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But, the MCX was a pleasure to shoot and is definitely a firearm I would like to become more friendly with. There are so many features about this rifle that could be considered a direct improvement to the AR including: the quick change barrel system, folding collapsible stock, and gas piston system for easy suppression. Quite a lot actually.

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For a rifle fundamentals class there were some things I had done before with other trainers. Zeroing a rifle, position work from kneeling to prone, and clearing basic malfunctions are all common basics in rifle marksmanship.

Sig MCX Rifle

One drill in particular I've done elsewhere but is nonetheless a great training tool is shifting between two targets, driving your gun on target by looking and then pivoting with your hips to get on target fast. I think that is the best takeaway from any class, recreating the drills on your own range, but you have to have a basis for doing it the right way.

That is where going to a certified instructor, like the ones at the Academy, will greatly benefit what you do once you return home. Having a trainer to act as a coach and clarify the issues or improvements necessary to elevate your abilities is what makes training effective. Specifically there were a few things I figured out about my gear that I brought for class. For instance, once I started using my High Speed Gear belt in class I discovered there are some differences from my competition Safariland belt that affected the way I was grabbing my mags to load the rifle.

At the suggestion of the instructor I switched the direction that my rifle magazines were facing in my belt pouch. Since the class and from now on I will be employing a beer can grip during rifle mag changes. Obviously, I don't want to give away the secret sauce or seemingly speak as if I were a trainer.

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I am just some dude that enjoys shooting and genuinely wants to improve my skillset. In my opinion, I was a better shooter after leaving the Academy that day then when I walked in.

By the end of the day both instructors were commending each student for their safe gun handling, but more important, encouraging all of us to return for the next step in SIG's rifle coursework: Defensive Rifle. As a Rifle Fundamentals course this is only the first step in the line of rifle courses offered at the Academy.

After taking this course, you will more than likely be looking to take the next course and then the one after that! The good news is that after completing a course at the Academy you will be given a certificate with a coupon for a class of your choice. The SIG SAUER Academy represents one of the best options for civilians to obtain high-quality firearms training across multiple disciplines in a professional and safe environment. At the Academy all shooters have to start at slate one, which means everyone that goes gets the same introductory training in Rifle Fundamentals.

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Creating this sort of general education amongst firearms owners is incredibly important as we all have a responsibility far greater than those who choose to remain unarmed. What is more important is that general education will become the basis for far more extensive training available at the Academy. Which brings me to the one thing people are probably wondering: how much is a day at the Academy going to cost me? After you add the class, ammo unless you bring your own , and the cost of getting to and staying in Exeter, NH you are basically on par with going to any other trainer in the country.

I will drop some rough estimates below, but if you are deterred by these numbers remember the purpose of all this training, then evaluate if that cost is really too high for the skills you will learn.

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About Duncan Johnson:. A life-long firearms enthusiast and a graduate of George Mason University, now competing regularly in 3 gun competitions, Duncan is always looking to improve his shooting skills. Duncan is a regular contributor to AmmoLand and assists in the everyday gun-news publishing as an assistant editor. One comment in the article caught my eye. If you go to the pro shop you will have to open your wallet. I have to pass because that is exactly what I would do then I would have to alibi my way back into the house when I got home. Tcat, You should go to the Pro-shop anyway!

Sig Sauer Offers First Look at Weapons that Could Replace Army's M4 Carbine and M |

Our economy thrives on these expenditures. America can not afford gun control. Americans having fun and spending their dough … what could be better? There is obviously at least one shooter in a position forward of the muzzle of another shooter.

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The range supervisor should be replaced if this is not a stage photo. If it is staged, educate or replace the director who approved the photo. A well written and informative article, complete with pricing information. Out of the 72, assault rifles, Indian Army would receive 66,, while Indian Air Force and Indian Navy would get 4, and 2, of these guns respectively. The rifles would be manufactured at Sig Sauer's production unit at New Hampshire, a battleground state in the next US presidential election. For long, Indian Army was trying to replace its existing assault rifles, but did not succeed in the absence of a suitable replacement.

While an indigenous effort to make a replacement gun at a domestic ordnance factory was encouraged by the defence ministry, the product is far from satisfactory.

Swiss Arms SG 553 RP 4k

The armed forces require 8. While 5. Together, the project is expected to cost around Rs 12, crore. Home National India signs contract with Sig Sauer for 72, rifles. India signs contract with Sig Sauer for 72, rifles. X Share via. Share permalink.