgan , all of whom have cameos in this film with Gugino and Wilson providing voice cameos have all previously collaborated with Zack Snyder on Watchmen Jaimie Alexander was reportedly up for the role, but contractual obligations to Marvel Studios prevented her for taking the role she plays Lady Sif in Thor movies.

During the opening battle in Metropolis, a gray horse is seen passing Bruce Wayne in the rubble. Scott Adkins auditioned for the role of Batman before Ben Affleck was cast. When asked in an interview why he wasn't chosen, Adkins wryly responded "Look, Ben Affleck was always going to have the part, all right? He's got Oscars. Ben Affleck is the oldest actor to play Bruce Wayne a. Batman he was Christian Bale was 30 when he played Wayne for the first time in Batman Begins Michael B.

Jordan , who lent his voice to Victor Stone a. Cyborg in the live action film. He played Johnny Storm a.

The Human Torch in Fantastic Four The code name title for this film on and off set was "Sage and Milo. When Bruce Wayne enters the Wayne family crypt, a stained glass window depicting a guardian angel in a blue clothes and red cape over a burning city can be seen. The angel's appearance resembles that of Superman, foreshadowing Superman as a guardian angel protecting a burning city.

Han's Zimmer said this film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , would be the last superhero film he would compose music for, however he is confirmed to be composing music for X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Wonder Woman Metallo was considered for the role of the villain, before Batman and Wonder Woman were brought in.

Robin in a flashback during the movie. This was later denied publicly by Snyder in an interview.

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They were both in Supernatural as well. Alfred mentions that one of Batman's targets may not even be real - "a phantasm". A possible nod to the widely loved animated film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Lynda Carter did not like Gal Gadot 's Wonder Woman outfit, as she said it was missing the red, white, and blue. When Jonathan Kent talks to Clark, he mentions a flood that he and his own father stopped from destroying the Kent farm. That diverted water destroyed the Lang farm, though.

Lana Lang was a childhood sweetheart of Superman in the comics. Michael Shannon never actually shot any scenes for this film and the production used a rubber dummy for Zod's corpse, he stated, "In the movie there's a large rubber version of my naked body that Lex Luthor is playing with. I was not, the only thing I did for that is I did some ADR of some lines that Zack [Snyder] thought he might use in the movie of my disembodied spirit talking to Lex Luthor.

Ben Affleck and Diane Lane starred together in "Hollywoodland" Affleck played George Reeve, one of the earliest actors to portray Superman, and Lane played Reeve's lover. In other words, Affleck went from playing Superman to Batman, while Lane went from playing Superman's girlfriend to playing his mother. However, Bob Kane didn't publicly acknowledge Finger's contributions until years after Finger's death. As such, this film is the first theatrical feature film to officially credit Finger as co-creator of Batman. Released in the same year as a Marvel comics movie also revolving around two heroes battling each other, Captain America: Civil War This version of Batman is based on the Frank Miller version of the character.

Ben Affleck said that is partly the reason why he accepted the role. There is a boat yard in the scene where Batman first meets Superman which is named Nicholson's boat yard. A reference to Jack Nicholson , who played the Joker in Batman This is the second superhero film in which Ben Affleck played a starring role. The first was as Matt Murdock a. Daredevil in Daredevil Similar to Batman, Daredevil was also a martial artist, and was driven to crime-fighting, due to the death of a family member.

Jay Oliva is a Filipino-American storyboard artist, film producer, and animated film director working for Warner Brothers Animation, who has worked on many Batman, Superman, and Justice League animated films, and also worked as a storyboard artist on this film. Black and yellow are colors traditionally associated with Batman, who is from Gotham CIty. The entire site of the ruins of Scarsdale Hall, in Derbyshire, England was laser scanned over two days capturing 50, points of detail per second building a 3D recreation which was then incorporated with 2D photographs to form the texture of a building and became the burnt out shell of Wayne Manor.

Luthor first appeared in Action Comics 23 April The line "This is flesh and blood" is taken from Excalibur , the "Coming Soon" film at the theater Bruce Wayne was at with his parents the night they are killed. A similar line is said in Batman Begins Armie Hammer was considered for the role of Bruce Wayne a. The film Excalibur is one of director Zack Snyder's favorite films and was one of the main influences to the film.

There are many visual references to the film in Batman v Superman including the movie poster in the beginning of the film when the Waynes walk out of the theater. In the Daily Planet, when everyone is watching the news on the television, the screen next to it shows a football game, with the teams being Metropolis and Gotham. At least four different leaked plot summaries had been released online, none of which turned out to be true. Holly Hunter plays a Senator investigating Superman for his destructive actions and powers. In The Incredibles , she voices Mrs. Incredible a.

Elastigirl, who is in hiding, due to society's suspicion, and fear of superheroes' destructive powers. Jesse Eisenberg , who plays Lex Luthor, said in an interview that he has not seen the movie nor does he want to see it, simply because he doesn't like watching his own movies. After doing the score for this movie, Hans Zimmer decided to retire from the superhero genre, and quit composing for the DCEU, saying that Ben Affleck "lacked the pain that Christian Bale had". But would later return to the superhero genre to do the score for X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Gal Gadot reportedly had a difficult time waiting for her time to come during the Wonder Woman auditions with some other actresses. Who runs the world? I just started to dance, and I let my anxiety go. First live-action film that includes Batman to not be released in the summer. It was rumored that Callan Mulvey would be playing the Joker in this film. However, this turned out to be untrue, when it was announced that Jared Leto would play the role in the DC Cinematic Universe.

The film's subtitle is a reference to the Justice League. Jeffrey Dean Morgan's fourth big screen adaptation of a comic. For such a box office success, it only spent 12 weeks in U. Jay Baruchel, who was cast as Maxwell Lord in George Miller's unrealized Justice League film, mentioned in an interview that he watched the extended cut of the film seven times, and named it as one of his two favorite films of The other was Nocturnal Animals , which also starred Amy Adams.

The first appearance of Batman was Detective Comics Solomon Grundy is a villain to both Batman and Superman. He got his name from the English nursery rhyme. In "The Accountant" , Ben Affleck's character reads this rhyme to calm himself. While Bruce is talking to Clark during Lex Luthor's party, Bruce says that Gotham already has enough trouble with villains that like to dress up as clowns. This is a reference to The Joker. When Clark reads the news article on the consequences of the Bat-Brand on inmates, the article contains the phrase "who watches the watchmen?

The quote is a reference to Watchmen Zack Snyder ask Jason Momoa to auditioned for Batman, but Momoa figured that he's not a Batman type and thinking that he was actually be considered for a villain role, Synder cast him for Aquaman instead.

Villains and Vigilantes

The football scenes that Zack Snyder filmed when he began principal photography ended up in the background in a Daily Planet scene. After driving his vehicle through the streets of Metropolis, Bruce Wayne exits the vehicle. A street sign that reads "Shelby" can be seen above him. He also appears in Smallville , having been introduced in Smallville: Krypto In the scene where Martha Kent gives Lois Lane the engagement ring, the wallpaper in Clark's room is a star pattern with seven points. This is a reference to the phrase "Unite the Seven" uniting all seven members of the Justice League.

The inmate that the Kg Beast enlists to kill the branded inmate is Ct Fletcher, a very well respected member of the fitness community. At the Senate hearing Senator Finch cites the quote - "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely," - originated from a letter written by Lord Acton to Bishop Mandell Creighton in " Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. Anthony Mackie , who plays Sam Wilson a. There was massive fan speculation that Dan Amboyer would be portraying Hal Jordan in the build up to the film.

Amboyer's own website put this to rest, when it was revealed he would be playing Lieutenant Christie. No one in the film actually calls Doomsday by that name. The Kryptonian ship's interface refers to the monster during its creation as "The abomination without name. Everyone else simply refers to it using terms like "thing" or "creature". There are at least four actors in this movie that also had a role in Smallville Joe Morton played Dr. In the article Clark Kent is reading on the internet about Batman, there is a sentence at the end that says "If the GCPD endorses masked vigilantes as our city's watchmen, who watches the watchmen?

All three men were given roles in The Hobbit trilogy directed by Peter Jackson. Media reports in mentioned that Jackie Earle Haley auditioned for a role in the film. Fourth movie directed by Zack Snyder to have an extended cut of the film released. Lola in slacks. Lois Lane. This movie is the 10th cinematic appearance of Superman following; Superman , Atom Man vs.