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Reports that, with sluggish growth in the developed markets of the world and increasing globalization, companies are turning to newly emerging markets for business expansion.

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Therefore, understanding entry strategies in emerging markets is likely to become an increasingly important issue for academic researchers and marketing practitioners. First movers are generally thought to garner fairly robust advantages over later entrants; however, the degree to which these advantages prevail in emerging markets is not known. Examines, by means of a literature review, the effects of emerging market conditions on first mover advantages. Advances several research propositions, based on the findings, presents a conceptual model, and identifies directions for further research.

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Nakata, C. In general, if an economy grows and has a lot of economic activity, its currency should be in great demand and should become more valuable. But currencies sometimes become less valuable over time. This drop in value may be because of economic changes or because the currency becomes overvalued and corrected, or it may just be that the emerging market currency is fine but your home currency has become more valuable for other reasons.

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You can reduce the risk with hedging techniques. Keep in mind, however, that doing so may eliminate some of the return and diversification benefits. Some markets are just very small!


This is known as liquidity risk. Thin markets: Many emerging markets are thin, as the traders like to say, which means that few people are buying and selling securities on a regular basis. Limits on how much you can take with you: Some countries have laws that limit the amount of currency people can take out of the country, which means you may be able to sell your investment, but you may be prohibited from taking the cash home.

Countries have these laws to help manage their exchange rates and to ensure good account balances in local banks.

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Restrictions on buying and selling: Some nations may restrict who can invest and who can sell. You need to know the laws of the country in which you invest and react accordingly. With reliable information, you can assess the risks and the potential return of your investments.

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In emerging markets, getting good information can be difficult. Mark Mobius explains in this volume in the internationally acclaimed Mark Mobius Masterclass series, there are many different types of bonds, each with its own unique risk profile and potential hazards.

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In a globetrotting tour tak Sense Investing by John C. The traditional dominance of the G7 countries is being challenged by emerging market nations like Brazil and India, and while investment opportunities in these countries abound, the risks can be extremely high. In this Little Book, Mark Mobius, an internationally—renowned expert on emerging market funds, explains th In Passport to Profits, he takes you on a enlightening international tour, from Estonia to Russia to Nigeria.

He shows you how he's established a winning long-term record at Franklin Templeton funds, up an average 20 percent a year between and

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