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Bees are essential figures in this balancing act. Images of loading, swelling, and plumping dominate the opening of the poem.

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The stanza is formed as one long poetic sentence, containing enjambed lines and false stopping points that make the reader believe they have arrived at a concluding thought, before continuing with a related idea. But Keats does not straightforwardly present bees as the ideal harvesters of creative fruit in this stanza in the way Vendler proposes. Hyder Edward Rollins, 2 vols. Her research focused on how Keats explores the interdependency between pleasure and pain.

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She has recently assumed a new post in higher education at Derby College and will be pursuing research into Romantic conceptualisations of numbness. Romantic Reimaginings is a BARS blog series which seeks to explore the ways in which texts of the Romantic era continue to resonate. The blog is curated by Eleanor Bryan. If you would like to publish an article in the series, please email ebryan lincoln. Rooster, a forcibly retired daredevil encamped illegally for decades on public land, spends his days drinking, getting banned from pubs, causing public disturbances, selling drugs to teenagers, and luring them into exploitative non-consensual sex.

To see or read Jerusalem as a Romanticist, then, is to encounter something deeply familiar.

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Jerusalem at the Watermill Theatre, Newbury, Photograph by Philip Tull. This all seems problematic and over-familiar in Yet, as Rooster and Ginger become more desperate in Act 3, their Romantic myths begin to turn against them with the brutality of a gang and with the administrative violence of the law. Jerusalem is a complex and challenging contemporary response to British Romanticism. Yet it does so by refusing to wish away the fault lines that have come to a crisis since , especially during the Brexit referendum but also in the U.

Jerusalem , like a CNN pundit from , demands that we learn to respect the values and prejudices of the rural poor—lest these forgotten people vow to exact their cosmic revenge. And it stresses the living presence of activist poetry as part of a national counterpublic that, even when it is ignored or forcibly suppressed, still simmers, by many undetected, in British politics. In that sense it is prescient and quite thoughtful—even revolutionary. In doing so, however, Jerusalem takes a narrow and stereotyped view of British Romanticism and its legacy. Its vision of Romanticism is nearly a cult of masculinity that worships solitary men of extraordinary vision, who, through the force of their irrepressible personalities, are clearly better than the regular folks around them.

This is the most conservative possible vision of British Romanticism, and one that the field of Romantic studies has been working to undo for several decades now. As usual, the conference will be both intense and relaxed, as the mostly plenary sessions overspill into garden parties, poetry readings and hikes along the river, up Causey Pike or to the nearby pub and tearooms. A ropes course, volleyball and archery will be available for the more athletic Coleridgeans. Paddling and stone-skimming in the beck is also possible.

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Bursaries for part of this cost will be available to graduate students and to unwaged scholars on a competitive basis. If you wish to be considered for a bursary, say so and explain why at the top of your proposal. Please put your name, email address and affiliation at the top of the email and at the top of the attached proposal. Shelley and Giacomo Leopardi. Looking at the portrait of Nietzsche in the museum as a man consumed day by day by an ill-fated disease, it seemed to me that the moribund philosopher silently lamented the paradox of the philosopher, between the deception of ambition derived from knowledge and the unfolding reality of suffering, a dilemma that finds in death an ultimate salvation.

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Additionally, the letter to Rohde is compelling because Nietzsche comments how he found in Shelley a version of himself, philosophically and poetically. By contrast, the German philosopher argues that such gloom should be contemplated in order to apprehend human suffering. Though Nietzsche argues that Byron is not a dramatist because his works lack of dramatic objectivity, the essay presents a fond enthusiasm for the English poet. I am deeply grateful to BARS for granting me this opportunity and I am sure the research in Weimar will be of great value for the completion of my doctoral thesis.

Please click here for the full job advertisement via jobs. This ambitious Digital Humanities project will use a uniquely rich, but largely unexplored, archive to explore a diverse — yet related — set of research questions on reading, letter-writing and language practices in Georgian England.

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