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The book is thin and essential, it goes rather fast, and I think it is not suitable for beginners on the guitar. But most important of all : you can just play along, and playing is the essential in music. Summary: Great starting point for the funk! Rating: 5 I have never played funk music before - thanks to this book, now I have a clue and I'm having fun playing along with the tracks on the CD of this outstanding method. The exercises are truly useful and build gradually your funk chops from the scratch no pun intended. The book is much easier if you already know about dominant chords, but it does not require advanced playing.

Verry fun and instructive! Look forward to making music with you! Want to learn a quick exercise for mastering the fretboard on your guitar? Students provide their instrument, music folders. Edwin I. Topanga, CA. About Vir I am a graduate of U. I have toured the United States and other countries playing many types of music. I also teach production recording, looping and beat making in Ableton Live and Protools.

I can give you the skills to go to the next level. From years old! We "jam" a little to get the feel. I have a really great way of teaching theory that will get you playing what you want. The second half we u sually focus on learning a song of your choice or working on an original of yours. I am very personable and easygoing. Some students are more focused on electronic music, so we can work on that too!

Vir M. Seattle, WA. About Emerson Thanks so much for your interest in starting music lessons with me. If my student wants to learn how to play rock, hip-hop, and jazz drums I believe that it's my job to teach them how to play those styles..! If my student wants to get accepted into a music school I will make sure that they are prepared for an audition whether it be for orchestral percussion, jazz drums, rock drums, etc.

What students should have: All students should but don't have to have a 3-ring binder to organize handouts in! Things that drum students should have: A drum set, drum sticks, a drum pad, and a music stand. I am proficient in drum reading, drum transcription, practice techniques, and drum rudiments and their application on the drum set. Orchestral percussion specialties: keyboard percussion marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, vibraphone, chimes , snare drum, timpani, bass drum, cymbals, tambourine, triangle, orchestral excerpts, etudes, technique, important literature, and practice techniques.

Guitar specialties: reading music, tablature, chords, scales, improvisation, and technique. Emerson W. Morrow, GA. About Ronald I am an experienced professional with a background in music performance, education, composition, theory and arranging. There are common issues for any serious pursuit of learning involving the guitar; right and left hand technique, fingerboard knowledge, chord knowledge, reading and interpretation.

Module Structure (with links!)

However, to progress, it is also necessary for the student to practice daily. I try to maintain a healthy balance between the focus on performance and technical issues. Ronald A. Baltimore, MD.

About Jason Hi, I'm Jason. I've been teaching and performing as a full time career for 23 years. During that time, I've developed a diverse, flexible approach to teaching that is customized to the needs and interests of each of my students. I'll help you set up musical goals, and then use your preferred learning style to help you achieve them.

Player Studies

Your lessons will be a balance of technique and creativity. My studio is equipped with pro sound gear and software so we can incorporate drum sounds, keyboards, bass, and guitar into your lessons. I encourage all of my students to read standard notation, but it isn't necessary if you would prefer to learn by ear. I try to encourage all students to learn the basics of music theory, so you can understand the music you learn.

I also use books that I have authored, which have been used in music programs in Baltimore area private schools and charter schools. Jason F. Boise, ID.

FUNK GUITAR - Ross Bolton na Freenote

About Victor I am a professional teacher and performer in Boise, Idaho. I have been teaching guitar, banjo, and mandolin professionally since I have performed on all of these instruments and have played at numerous music festivals throughout the United States as well as teaching at many music camps on the West Coast. I am currently performing in bands on electric guitar, banjo, and mandolin as well as recording sessions with many many excellent musicians. Victor S. Amston, CT. About Lin Hi! My name is Lin Belliveau. I have been teaching guitar, Ukulele, bass guitar and music theory for over 30 years.

I am currently accepting students at my home studio and online. I have been studying music since an early age and I continue as I believe my music education should be on going. I recieved a degree in Music from Manchester Community College in Since then I have taught for various schools, churches and clubs. Over the years I have developed my own teaching methods and I'm currently writing my own Guitar teaching method book as well as developing a website to go with it.

I believe in teaching all styles of music. Students should learn the basics of note reading, chord theory and scales, so that when they leave my studio they can work, learn and grow on thier own I believe that the student and teacher should work as a team, with one goal in mind and that is to make the student the best they can be. Each lesson will be tailor made to the student. Lin J. Simi Valley, CA. About Morgan I am a songwriter and composer with an education in classical and jazz guitar, I started playing 13 years ago, and have definitely had hit my share of plateaus along the way which led me to enrolling in music school.

In school, I learned a lot about the intellectual side of music, but I felt like I was always missing something. My professors would assure me that it'd click eventually, and it did.

I paid attention to the methodology of composers and jazz improvisers. Private lessons in Canada. Cours particuliers au Canada. Private lessons in Luxembourg. Cours particuliers au Luxembourg. Private lessons in Spain. Sign in Join free. Become a Tutor. Private lessons Guitar. The Hague , Netherlands. Add to Wish List. Course proposal Blues Guitar, by Keith Wyatt ed. Musician Institute From the origin of Chicago to most complex jazz Blues, 15 units of progressive difficulty suitable for any guitar from basic level.

Included transcription of J. Hendrix, S. Vaughan, A. King, E. Funky Guitar by Ross Bolton ed. Developing funk skills will make the student a better overall rhythm guitarist and generally it will improve the time feel. Studying materials are taken from 10years period lessons had with: R Cecchetto, F. Cerri G. Monteforte, R. Bianchi, C. Books from S. At student's location: Around The Hague, Netherlands. About Me I'm a musician based in the Netherlands. Teaching and sharing knowhow about music are some beloved activities of mine.

It doesn't take too much time but feeling and passion are basically required. And not being too much serious about.

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Music is fun, moreover. Education bachelor jazz guitar, associazione musica oggi Milano Conservatorio G. Reviews 1. Very sophisticated teacher This class is for aspriring musicians who aim to be professional and go deep in details about their preparation or just for passionated people interested about how to gain music knowledge. Music is one. Learning it means learning about yourself, your strenghts and weaknesses and taking from its peculiarity, like improvisation, time feel,resonance and intonation, new tools and suggestions to face everyday life.

Funk Guitar: The Essential Guide (Private Lessons): Ross Bolton

USA ; This theory course is thought to be used for students who still need to focus on basic of Jazz and musical Theory. At the same time is also about basic harmony concept easy to be develop in parallel. This theory method gives a full complete way of acknowledgement on the music theory. Filled with important harmony concept it is supposed to be taught at the piano individually in order to keep continuous references between theory and sound.

They develop and introduce on the way several fundamental arranging ideas. The course focus on concepts that will make any student of any level developing their own approach to improvisation. It's divided depending on instrumento playde by student. Books and materials How to improvise by Al Crook ed Advance Music, for horn players, This book describes a nice way of approaching improvisation trought specific exercises that can be tested on students of any kind of level.

It divides in 4 section and requires a minimum knoledge of scales, chords and familiarity with musical vocabulary Hearing the Changes by jerry Cooker, Bob knapp, Larry Vincent, ed advance Music, for all musicians With this book the student will learn how to recognize progressions by ear thanks on a selection of jazz tunes chosen from the standard repertorie.

It will be taught at the piano and it will let students of any level to deal with harmony and theory progressively but starting codifying harmonic traits that will clarify the reader's understanding of how progressions and improvisation "work". Ask a question Send a message explaining your needs and Armando will reply soon:. The more detail, the better. Availability of a typical week. Request a booking.

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee. Online reputation Instructor since July Similar classes. I am a professional guitarist, guitar teacher and composer. I have more than 10 years of experience in teaching music.