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This page reviews the range of marketing education and qualifications for professional marketing and business development staff. There are a number of professional associations and commercial training providers who offer a wide range of marketing — and communications — courses for beginners and more experienced people.

Obviously, you should check out the Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM extensive range of courses but there are also good general marketing courses from many other organisations. Here are some to get you started:.

CIMA - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Some of the courses and webinars they provide are free to members. Both of these organisations also publish monthly magazines which contain really good articles and are available in searchable article banks on their web sites. Some of the organisations mentioned above that provide courses on marketing also provide courses on selling. But some of the most important ones are:. If you are interested in the training courses that I provide, please check out the training and coaching section of the consultancy services section of the site.

I am often asked about marketing qualifications — which ones are appropriate, which ones are best etc. I have attempted to summarise the main options for those wishing to study marketing in order to obtain qualifications. Those with a marketing degree will find that the professional qualifications, while covering similar theoretical ideas, will focus more on practitioner skills — how to apply them to the commercial environment.


Please note that the information below was about the CIM qualifications in I have to say that I am a firm supporter of the Chartered Institute of Marketing CIM route as this is highly regarded internationally and the marketing industry standard. However, CIM is designed for those whose career is marketing and who will grow into strategic marketing positions. CIM also produces a magazine called Marketing Business and provides a great electronic scanning service called Cutting Edge which reviews all the leading marketing media.

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The CIM courses are excellent at marketing theory and on producing plans but it does not really teach you the practical skills in things like creative writing, media relations, design and print — for this you probably need CAM or one of the other qualifications see below. However, the syllabus changed dramatically in Six key competencies are covered: research and analysis, planning, brand management, implementing marketing programmes, managing marketing people and measuring the effectiveness of marketing. The courses are now structured as follows:.

CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing

The Certificate level is aimed at those at the start of their marketing careers. The diploma is designed for students with some experience mid to late 20s and the post graduate diploma is positioned as a Masters level course and the CIM would like to think of it as an alternative to an MBA.

Having spent several years lecturing on the evening classes for the diploma and post graduate diploma I can tell you that the course is challenging — but it does provide a fantastic foundation of marketing knowledge that you will use throughout your marketing career. You should be aware that in addition to the marketing stream, there are CIM exams at certificate, advanced certificate and diploma level for those who specialise in sales and account management.

Regardless of how you study there are evening class, intensive weekend and distance learning programmes you must register as a student and to sit the exams. Many people attend night school two evenings a week doing four papers a year two between January and June and two between September and December but you can do one night a week and take a little longer.

CIM also offers a programme of intensive residential weekends to get you through the programme super fast — but this is an expensive route. Learning Marketing at Simon Page has broadened my perspective on Marketing.

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Coming from a Medical background, it has provided a platform to leapfrog into the marketing and branding field. Latest News. Pareto Principle. September 14, September 5, August 28, August 22, Employee Branding: Its Importance.

Short marketing (and communications) courses – General

April 15, April 8, March 12, Benefits of Chartered Marketer Status. Toluwalase Ajiborisha. Ada Onyeama. Alex Ezeah. Oluyinka Stephen. Flora O. Tokunbo Olakunle. Wunmi Olowu. Ifeoluwapo Odedere Dr.