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Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Discrete mathematics is quickly becoming one of the most important areas of mathematical research, with applications to cryptography, linear programming, coding theory and the theory of computing. This book is aimed at undergraduate mathematics and computer science students interested in developing a feeling for what mathematics is all about, where mathematics can be helpful, and what kinds of questions mathematicians work on. The authors discuss a number of selected results and methods of discrete mathematics, mostly from the areas of combinatorics and graph theory, with a little number theory, probability, and combinatorial geometry.

Discrete Mathematics

Wherever possible, the authors use proofs and problem solving to help students understand the solutions to problems. In addition, there are numerous examples, figures and exercises spread throughout the book. Consequently, the authors The language is very informal and easy to read. The level is always introductory which makes it possible to give a taste of a wide range of topics There are a lot of exercises Eisenkolbl, Monatshefte fur Mathematik, Vol.

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The authors discuss a number of selected results and methods of discrete mathematics In addition, there are numerous examples, figures, and exercises spread throughout the book. The text is, in fact, based on introductory courses in discrete mathematics I would see it as a valuable resource of enrichment activities for students The authors discuss a number of selected results and methods, mostly from the areas of combinatorics and graph theory This book is appealed to a broad range of readers, including students and post-graduate students, teachers of mathematics, mathematical amateurs.

The authors use proofs and problem solving to help students understand the solutions to problems.

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Rather, it discusses a number of selected results and methods The authors develop most topics to the extent that they can describe the discrete mathematics behind an important application of mathematics There are questions posed in the text and problems at the end of each chapter with solutions Country of Publication: US Dimensions cm : Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Be the first to write a review. The analysis of the characteristics of walks on ordinals is a powerful new technique for building mathematical structures, developed by the author over the last twenty years.

This is the first book-length exposition of this method. Particular emphasis is placed on applications which are presented in a unified and comprehensive manner and which stretch across several areas of mathematics such as set theory, combinatorics, general topology, functional analysis, and general algebra.

The intended audience for this book are graduate students and researchers working in these areas interested in mastering and applying these methods. Extremal Combinatorial Problems and Their Applications. Combinatorial research has proceeded vigorously in Russia over the last few decades, based on both translated Western sources and original Russian material. The present volume extends the extremal approach to the solution of a large class of problems, including some that were hitherto regarded as exclusively algorithmic, and broadens the choice of theoretical bases for modelling real phenomena in order to solve practical problems.

Audience: Graduate students of mathematics and engineering interested in the thematics of extremal problems and in the field of combinatorics in general. Can be used both as a textbook and as a reference handbook. Bela Bajnok. Additive Combinatorics: A Menu of Research Problems is the first book of its kind to provide readers with an opportunity to actively explore the relatively new field of additive combinatorics. The author has written the book specifically for students of any background and proficiency level, from beginners to advanced researchers.

It features an extensive menu of research projects that are challenging and engaging at many different levels. The questions are new and unsolved, incrementally attainable, and designed to be approachable with various methods. Features: The first book of its kind to explore the subject Students of any level can use the book as the basis for research projects The text moves gradually through five distinct parts, which is suitable both for beginners without prerequisites and for more advanced students Includes extensive proofs of propositions and theorems Each of the introductory chapters contains numerous exercises to help readers.

Fete of Combinatorics and Computer Science. Discrete Mathematics and theoretical computer science are closely linked research areas with strong impacts on applications and various other scientific disciplines. Both fields deeply cross fertilize each other. It was a real fete of combinatorics and computer science.

Some of these plenary speakers submitted their research or survey papers prior to the conferences. These are included in the volume "Building Bridges". The other speakers were able to finish their contribution only later, these are collected in the present volume.

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Similar ebooks. Combinatorial Problems and Exercises.

ISBN 10: 0387955852

The main purpose of this book is to provide help in learning existing techniques in combinatorics. The most effective way of learning such techniques is to solve exercises and problems. This book presents all the material in the form of problems and series of problems apart from some general comments at the beginning of each chapter.

In the second part, a hint is given for each exercise, which contains the main idea necessary for the solution, but allows the reader to practice theechniques by completing the proof. In the third part, a full solution is provided for each problem. This book will be useful to those students who intend to start research in graph theory, combinatorics or their applications, and for those researchers who feel that combinatorial techniques mightelp them with their work in other branches of mathematics, computer science, management science, electrical engineering and so on.

For background, only the elements of linear algebra, group theory, probability and calculus are needed.

Lecture 1 - Propositional Logic

Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics: Edition 2. Kenneth H. Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics provides a comprehensive reference volume for mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, as well as students and reference librarians.

Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction: Edition 3. Edward A. With its clear presentation, the text shows students how to present cases logically beyond this course. All of the material is directly applicable to computer science and engineering, but it is presented from a mathematician's perspective. Students will learn that discrete mathematics is very useful, especially those whose interests lie in computer science and engineering, as well as those who plan to study probability, statistics, operations research, and other areas of applied mathematics.

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Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version. Combinatorics and Graph Theory: Edition 2. John Harris. There are certain rules that one must abide by in order to create a successful sequel. Meeks had in mind for s- cessful sequels, we have made a number of changes to the text in this second edition. The rst two chapters, on graph theory and combinatorics, remain largely independent, and may be covered in either order.

Chapter 3, on in nite combinatorics and graphs, may also be studied independently, although many readers will want to investigate trees, matchings, and Ramsey theory for nite sets before exploring these topics for in nite sets in the third chapter.

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Like the rst edition, this text is aimed at upper-division undergraduate students in mathematics, though others will nd much of interest as well. It assumes only familiarity with basic proof techniques, and some experience with matrices and in nite series. The second edition offersmany additionaltopics for use in the classroom or for independentstudy. Chapter 1 includesa new sectioncoveringdistance andrelated notions in graphs, following an expanded introductory section.

This new section also introduces the adjacency matrix of a graph, and describes its connection to important features of the graph. Large Networks and Graph Limits.