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More Subscription Options. Comments on the website or technical programs? Email webmaster eppc. Toggle navigation. Comments are closed. Support EPPC. A Cheerful Conservative Peter Wehner. Stay Connected! Are you enjoying this article? His adoptive parents finally tell him that he is adopted and they found a medal with his name on it when they found him abandoned on a road as a baby. Hercules then decides to travel to the temple of Zeus. Zeus comes down to Hercules and tells Hercules that he is his father and someone stole him from his parents Hera and Zeus.

Zeus tells him that he must prove himself a true hero before he can join the other gods on Mount Olympus. Along with his flying horse Pegasus , Hercules goes to Philoctetes , an unhappy satyr who has failed to train a true hero yet; he decides to take on Hercules as his final attempt. After training with Phil, the three of them attempt to save the beautiful Megara , a damsel in distress, from a centaur named Nessus.

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A smitten Hercules barely succeeds and Meg returns to the forest, where she is revealed to have sold her soul to Hades in order to save her lover's life; her lover abandoned her and now Meg must do favors for Hades in order to avoid an eternity in the underworld.

When Hades learns that Hercules is alive, he is enraged and plots to murder him again. When Hercules tries to prove himself a hero at Thebes , Hades sends the Hydra to kill him. Hercules tries to kill the Hydra by slicing off its heads, but more heads grow in their place. After a lengthy battle, he prevails by using his strength to cause a landslide, crushing the Hydra and killing it while he survives, but badly bruised and wounded. However, his victory earns him the respect and support of the people of Thebes after their earlier doubt and ridicule of him.

He soon becomes a national, multi-million dollar celebrity as a result. Realizing that his plans are jeopardized, Hades sends Meg out to discover Hercules' weakness, promising her freedom in return. Hercules is disappointed to learn from his father Zeus that he has yet to become a true hero, and then spends the time and day with Meg, who finds herself falling deeply romantically in love again. When Hades intervenes, she turns against him, as she accepts her recently surfaced deep and strong romantic feelings and love for Hercules, much to Hades' dismay.

Phil learns of Meg's involvement with Hades and, thinking she willingly desires to work for him, tries to warn Hercules, who ignores Phil and knocks him to the ground in an outrage.

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  • Discouraged, Phil leaves for home. Unfortunately, through this, Hades realizes that Meg is Hercules' weakness.

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    Hades arrives, interrupting Hercules' training, talks a lot, then snaps his fingers, making Meg appear. Before she can finish her sentence, Hades snaps his fingers and she disappears, tied up and gagged by smoke, then reappears with another snap of Hades' fingers. He uses Meg to try to get Hercules to give up his God-like superhuman strength for twenty-four hours, though Hercules adds the condition that Meg doesn't get hurt in any way. Meg shakes her head frantically, trying to convince Hercules not to make the deal, but he does not listen. When Hades sets Meg free, Hades spitefully reveals that she was working for him all along.

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    Deeply heartbroken and crushed, the now-weakened Hercules loses the will to fight the Cyclops that Hades unleashes upon him when he frees the Titans from Tartarus. Meg finds and unties Pegasus and battles her fear of heights to find Phil , persuading him to come back and help Hercules regain his confidence. He finishes off the Cyclops, but just as a pillar is about to crush Hercules, Meg pushes him out of the way, saving him because "people always do crazy things when they're in love.

    As a result, the deal is broken and Hercules' god-like superhuman strength is returned. When Hades twisted events to make it look as if Megara didn't really love Hercules, Hercules became depressed and turned his back on Meg, Phil, and all his friends -- even his own dreams to become a god. He was bitter and angry and wouldn't listen to Meg when she tried to apologize. Rather than stop loving Hercules, Megara kept loving him. She didn't love him on the condition that he was never angry with her.

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    She went on loving him regardless. Right to the very end, she chose love, giving her life to save him. A lot of people would have just said, "Screw you, Hercules! But Megara understood that Hercules was just hurting, so she didn't walk away and protected his life to the very end. The entire film was about the strength of the human heart, having the strength to go on loving someone at their best and at their worst -- but not to your own detriment.

    You should never allow someone to abuse you. Unconditional love, and the ability to express it, is incredible.

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    It's more powerful than being a kick-ass princess who fights with swords, does karate, or even rides dragons okay, about even on that last one. Megara was hurt badly, decided to heal from the pain -- because healing is a choice -- and went on to find true love! How inspiring is that? To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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    What's more, Megara had the strength to love Hercules unconditionally.

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    Love is patient. Love is kind. Silly as it sounds, it gave me the strength to stop moping over being hurt. No one on Earth is worth stopping yourself from finding true love. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience. Sign In Join.