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The top layer consists of all kinds of sweet treats the content varies according to me at a time, but we had :. This is served with tea.

There is a I found this a very relaxed high tea. We were nicely left alone, had a nice chat, and were served if we wanted to order something extra. How about a high tea in one of the most striking buildings in London?

PAUL Bakery, Patisserie, Café and Restaurant

At its opening in , the Shard was the tallest building in Europe. It is along with the St Paul my favorite building in the London skyline, if only because I visited it almost daily when I was still living in London about a minute walk. The building is located in Southwark, on the south side of the Thames. Next to it you will find London Bridge metro and train station, making it super easy to reach.

But anyway, afternoon tea. Ting is the signature restaurant. And that immediately gives away the Asian twist of the menu. You can come here for breakfast with sunrise, good lunch, luxury afternoon tea with sunset, and of course dinner!

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Hereby you drink tea that you choose from a real tea menu. You can choose from a selection of 30 tea variations. And your waiter will be happy to advise you on which tea matches which floor of your storehouse.

See a Problem?

If you want a glass of champagne, you pay depending on the champagne about 8 to 12 extra pounds. You can indicate dietary requirements with your waiter. Dress code is smart casual.

B Bakery Bath

I was invited by Shangri-La to try their Afternoon Tea. I found the most amazing thing about this experience to be the fantastic view. That is really … wow. I saw the sun go down and all the lights come on.

Brigit's Bakery London

How romantic. I also loved the sandwiches, and you can replenish your tray without limits. I myself was less a fan of the cakes. They were more experimental than I would have expected, and had Asian twists, for example. I am not a big fan of Asian sweets myself. On the other hand, I enjoyed the tea menu and the extensive advice we received about choosing the right tea. It is solid at the price, but well, you know that in advance.

It is a luxury option, with enchanting views and great service. And if you were planning to buy tickets for the viewpoint of the Shard, this is a much nicer option!

huffkins burford

And to think that my friend still used the option to supplement the sandwiches Are you really looking for something unique? In about an hour and a half, you will be driving through a vintage red double-decker bus through the center of London, passing all the major sights. B Bakery specializes in afternoon teas with all kinds of themes and has its own branch in Covent Garden. But the bus that drives around is even more fun. Did you know that they also have a Thames Cruise Afternoon Tea where you sail over the river Thames and enjoy all kinds of goodies?

How fun! I chose at the invitation of B Bakery that version for my trip. There are a number of time slots to book, and we chose an early departure at pm.

It could also be your lunch. Skip to content. Afternoon Tea in Kelly Lou's. Tea or Freshly Brewed Coffee Selection of finger sandwiches Freshly baked scones served with cream and locally produced jam Selection of mini cupcakes, cookies and macarons Booking is required. At a minimal extra charge we can decorate the tea rooms with balloons to suit the occasion. Please note that for the comfort of our other customers in the cafe we have to limit the number of children in the tea rooms to 5.

Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times.