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Yet common food triggers can be avoided in an attempt to reduce our trigger load and to raise our migraine threshold resulting in better control over symptoms for some. There are many elimination diets out there to choose from.

Using Your Diet As a Migraine Therapy

I was first diagnosed with chronic migraine during my two pregnancies. For years I was having daily migraine attacks and the little break from pain I did have I spent in postdrome or prodrome. Read my full story here. Despite my supportive family, I felt lonely and truly thought I was the only one struggling with this debilitating illness. Discovering the Migraine Strong community on Facebook opened a whole new world up to me. I learned about the migraine disease and how to take control of it.

I met other beautiful and strong people who are going through life dealing with the burdens of migraine.

What Foods Can You Eat to Prevent Migraines?

All of a sudden, the…. Doctors continued to tell me I was just stressed or had anxiety. Still, this time of year can be stressful for many with chronic migraine. Lots of parties, cookouts, and outdoor events can lead to attacks or even just a…. Read our Starting Keto From Scratch blog to get a jump on this way of eating. As promised, this will help explain the goals and tips beyond the first phase.

Phase 2- Keto-adaption In this phase, the practical things to focus on are…. The migraine brain is said to be hyper responsive to its surrounding environment. The Bucket Theory was developed as a way to explain how difficult to control triggers like hormones, stress and weather fill up a portion of our bucket each day. While these triggers are hard to manage, the ones that we have some control over are the ones that we eat and drink each day.

What Is An Elimination Diet? These triggers…. A Vestibular Migraine diagnosis can add challenges to getting quality sleep.

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As a result, sensitivity to movement, tinnitus and vertigo all hinder quality sleep. While the role of food as migraine triggers is a controversial and complex topic, what's most important is that you do what makes sense for you. If a food or group of foods seems to be a trigger for your migraines, eliminating it from your diet is prudent, regardless of what any scientific research has or has not proven.

What to Eat When You Have a Migraine, Food Triggers, and More

In other words, listen to your gut. If you think implementing a Mediterranean diet might help your migraines, it can't hurt to give it a try. Often it takes a variety of strategies to reduce the frequency and severity of your migraines, so changing your diet can be a useful addition to other migraine therapies.

If you are making any big diet changes, do so under the guidance of your physician and, possibly, a dietitian to ensure that you're getting appropriate nourishment. Be aware, too, that the dietary approach you take to your migraines may be very different from another person with migraines. This is why being proactive and identifying your own triggers through a headache diary is important. Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life.

The Journal of Headache and Pain. Published Oct Harvard Women's Health Watch. Foods That Fight Inflammation. Harvard Health Publishing. Harvard Medical School. Updated November 7, Published Oct 6. More in Migraines. In general, the foods that seem to be the biggest culprits include:. Monosodium glutamate MSG , found in foods such as soy sauce and canned vegetables and soups Nitrates and nitrites, which are found in processed meats like hot dogs, ham, and bacon Aspartame, an artificial sweetener Aged cheese Chocolate Nuts Alcohol Citrus fruits.

Migraine Food Triggers. A Perfect Storm It's possible that certain foods, or a combination of foods, create an inflammatory state in your body, which then lowers the migraine threshold, allowing for other triggers to induce a migraine attack. Restricted or Elimination Diet.

Migraine Headaches : Foods Causing Migraines

How to Try an Elimination Diet. Health Pros and Cons of Going Vegan. Gluten-Free or Low-Gluten Diet. Celiac Disease vs. The drastic hormonal changes that occur in the female body during the menopause is therefore bound to have an effect on migraine. For nearly half of all women studied, menopause caused migraine attacks to happen more often, or to become more severe.

Often, migraine attacks assume a cyclical pattern after the menopause - the reason for which is unclear. However, there is evidence to suggest that this is because men simply do not report their symptoms and therefore go undiagnosed. Experts believe this could be because the traditional idea of 'masculinity' is to be strong, in control and dominant.

Some men may see admitting to migraine as a failure, or a weakness, which could explain why many fail to report it. Migraine is not a specifically gender-related condition. It can affect anyone of any age, race or gender. It is important to seek professional advice so that it can be managed and treated appropriately. Migraine is debilitating.

The effect it has on some people's lives can be massive, and this can spiral into depression and anxiety. The best thing sufferers can do, is to try to manage the symptoms and triggers the best they can. With support from families, friends, charities and health professionals, living with migraine should become easier.

Trigger foods - There are a number of foods considered to worsen or increase the frequency of migraine symptoms. According to the City of London Migraine Clinic, the most commonly cited culprits are alcohol, chocolate and cheese. It is thought that these products contain certain chemicals that directly affect the blood vessels connected with the onset of migraine. This chemical occurs more commonly in wine, and less commonly in pure spirits. How do you even know if the effort is going to pay off?

That is not to say you shouldn't experiment with your diet. Everybody is different and you may find that cutting out certain foods seriously improves the quality of your life. Timing - Researchers also found that important dietary triggers for migraine were timing and hydration. Going without food or water could induce migraine, especially in young children.

You may notice that missing breakfast, or going on a diet makes your symptoms worse. Sometimes all you need is a quick snack to raise your blood-sugar levels, or a glass of water to reduce fatigue. The way you manage your migraine will be unique according to your symptoms and triggers. If you believe food to be a major trigger, you could be able to control your symptoms by identifying the trigger foods, avoiding them for a few weeks, and documenting the affects. Usually, dealing with migraine is a process of trial and error.

Living with a strict diet and avoiding foods can be very difficult for those of us who associate food with emotions. It can also be hard on social lives and make something as simple as going to a restaurant for a night out difficult and upsetting. Free nutritional advice is widely available across the internet- but how do you know if any of the tips and suggestions are right for you?

Speaking with a nutritionist should ensure that whatever you do is right for you, personally. A nutritionist will construct a diet plan tailored to your own needs and preferences. He or she will offer the knowledge, experience and support to help you enjoy food while avoiding the debilitating effects of migraine.

The importance of blood-glucose

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