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Nonlinear Metasurface Fresnel Zone Plates for Terahertz Generation and Manipulation

We will provide industrial and international internships opportunities for students. This will create an environment, in which students learn from student-to-student interactions, on-campus researchers, and our industrial and international partners, while forming a global network of collaborators and contacts.

Special programs in leadership, ethics, life skills, and global citizenship will provide students with frequent opportunities to present and defend their research.

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Outreach programs will focus on undergraduates and K students. The intellectual merit of this program is to produce top quality and diversified Ph.

Potential broader impacts range from computers that send messages orders of magnitude faster, to improved detection of breast and skin cancer, to security searches for weapons and toxins. We will proactively disseminate this studio model to other research universities that seek to create interdisciplinary graduate programs in emerging areas of science and technology. The program is intended to catalyze a cultural change in graduate education by establishing innovative new models for graduate education and training in a fertile environment for collaborative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries.

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Principles of Terahertz Science and Technology

Validation errors occurred. This text offers an assessment of terahertz technology, and provides a compilation of fundamental biological studies conducted using terahertz waves. It introduces THz electromagnetic waves as a new tool for convergent studies, includes laser-based generation techniques and solid-state devices, contains a number of detectors, and discusses high-field generation methods. The material covers recent advancements in terahertz imaging for medical applications-most specifically in cancer diagnosis-reviewing the current status of the THz imaging technique for diagnosing cancers, and exploring the potential medical applications of THz radiation.

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It also considers the development of future medical applications using terahertz technology. Summarizes the recent progress made in THz waveguides, which are absolutely essential in the development of THz endoscopes Describes the dynamic imaging of drug absorption in skin, exploiting the sensitivity of THz waves to pharmaceutical materials Explores the principle and applications of THz molecular imaging techniques using nanoparticle probes Scientists and engineers involved in biological research and medical applications using optical techniques, as well as graduate students and instructors in optics, physics, electrical engineering, biology, chemistry, and medicine can benefit from this text which highlights new and emerging biomedical studies utilizing novel THz wave techniques.

Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s A wonderful introduction and a lasting reference for those who wish to survey and understand the growing interest in this burgeoning technological field.

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