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She needed the warm, cocooning protection of good breeding. And that kind of security could never be hers until she had a venerable and appropriately Anglo-Saxon name attached to her own. Even more troubling was the fact that the children of those respected families had an irritating tendency to marry each other. The cab pulled up to the curb in front of the Vanguard. Kitty considered going into the club on the first floor, but her mood was too sour. Instead, she took the elevator up to the top-level suite that she and her father called home.

The suite was a unique space. The diamond-shaped living room offered double the view of the area surrounding the hotel through two sliding-glass doors that led to a triangular balcony. If Kitty leaned over the point of the triangle, she could see down to Herald Square. Nothing like a glittering view of city lights while mixing a drink. She bent down, and the cocker spaniel leapt into her arms.

Kitty laughed as she stood up. Time for that diet. Nothing but cottage cheese and lettuce for you from now on. See All Customer Reviews.

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In addition, they had lived eight days rather than only two expected of men in this area with little or no water. The body of the ninth man was never found. Numerous parts from the "Lady Be Good" were returned to the U. Also, some parts were installed in other aircraft, which then experienced unexpected difficulties. A C in which several autosyn transmitters were installed had propeller trouble and made a safe landing only by throwing cargo overboard. A C in which a radio receiver was installed ditched in the Mediterranean, and a U. Army "Otter" airplane in which a "Lady Be Good" seat armrest was installed crashed in the Gulf of Sidra with 10 men aboard.

No trace was found of any of them; one of the few pieces washed ashore was the armrest of the "Lady Be Good. The National Museum of the U. Air Force is located at:. Skip to main content Press Enter. Air Force, or the Department of Defense, of the external website, or the information, products or services contained therein. Featured Links. Museum location.

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Civil Service. Air Force. Air Force Materiel Command. Wright-Patterson AFB. The saga about locating the remains of the L BG crew is incredible in its own right.

Lost and Found: The Story of ‘Lady Be Good’ and Her Crew – The Unwritten Record

Suffice it to say here that the remains of eight of the LBG crew members were recovered by late Subsequently, they were respectfully laid to rest with full military honors back in the United States. Despite herculean efforts, the body of Vernon Moore has never been found.

A pair of LBG crew members kept personal diaries about their ordeal in the Libyan desert; co-pilot Toner and flight engineer Ripslinger. These diaries make for sober reading as they poignantly document the slow and tortuous death of the LBG crew. To say that they endured appalling conditions is an understatement. The information the diaries contain suggests that all of the crewmen were dead by Tuesday, 13 April Five of the crew members traveled 78 miles from the parachute landing point before they succumbed to the ravages of heat, cold, dehydration, and starvation. Their remains were found together.

The Risks of Flight: The Story of 'Lady Be Good'

Desperate to secure help for their companions, Moore, Ripslinger and Shelley left the five at the point where they could no longer travel. Thus, the total distance that he walked was We honor forever the memory of the Lady Be Good and her valiant crew. However, we humbly note that theirs is but one of the many cruel and ironic tragedies of war.

  • International encyclopedia of the social sciences volume 16.

To the LBG crew and the many other souls whose stories will never be told, may God grant them all eternal rest. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Email Address. Terry White.